PXG 0317X Hybrid Review

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The PXG 0317X hybrid is the follow up to the best club from their original line up.  Lower spin which may or may not be useful depending on the player.


The PXG 0317 hybrid remains one of the best hybrids that we’ve ever tested.  It’s long and easy to hit, just like a hybrid should be.  The problem for PXG is that this doesn’t leave much room for improvement.  Did they find any with the 0317X?  I tested it to find out.


At address, you would be hard pressed to distinguish the 0317X from the original 0317.  Both have matte black crowns without any alignment aids.  They’re also slightly pear shaped and on the smaller side in terms of length from front to back.  The length from heel to toe is average.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the PXG 0317X hybrid stand in stark contrast to the company’s image.  Where PXG sets out to be loud and brash, this club produces a quiet impact sound that feels extremely soft.  Feedback is modest but adequate for a forgiving hybrid.


Whether or not the 0317X hybrid is an improvement on the original is going to depend entirely on the user.  The 0317X is designed to be lower spin than the original which may be helpful for some players, but not all.  As a fairly low spin player, the 0317X was not better than the original.  The carry distances were shorter and the landing angles were shallower, meaning my shots didn’t hold greens as well.

Ball speeds with the 0317X are very high, which, combined with the low spin, could make it a solid replacement for a fairway wood.

The 0317X hybrid does retain the adjustable weighting of the 0317.  There are still seven weight ports, though they are positioned closer to the face rather than around the trailing edge.  As I noted previously, while there are 128 possible settings, the practical number is closer to four or five.


At $550, the PXG 0317X hybrid costs more than most drivers.  With it’s new lower spin, some players might find it to be a good driver replacement, but for me it was a step backwards from the original.  If you’re going to take the plunge into this new PXG line, make sure that you’re fit so that your shots can hold the green.

PXG 0317X Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Do you see any thing that justifies a $500 premium over a good used hybrid. Other than vanity and status?

    • Matt Saternus


      There is nothing in the performance that validates the price. You can get the same performance from hybrids at half the price.



      • That’s what I enjoy most about your site the unbiased honesty in your reviews. Keep up the good work. One last question the 0317x vs an adams 9031/ pro mini?

        • Matt Saternus


          Thank you.

          That comparison is not one I have any direct experience with, but my gut reaction is that they’re entirely different: one large, one small, one forgiving, one not so much.



  2. I play the original PXG Hybrid at 23.5 and appreciate Matt’s review. It is just the right size, feel and heft, forgiving, easy to get the ball up with a good release, and long. I also have a Big Bertha OS 22 as an alternative. The PXG is the more pleasing club in terms of looks and feel. But it’s all about what fits you and what makes you most consisten on the course. Price – When I played TM and Callaway, and installed a premium shaft, it turned a $230 club into $400. With PXG, I am paying about the same for what I believe is a better fit. Thanks.

  3. Hi Matt!

    Absolutely love your site and reviews.

    I wanted to get some input from you as you’re one of the few people I know has tried all of these clubs I’m trying to compare, before I possibly make an expensive mistake.

    So I currently play the SLDR 2 hybrid (17* but set a click down to 16.5*) as my “3-wood”.

    I’m a high speed, high launch, mid-high spin player. Driver SS is 114-117 mph. I struggle with the length of a fairway wood off the ground, which is why I use the hybrid which is only 41.5″. And with my speed, I don’t need 3 wood distance, as I can carry that hybrid around 260 yards.

    The clubs I’m looking at to challenge it are the JPX-900 16*, PXG 0317 17*, and 0317x 17*

    You reviewed all of these and the SLDR in their 19* models, but only the SLDR included launch monitor numbers

    I’m not really looking to gain distance, as I would guess the SLDR is probably the lowest spinning out of the bunch (But might be wrong as I haven’t tried the others). But if I could gain MOI while keeping spin down and thus distance that would be awesome and something the PXG’s might be able to do with what I assume is a very low CG (carbon crown, but I think maybe only the X has this).

    Any thoughts? Also, the standard 0317 can be had for like $200 cheaper than the X on the used market, so that is another thing to keep in mind.

    I know our swings are pretty different, but just looking for your opinion on how they compare in spin, forgiveness, ball speed, etc.

    Sorry for the essay, but would appreciate your insight, thanks!

    • Matt Saternus

      My favorite of those three is the standard 0317 – great distance with really good forgiveness. It’s still one of my favorite hybrids.



  4. Keith R Lawrence

    The audience is narrow but their Heros program for vets and first responders is a huge discount. First Gen irons 4-Aw $1140, current drivers $285, woods $250,and hybrids $200. I have the irons and have the woods and hybrids in my cart, 22 year retired AF Vet.

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