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Tour Edge Exotics C722 Irons Review

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The Tour Edge Exotics C722 irons are fast and long, but they don’t give up anything in terms of shot shaping and stopping power.  Great, solid feel.

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Last year, Tour Edge Exotics dropped the category-busting C721 irons [review HERE].  Call them players irons, call them distance irons, call them game improvement – either way you’re right and wrong.  For 2022, TEE had the unenviable task of trying to improve on that.  I tested the C722 irons to see if they could.

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In the bag, the Tour Edge Exotics C722 irons look very similar to the C721.  The “cavity” portion has been reshaped and given a different visual texture, but the rest remains the same.  A Tour Edge Exotics logo sits in the toe just above the C722 designation.  Opposite the TEE logo is a call out to the Vibrcor technology.

At address, the top line of the C722 is thinner than the C721.  There also appears to be less offset.  This pushes the C722 away from the game improvement category, at least visually.  The blade length isn’t oversized, but it’s not compact either.

Compared to its line mate, the E722 [review HERE], the C722 irons have much thinner top lines and much less offset.

Sound & Feel

Tour Edge Exotics has put a tremendous focus on sound and feel in the last few years, and that shows in the C722 irons.  Despite being a hollow body iron, the C722 is extremely solid.  It feels like you’re delivering a gut-punch to the golf ball, knocking the wind out of it.  This strong feel is paired with a quiet “thud” – easily the quietest impact sound of any hollow iron I can think of.

TEE’s Dual VIBRCOR Technology enhances the feel without robbing the C722 of feedback.  As you move away from the center of the face, the sound gets a little louder and transitions from “thud” to “snap.”  There is also some feedback through the hands, but it’s subtle.


Tour Edge Exotics calls the C722 an “ultra premium player’s distance iron.”  Like so many categories, “player’s distance” is ill-defined, but I’d suggest we start using the C722 as the benchmark.  This is a true players iron in terms of launch, spin, and shot control but it also manages to be impressively long and forgiving.

To start my launch monitor testing, I ran the Tour Edge Exotics C722 irons against my gamer PING Blueprints [review HERE].  This isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison by any means, but I wanted to see how much of the “players-ness” the C722 gave up in the name of distance.  The answer: none.  From the long irons through the scoring irons, the launch and spin numbers from the two sets were virtually identical.  This is particularly hard to believe given that there’s as much as a four degree difference in loft, but it’s true.

There are several reasons why it’s so important – and impressive – that TEE kept the spin in these irons.  Most obviously, spin is a big part of what keeps an approach shot on the green.  No one wants to see an iron shot land pin high, then bounce and run over the back.  Additionally, spin is what allows players to shape shots.  For an iron to carry the “players” moniker, I think that should always be an option.

Where the C722 and Blueprint diverged was on ball speed, and diverge they did.  Thanks to the Diamond Face VFT and Maraging Steel L-Cup Face, the C722 has ball speed on par with the fastest irons available.  In the long irons, the smash factors easily climb into the high 1.4s.  The C722 irons left the Blueprints in the dust with enhanced ball speed translating to at least an extra club of distance.

Finally, the other massive advantage of the C722 irons is consistency.  With their hollow body design and strong perimeter weighting, the C722s deliver predictable launch, spin, and speed shot after shot.  This means that whether you’re striking it like a true player or having an off day, you can rely on repeatable distances from your irons.


The Tour Edge Exotics C722 irons truly deliver on both sides of the “player’s distance” promise.  These irons have all the spin you need to shape your shots and stick the landing on the green.  That’s paired with tremendous ball speed and enough forgiveness to get you through some bad swings.  The C722 irons show that you can get the best of both worlds.

Visit Tour Edge Exotics HERE

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. Great review and thanks! I am guessing these fall in the same category as P790s, Ping I525, T200s and other players distance. Pricing seems attractive relative to the other brands as does stock shaft offerings. You have tempted me!

  2. William O'Donnell

    Have not played those irons but Made in THE U. S. A. Good thing !

