Tour Edge Exotics C723 Irons Review

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Tour Edge Exotics C723 irons are a players distance iron designed to designed to provide an ideal blend of power, forgiveness, and feel.

tour edge exotics c723 irons


Increasingly, golfers are looking for more distance and increased forgiveness across the face from their irons.  But most aren’t willing to sacrifice the sweet feeling of a well-struck shot.  OEMs have set out to solve that puzzle and make an iron that is suitable for a huge percentage of golfers.  In the case of Tour Edge, they have brought out the Exotics C723 irons.  Find out what kind of tech it uses and how it performs in this review.


The Tour Edge Exotics C723 irons have an updated classic look.  Instead of chrome, there’s a matte finish to reduce glare and give a modern feel.  At address you see a moderate amount of offset and a somewhat chunky topline.  At times, there is just the slightest bit of the “help” portion of the club visible behind the topline at address.  While I like just about everything else about the looks of this club, that was one small complaint.

The C723 is the middle of the three irons in Tour Edge’s latest Exotics line, between the Pro 723 [review HERE] and the E723 [review HERE].  It strikes a decent balance between the two, a tour-level cavity back and a super game improvement iron.

Sound & Feel

The ball jumps right off the face of the Tour Edge Exotics C723 irons.  It feels almost springy, in a good way.  If you totally miss the center of the face, you’ll notice, whether it’s a heel, toe, fat, or thin.  But the sweet spot seems quite large, and balls struck in that general vicinity sound and feel equally good.

The sound is percussive but not overly loud.  Shots out of the center elicit more resonance, which is a nice little bonus for catching one sweetly.

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Almost universally, the secret sauce of a hollow body multi-material iron is the material injected into the cavity of the clubhead.  In this case, that material is VIBRCOR.  I’m not a scientist or engineer so one high performance plastic is the same as any other to me, but it’s worth stating that it’s there and it seems to work well, not only in terms of the sound and feel as discussed above, but in the way the ball flies and the distance it produces.  The Tour Edge Exotics C723 irons definitely hold their own in terms of distance.

Speaking of distance, I think it’s also worth mentioning that, like many irons in this category, the lofts are a bit stronger than what is typically considered to be traditional.  You’ll see a lot bigger gaps between the short irons than the long irons.  While some people love their long irons, I would definitely be looking to pair these with hybrids.

As alluded to earlier, forgiveness is also a big part of the draw with these clubs.  This is due in part to the club’s Diamond Face VFT.  The VFT is a reference to variable fact thickness, and Diamond Face refers to a constellation of diamond shapes across the face.  The design is laid out in a way that promotes better results on heel and toe strikes.  I found it to be very forgiving.

As usual, Tour Edge has really been thoughtful about its stock shaft offerings, and there is no shortage of quality, regardless of what kind of player you are.  I went with the KBS Tour 120, which I really got along well with.

tour edge exotics c723 irons


Tour Edge remains one of the most unheralded OEMs.  But they have been operating with a such a consistently high level of quality for a while now, it really shouldn’t be the case.  The Tour Edge Exotics C723 irons are a great entry in the players distance category and should be in consideration for more golfers than it probably will be.

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  1. Gil Bloomer

    I’ve been playing the C721 driver and the E722 hybrids all season and just love the feel, sound, and distance. I was thinking of getting a set of their irons but my budget hasn’t allowed it yet. This article gives me another reason to consider them at some point. Thanks.

  2. Any comparisons to the C721/C722s?

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