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Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Tour Edge Exotics E722 irons are fast, long, and super forgiving.  Incredibly solid feel.  Surprisingly high launch and spin despite their strong lofts.


For 2022, Tour Edge Exotics has released another split line – E and C.  The C stands for Competition, a line geared toward the highly skilled player.  E stands Extreme, as in extreme forgiveness and extreme distance.  If more consistency and length sound appealing to you, you just might be an E player and a good fit for the E722 irons.


While the C722 irons evolved to move closer to the players category, the E722 irons lean more toward super game improvement.  Compared to the previous version, the E721, the E722 looks to have a slightly thicker top line and equal or greater offset.  For players that get confidence and comfort from a bigger club head, this is a great change.

One thing that I really like about the TEE E722 irons is that there isn’t any “extra” hanging out beyond the top line.  This is a big iron, but it still looks like an iron, not a hybrid.  For players that want maximum forgiveness but don’t want to play a set of hybrids or hybrid-irons, the E722 might be the perfect solution.

Sound & Feel

I tested the E722 and C722 irons [review HERE] head to head.  I intended to start with the E722.  After my very first swing, I stepped back and said, “Wow, that’s incredibly solid…did I grab the wrong club?”  I flipped the club over, and it was indeed the E722 in my hand.  I hit another ball.  And then another.  It was no fluke: this is the most solid-feeling GI iron in recent memory.  TEE’s Dual Vibrcor technology does an amazing job with the sound and feel.

Speaking of sound, the partner to that solid feel is a quiet “thud” in the short irons that gets a little louder and snappier in the long irons.  The whole set is quiet, but it does get progressively louder as the irons get longer.

Feedback through the hands is subtle.  Outside of the big misses, you’ll need to pay attention to locate the exact impact location.  Similarly, mishits are slightly louder than pure strikes, but the difference is not stark.


Tour Edge Exotics is a company that I frequently tell people to stop sleeping on.  For several years, they’ve been putting out full lines of clubs that are absolutely the equal of any other OEM.  And yet, when it came time to test the E722 irons, I was the one napping on my own review of their predecessor, the E721 [read it HERE].  But that did give me a chance to be impressed all over again with the E722.

One of the first things you’ll notice when comparing the specs of the C722 and E722 irons is that the E722 are roughly two degrees stronger throughout the set.  You would not know this from the launch monitor testing.  The E722 irons do launch and spin slightly lower than the C722, but the difference is far less than you’d expect.  The E722 is able to negate the strong lofts with a 360 undercut design that adds ball speed and increases launch angle.  This is a big iron with strong lofts, but it still launches towering shots that can stop on a dime.

Where you do see the effect of the “power lofted setup” is in the ball speed.  The lofts combine with Diamond Face VFT to create smash factors that look like they belong to a driver.  When you combine those high ball speeds with high launch, you get shots that carry forever.

But I’ve saved the best for last.  While all those traits are impressive, what I love most about the E722 irons is the forgiveness.  I was testing the E722 head to head against the C722 and my gamer Blueprints.  This gave me the chance to observe that the E722 is longer out of the heel than the Blueprints are from the center of the face.  You can almost hosel the ball and still send it flying.  If your ball striking is erratic, these irons are a dream.


The Tour Edge Exotics E722 irons give you a lot to love.  You can love their distance, their forgiveness, or their ability to be long and hold a green.  Get fit for the right shaft and set composition and you can love it all.  Just be warned that your opponents won’t feel the same.

Visit Tour Edge Exotics HERE

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Would you say these are a noticeable step up from the E721s?

    • Matt Saternus


      From one generation to the next, the change is rarely huge. The 722 might fit a player better than the 721, but for most the differences should be fairly modest.



  2. How did it do on thin misses vs. other game improvement irons?

  3. Danny Hartline

    would ther be much of an advantage to go with the e 722 over my old mizuno jpx irons that i still love but have lost a little distance with

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice would be to test your irons against the E722 in a fitting to see if it’s worth changing.



  4. Mark Lehman

    How do I get “fitted” for these if only available online? Hard to buy a set you never tried….

  5. Ronald Burnette

    I recently purchased a set of E722 with Ventus blue shafts . Definitely more distance and more forgiveness than my old set of Mizuno Jpx 825’s. As i am now 71 the Tour Edge Irons are definitely a game changer. Highly recommended. Everything in the review, i experienced. Good job. Read and enjoy every one of your reviews.

  6. William Dickman

    Are they forged irons. I need irons about 4 degrees flat.

  7. Definitely would check out Tour Edge irons, the performance & price fit me just fine. One note though, I’ve started to ignore the “number” on the iron. As lofts continue to get stronger, in a few years will my bag contain 3 or 4 numbered irons & 3 Gap wedges? If so, they’ll need some new names since “Gap” wedge & “A (attack?)” wedge have already been used!

    • Hi Matt I need bit of advice please, I have an issue with catching the ground a lot before the ball, do you think in your opinion something with a more open face like these would be more suitable or would I need a more thinner head? Thank you.

      • Matt Saternus


        There is an almost endless list of reasons for hitting the turf before the ball. The look of the club can contribute, but you also have to think about your swing and the way the shaft fits. My advice would be to get a fitting and experiment with a lot of things to see if you can fix it with equipment, or to take a lesson.



  8. Keith Nesbit

    Matt, for a 15 HCP I am torn between the PXG 0311 XP Gen 3 ($129/club) and the XP Gen 4 ($179/club)
    Your advise for forgiveness, feel and value?
    Also, how does the Tour Edge E722 compare to the XP Gen 3 , for forgiveness, feel and value?
    I am currently playing Ping G5 irons.

  9. Nick Manely

    How do they compare to the Houdini line. I’m an 65yr old adaptive golfer and need accuracy and length.

  10. Bernie Reece

    I need help on lofting irons. I have the tour edge 722 driver and 7 wood which I love. What about the irons. Right now have callaway max irons

    • Matt Saternus


      When you say you need help lofting irons, are you having trouble hitting your irons too low?
      In any case, my advice is always to get a fitting. The only way to know you’re getting the right clubs is to try them yourself with the help of a good fitter.



  11. P. T. Smith

    I was fit into these irons in September, and after 6 weeks of playing them I couldn’t agree more with all of your glowing review comments! I’m playing them with KBS Max 80 stiff flex shafts, love the high launch/high angle of descent ball flight with great spin control. These irons feel solid with good feedback at impact, and the forgiveness is truly impressive as my mishits are still hitting greens.

    Can’t thank you enough for your review. My club fitter had me hit everything but Tour Edge, and I only asked for Tour Edge because of your great review! Not sure how they did it with such strong lofts but Tour Edge has made a believer out of me!

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us.
      I also want to give you a big round of applause for taking control of your fitting. Too many golfers are afraid to ask questions or ask to try specific things. You did and were rewarded with an amazing fit. Kudos!


  12. I bought a set of the E722’s two months ago, and they have been phenomenal for me. I have 5-AW with the KBS A flex shafts.
    I was centering these right out of the box, and my on course distance is even longer than it was in the store.
    These have been a game changer for me, as my handicap is dropping steadily now with them in my bag. I couldn’t be more happy with them.

  13. I’m confused on the differences between the C&E 722’s and the C&E 522’s one is competitive in one is extreme.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 522 is from Tour Edge’s Hot Launch line. The 722 is from the Exotics family. The former is more budget and beginner friendly, the latter more high performance.


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