  3. Patrick Kaack

    Hi Matt! I’ve been anticipating this review. Did you experience a marked difference between these and the C721’s in terms of 4i/5i launch/spin and also overall performance and feel? The C722’s sound seemed more muted per your review. Finally, how did the C722 gap wedge stack up to your current gap wedge?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would say the difference is measurable but probably not noticeable, for most golfers.
      The C722 GW is a lot faster than my Edison, but I prefer the smaller head and thinner sole.


  4. Thanks Matt. Considering new irons soon. I am impressed with the 7 wood and 3 wood I added to my bag.

    • On my third set of tour edge irons started with geo bazooka back in 2011 now on EXS irons, this current set is great and I don’t intend changing for a few more year yet, the only issue I have with tour edge is they change there clubs all the time I brought the EXS 3 & 5 fairway woods with turf interaction soles but the latest model doesn’t have this this to me says that development was a gimmick if it wasn’t and it was a true game changer they’d still be using it David Glod is very good at blowing the trumpet for tour edge’s latest clubs when really the previous 2 models are just as good these new irons also have what appears to be stronger lofts which also helps with distance. But I still would change them for any other major brand, I just thing if you buy them be prepared for them to be out of date within a year or possibly less lol,

      • Matt Saternus


        I think “out of date” is the wrong way to look at it. Any change in a club comes with pluses and minuses. Rail soles are good for turf interaction, but they limit the designer’s ability to move CG. I look at it as, “In year 1, they offered a club for players who need help with turf interaction. In year 2, they offered something for players who need higher CG.” There is no perfect club which is why we always emphasize the importance of fitting.


  5. Hi Matt
    The triumph of these irons seems to be incorporating the longer shafts and stronger lofts without compromising spin and playability. Have you ever hit a comparably successful “player’s distance” iron?

    • Matt Saternus


      Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another players distance iron with this much spin.


      • Matt, great review and these look like trying out. One thing you don’t mention that could be important for many-price! I was at Golf Galaxy today browsing irons. The Callaways (which I love), Titleists, et. al. run about $1,300, whereas the TEE C722 & E722’s were $700 & $800, or vice versa. The price of premium irons (along with many other things) have become outrageous.

  6. Very good review. I love my Tour Edge C721 driver and fairway woods and was awaiting the review on these irons. When I hit the lottery these irons are one of the first things on my shopping list. Thanks again for an awesome review.

  7. Matt,
    How do these compare to PXG 0211 DC?

  8. Hi Matt.
    I’m waffleling between the C722 and the P790
    My main concern is there is not a lot of shaft choices with the tour age. Currently I have been fitted into The dynamic gold 105 stiff
    Of the choices that Touredge offers what would be closer to the shaft I’ve been fitted to

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest contacting Tour Edge to see if you can order them with the Dynamic Gold 105, or ordering them through a builder who will make them to your spec. A new iron set is a big enough investment that, in my opinion, stock shaft choice should not be the deciding factor.



  9. Ultimate question. Since these have just as much spin as your Blueprints, but more forgiveness and more distance: will these be replacing the Blueprints in your bag?

    Or are they not as workable, and shotmaking pleases you more than controlled distance?

    High praise from you in any case.

    • Matt Saternus


      No, I’m not looking to replace my irons at this time. I discussed why I change my clubs so infrequently here:
      To this set specifically, I’m really not looking for more distance. I wish I could get the forgiveness without the added distance, but that’s rare, maybe impossible. Part of not wanting more distance is how infrequently I play and not wanting to learn new yardages.



  10. Matt,
    Being a low spin player, looking for the highest spinning and/or descent angle iron to better hold greens. Do you have any comparison as to the higher spin in clubs you have reviewed?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you need more spin and you don’t want to be in a blade/players cavity back, this is as high spin as I can think of.


  11. Ron Samples

    Nice review! You hit it … the key to buying any set of irons is get fitted. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money it pays to get fitted!

  12. Just replaced my entire bag of clubs, including the bag, as mine were stolen at tournament in Cincinnati. I’m 65 a 4 index, and finally made the move to graphite. Make sure to get fitted.
    My bag:
    722C driver and 5-gap edge
    722E 3 wood 16.5 and 4 hybrid 22 degree
    All in Blue Ventus Reg. Flex
    Big change for me in shafts…..
    Just got em report later.

  13. How does the C722 compare with the Takomo 101s?

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