Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 Irons Review

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Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 irons are the company’s tour-inspired players iron.  It features some forgiving tech but prioritizes workability and feel.


Tour Edge is undoubtedly one of the most overlooked OEMs in golf.  Their strategy of focusing on Champions Tour players as brand ambassadors ensures that the company has visibility but not necessarily the sexy brand image cultivated by partnerships with young PGA and LPGA tour stars.  Nevertheless, I’ve found that their equipment is more than worthy of examination and often hangs in the same stratosphere as the bigger names.  Today I’m taking a look at the Exotics Pro 723 irons.


On appearance, everything about the Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 irons is fairly traditional.  You have a medium-thin topline with minimal offset.  The chrome clubhead has a brushed matte finish on the face to reduce glare at address.  There is modest branding and milling visible on the back of the clubhead.

Of the three irons in the 2023 Exotics lineup, the Pro 723 (above, left) is the most compact, as it is targeted towards the better player.  You can check out my reviews of the C723 (above, middle) HERE and the E723 (above, right) HERE.

Sound & Feel

The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 irons deliver on most of what you would hope for from this class of club.  You get a soft feel from flush contact, with a concise mid-pitch sound.  One might attribute this in part to the small piece of VIBRCOR TPU located inside the cavity behind the sweet spot.

I found balls struck heel or toe felt considerably less soft, giving off more of a boardy feel and a sound that I interpret to mean “practice more, dummy.”  Suffice it to say, the Pro 723 irons offer plenty of feedback regarding mishits and strike location.

Check out the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman wedge HERE


The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 irons are tour-inspired cavity backs with minimal forgiving tech.  The performance delivers on the promise of its design.  It is able to produce a variety of flights and shapes, as opposed to the other two irons in the series where the main function is higher, straighter, longer.

This club asks the player to do the vast majority of the heavy lifting, so the question of performance is really more on you than it is the club.  While I wouldn’t say it’s a club that is exclusively for low handicappers, it isn’t going to give you much help if you’re a mid-capper without your A game.

In terms of tech, Tour Edge says that the shape of the clubhead features a slightly larger forged cavity design based on tour player feedback.”  This allowed their engineers to push weight lower, adding a bit of forgiveness.  I don’t doubt the veracity of these claims, but I didn’t necessarily notice any added forgiveness relative to other clubs I have tested in this category.

As with the other two models, Tour Edge has really been thoughtful about its stock shaft offerings, providing a number of great options to fit a variety of players.  This one came loaded with a Dynamic Gold 105.


The Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 irons are a solid entry into the tour-inspired cavity back iron category.  The looks, sound & feel, and performance are all very good.  They represent good value relative to other irons on the market and are worth consideration on that factor alone.

Visit Tour Edge HERE

Tour Edge Exotics Pro 723 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Jim Yoghourtjian

    #doublesecret. I bought 2 used Tour Edge Exotics hybrids. Best clubs in my bag. Now I’m considering getting fit for a driver.

  2. I really enjoy my 722 Tour Edge irons. I can’t wait to demo these 723’s. Thanks for the review..

  3. Maybe someday!


  4. I’ve been waiting for Tour Edge to finally make the move to a players club and they’re here. Good report. Now, need to find them at retail…BTW, they look a lot like the old TaylorMade 300 irons from years ago with the same design cues…

  5. The guys at Tour Edge sure make great stuff and are nice guys too. Great Value. #DoubleSecret

  6. Robert (Bob) Teasley


  7. Thomas d kerr

    Can you advise me if these irons are available with graphite shafts, and would suit a senior player of a 5 handicap .

  8. Tour Edge doesn’t like lefties!


  9. Solid review. Wondering if you could expand on what is meant by “technology” not deployed by these irons. (?)

  10. Love TE, have the E721’s

  11. Robert Giacomo

    Tour Edge Irons and Driver are as good as anything on the marked. I’ve been playing the C-721 irons and the C721 Driver for 3 years and frankly they are outstanding. I’m a 15.2 handicap. I bet the Pro series is a great buy for the better player!

  12. Great looking clubs from an under-appreciated OEM. Too bad my game doesn’t suit these sticks.


  13. Michael Hawkins

    I really love Tour Edge.

  14. scott wintrode

    Every Tour Edge product I have hit has always been a solid performer. I have not tried their current stuff but I might have to give these a shot. #DoubleSecret

  15. Ihor Czornobil


  16. Joseph Greenberg

    Be interesting to see if Bernard Langer et al put these in play. #doublesecret

  17. Dave Manschot

    Tour Edge keeps getting closer to state of the art, but you still have to give up a little something. #Double Secret

  18. John Stafford

    Look interesting, but looks can be deceiving. I’ll see if my golf shop can source a demo.
    Double Secret

  19. Not for me, but Tour Edge seems to stay relevant.


  20. Gabe Jacquez

    Not for me, but Tour Edge seems to stay relevant!


  21. One day I hope to be good enough to place “pro” anything.

  22. #doublesecret Test drove a TE driver many years ago. Won’t share the distance but it was considerable. My swing couldn’t keep it in play but I’ve always remembered the incredible experience. Then why can’t I remember to test the irons when it’s time for new sets? It’s always the big brands and I think I’m branching out if I try Cobra or Srixon. Anyway, the one negative for me on these irons is I’ve never liked the ‘line design’ like these have and the Taylormade P7MCs. Seem like no name clubs you’d find in Target. But I’ll bet they play just fine.

