PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid Review

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The PXG 0317 X Gen2 hybrid is a strong follow up to the original.  Straight, forgiving, and easy to hit.  Tremendous consistency.  Sneaky long.


In the first generation of PXG woods, one club clearly stood apart: the 0317 hybrid.  It was long, easy to hit, and laser accurate.  The follow up, the 0317X hybrid, was a much lower spinning version of the original.  Whether or not that was an upgrade is debatable.

PXG has now released a completely redesigned hybrid, the 0317 X Gen2.  Does it shift back toward the original or continue down the path of chasing distance with low spin?  I tested it to find out.


The PXG 0317 X Gen2 hybrid is a stark aesthetic departure from the original.  There are two eye-catching features that you’ll notice at address: the white “X” alignment aid and the carbon fiber ridge in the middle of the crown.  Despite not being a big fan of the alignment aid, I do like the overall look of the crown.  It gives the club a lot of personality without being distracting.

In contrast, the shape of the 0317 X Gen2 hybrid is fairly traditional.  It’s about average in size, and it has a touch of pear shape to it.

When you flip the club over, you’ll see the large PXG branding and an octet of weight ports.  It is fairly busy, but that’s balanced by the clean, simple color scheme.

Finally, PXG does not skimp on the headcover.  It looks slick and has a great, substantial feel.  This is one of the very few stock headcovers I would consider gaming.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0317 X Gen2 hybrid is really quiet.  There’s a robust “click” at impact that gets a touch hollow on mishits.

If you’re looking for feedback on strike quality, you need to find it through your hands.  This is a stable club, but you can distinguish good strikes from poor ones.


I went into my fitting at PXG Chicago with very high hopes for the 0137 X Gen2 hybrid.  My memories of the original 0317’s consistency were strong, and I hoped I could find that same performance in the new version.

My fitting started with a conversation, as all good fittings do.  We talked about my unusual bag set up: no fairway woods, a 17 degree hybrid, and a 23 degree utility iron.  I wasn’t interested in replacing the utility iron, so we decided we would try to beat my current hybrid.

We started out with a conventional 17 degree set up, which I was hitting reasonably well.  I tried a few different shafts, and my fitter and I both sensed that the MCA Tensei Blue would be the winner.  Despite preferring very tip-stiff driver and iron shafts, I’ve always gotten my best hybrid performance with a slightly more active profile.

The one change that took this set up from good to great was changing the length.  My fitter plugged in a shaft that was about 1/2″ shorter, and it made a world of difference.  I felt much more comfortable, and the consistency improved dramatically.  It’s also worth noting that there was no loss of distance.


I went into my fitting seeking consistency, and I found it in spades.  The 0317 X Gen2 hybrid doesn’t seem to care if you make a really good swing or an indifferent one, it keeps putting the ball out to the same distance with minimal curve.  If these results continue past the honeymoon period, this hybrid is going to be my security blanket on the course.

What surprised me when I got this club on the range was its length.  In the fitting bay, I was seeing a higher trajectory than normal with mid/low spin.  This led me to think that I would be gaining some consistency but giving up some distance.  When I put it head to head with my gamer, I found that they were equally long.  The higher launch actually made my average carry distances better.


In Gen2, PXG has created a full line up of impressive clubs, but, for me, the hybrid still stands above the rest.  The 0317 X Gen2 gives me everything I want from a hybrid: consistency, distance, and ease of use.  At $375, it’s a big investment, but it might be worth it to have more eagle putts.

PXG 0317 X Gen2 Hybrid Price and Specs

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  1. amjaymiller@gmail.com


    Do you ever turn the Hybrid down to 15.5 and utilize on tighter courses? If so how does it perform? Thanks

  2. Just went 0311x Gen2 to 25* 0317x Gen 2 to Mustang Gen 2 for 3 foot eagle on Saturday. PXG Gen 2s are great clubs up and down the line up.

  3. Matt,

    The bane of many golfers with hybrids is the propensity for them to go left. Did you find this to be an issue with either the 0317 or 0317 X Gen2? Is one less biased in this direction than the other? Thanks.

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