  23. Randy Siedschlag

    Could see these as my next set after i outgrow my 0211s. #DoubleSecret

  24. Would love to try but just purchased new home built irons but I like the look
    # DoubleSecret

  25. I’d love to play the C723’s. Tour Edge is the most underrated club makers out there. #DoubleSecret

  26. I have a hybrid and a 5 wood from Tour Edge and really like them. Great value! #DoubleSecret

  27. Richard Altman

    I use Exotics fairways and hybrids. I’m 75 years old and play in the high 80’s to mid 90’s. I might try their mid size irons next buy.

  28. They look great, but I’m prob not good enough to play them. #DoubleSecret

  29. #DoubleSecret
    I used a mix of several brands of clubs. TM driver and 3W, Cobra 5W and 7W, custom irons, Cleveland wedges and an army of different oitters. Each had a purpose-distance and accuracy or specific feel, etc. but as I’ve aged, so did the usefulness of all those different parameters and brands. Boiling all of those down to my specific stats I went to Tour Edge and had a set built. (They do do custom work to a point). And they are geared to the senior crowd. I now have a bag of E722/C723 for everything except SW, LW, and that army of putters. The entire bag is now consistent for distance and control, feel, and most importantly, confidence and expectations. Took 10 strokes off and I now flirt with the high 70’s. Won’t be long before my score matches my age! Best clubs ever.

  30. Really like the E723 clubs but my store does not yet have them so I can ensure that I can hit them better than my Pings. Do not have Handicap low enough to play the Pro 723’s.
    #Double Secret

  31. #DoubleSecret

    The new line up of woods is 🔥

  32. I love pluggedingolf as the name reminds me of my golf game, plugged in bunkers, plugged in the weeds, plugged in the water…..but honestly I love reading the reviews!

  33. The face and topline look so similar to Callaway irons I would not be able to tell the difference without looking at the back! Never tried Tour Edge products but it sounds like they are criminally underrated. #DoubleSecret

  34. Kelly K Francis

    I might pull the trigger on these irons!


  35. Kelly K Francis

    Might pull the trigger on these irons!


  36. Still playing my many generation old CB Pro Tungstens. Love them.

  37. Tour Edge Exotics always seem to be underrated. #DoubleSecret

  38. Patrick Kilcoyne

    What’s a review without a #doublesecret ?

  39. #Double Secret.

    At my age I think I need more forgiveness. Interesting review though. I just upgraded to a TE C522 driver from their HL 4 driver and a Callaway Max. It’ll be an interesting Spring.

  40. These irons look great. I could see them going in my bag if I hit them well. #DoubleSecret

  41. These TE clubs look great but since I haven’t hit them, I can’t comment on their performance – but I do play their hybrids and can honestly say that I wouldn’t even consider switching to anything else! Sound, feel and distance are all excellent and the workmanship is just what you would expect from an upper tier manufacturer…#Double Secret

  42. I use their 3 wood. #Doublesecret

  43. Jason Taylor

    #DoubleSecret Nice to see Tour Edge Exotics being reviewed and appreciated

  44. After a lifetime of Pings, Titleists, and Callaways I made the switch to Tour Edge Exotics this year. C722 irons, E722 Driver, and a mix of hybrids. It was a wise decision. I am extremely pleased with the quality and playability of these clubs. #doublesecret

  45. Good looking irons #DoubleSecret

  46. Todd Williams

    #DoubleSecret Could be worth a look-see

  47. Every time I put a Tour Edge club in the bag I’m a better player for it. I do wish the Exotics iron line had some options for left handed players bit they’re a great company so I’ll remain patient. #DoubleSecret

  48. I don’t understand why Tour Edge isn’t held in higher regard by golfers in general? #Double Secret

  49. What about the average player


  50. Been using TourEdge FW since the XCG5 – Nothing else comes close for me in terms of consistent performance and value. I currently play with CB Proh irons (2016 issue I think), and EX10 woods, and a E722 Driver. Gave the EX10 driver to a friend. Have a set of E722 irons with KBS graphite that I got cheap from a pal and may try them next year. Love the CB Proh and have 2 sets as these forged hollow body irons perform best for me. One set has Nippon Zelos 7 shafts, the other has “made for exotics” graphite design orange shafts, and leather grip master grips. I’ve not tried the Hot Launch series stuff on course but some of the designs remind me of my favorite Adams Tight Lies stuff. I’ve hit TE forged irons in simulator rooms and they are not playable enough for my swing speed – anyway – TE stuff is excellent across the board, made in the US, guaranteed for life, and uses Bo Jackson as a spokesperson (LOL). If you’re not using TE – You don’t know Diddley!!! – What’s not to like?? #DoubleSecret

  51. #doublesecret
    I have loved my TE woods and hybrids, but have never tried their irons. I’m glad they’ve added models like these to the collection.

  52. Tour Edge clubs keep get better and better

  53. #DoubleSecret Tour Edge clubs keep getting better and better

  54. Matthew Malahy

    I have been a long time fan of any Tour Edge club, I have only used their woods. The review sounds promising.

  55. Luke Warmwater

    Do these come out of the same factory in China that makes New Level?

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