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Tour Edge Exotics E723 Irons Review

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Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons are beasts of the super game improvement category.  So easy to hit it almost feels like cheating.


Tour Edge Exotics has a unique branding strategy as the only OEM that focuses its efforts on the Champions Tour.  Brand ambassadors include players like Scott McCarron, Bernhard Langer, and Mike Weir, not to mention Bo Jackson.  These are names that might not mean much to folks under the age of 35, but for the older generation, many are trusted icons.

In the Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons, we have a set that is designed for older players or beginners to help maximize enjoyment of the game.  Learn how they do such a good job of that in this review.


Traditional aesthetics are not the strong suit of these irons and others in the SGI category.  And that’s by design.  Realistically, you can’t produce the kind of distance and forgiveness these irons need to provide with a razor-thin topline and no offset.  You can’t do it with a compact clubhead and a sweet spot the size of a dime.  That’s why the Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons have a big, chunky appearance.

Beyond that, they’re good looking clubs.  There’s a nice matte finish to reduce glare.  They are the biggest and most forgiving of the three irons in the most recent Exotics line and are a logical extension of the C723 [review HERE] in terms of size, though you probably wouldn’t build a combo set out of them due to differences in lofts.

Players looking for a much smaller iron can check out the TEE PRO 723 HERE

Sound & Feel

Much of the technology that contributed to the excellent sound and feel of the C723 is also present in the Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons.  Diamond Face VFT is a constellation of diamond shaped trampolines of variable thickness distributed across the face in a pattern that promotes better outcomes on heel and toe strikes.  This contributes to the feeling that the ball was struck solid, even if strike location wasn’t exactly perfect.

The E723 also has VIBRCOR injected into the hollow portion of the clubhead.  You do get more of it in this model, compared to others.  I’ll trust the scientists to determine the exact qualities of this very fancy plastic, but for me it seems to contribute to a soft and explosive feel at impact.  The sound is percussive and pleasant, not overly loud.

Check out the Tour Edge Exotics Wingman wedge HERE


While the Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons share some tech with their sibling, there are several key things that differentiate them from the C723.  One piece of technology that is unique to the E723 is the extreme toe weighting.  By placing extra weight toe side at the back of the club, Tour Edge says that it elongates the sweet spot and improves sound and feel.

My first time testing these produced a compelling case for why these irons are so good at what they do.  It was early in the morning, and my swing wasn’t totally awake yet.  Yet I found that all I had to do was make a passable swipe at the ball and boom, away it went in a predictably high and straight trajectory.  At one point I chuckled to myself as I launched 6 iron after 6 iron into the stratosphere.

I’ll point out that, in addition to the club’s remarkable blend of tech and materials, the lofts on these are about one club strong, relative to standard (“standard” pitching wedge is 46 degrees and the E723 is 42).  Of course, this is normal in this category of iron, and I don’t see it as a detractor at all.  For the intended player, it makes good sense.  The stronger lofts are only a small part of why these irons are so long.

Another unique feature is the 360° Undercut Design, which lowers the CG and moves weight away from the face in order to maximize MOI and forgiveness.  In addition to the distance and trajectory mentioned above, these irons are incredibly forgiving.  They tend to produce decent results out of even mediocre strikes.


The Tour Edge Exotics E723 irons are long, forgiving, and fun to hit.  While I am not the player they designed for, I know there are huge numbers of those golfers out there.  It gives me comfort to know that, if my body allows, I could be using these or similar clubs to enjoy the game well into my golden years.  If you are in that stage of life now or are just starting to get into the game and want an iron to make it easier, these are a great choice.

Buy the Tour Edge Exotics E723 Irons HERE

Visit Tour Edge HERE

Tour Edge Exotics E723 Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Charlie Rouse

    I’ve never understood why SGI irons have to have a thick top line. After all, the design goal is to move weight low and to the toe and heel areas for help with launch and forgiveness. It seems a thick top line would just raise the center of gravity which would be the opposite of purpose of the design.

    • I think it contributes to “perimeter weighting” that adds to the overall forgiveness … Horizontally and vertically around the face. The same way any cavity back iron is thinner in the middle than it is all around the edges. With the SGI, the “cavity” is exagerated, with the edges (all the way around the perimeter of the head) being significantly thicker.

  2. Very good review. As a seasoned golfer I was thinking about these irons even before this article and now my curiosity has been confirmed. If, and when the price goes down this senior golfer will consider these irons.

  3. TurtleHacker

    Tour Edge promotes their products for seniors yet they don’t make a 6 or 7-hybrid in their Exotics Extreme 723 lineup. I have a 7-iron but am never going back to a 6-iron.

  4. I have had TE. Clubs before (C521) and I really liked them. Right now I’m playing with Sub 70 clubs. Nice as well and I had them fitted by them.
    If your interested in these I would say give them a try. If you are a VETERAN They offer a nice discount as well. If, I remember right it’s 15% off. Go to the bottom of their home page and look for VETERAN. It will tell you how to register. Takes about 5 minutes.

  5. Great review. Thanks

  6. This iron really would be a great fit for my game but they’re not available in LH. Maybe Tour Edge can expand that option in the near future. #DoubleSecret

  7. Just ordered the 6-PW this afternoon and can’t wait for them to arrive. Went to demo days sold on the Cobra Air X
    but after trying those, the new Cobra dark speed, TE C723, with numerous shaft configurations the E723 won the day. Customized the shaft length and grip based on the reps recommendations and feel. Without a doubt the rep knew his stuff and was more than willing to spend extra time with this hacker even after I told him I was more than likely just looking.
    I had much better ball flight with an easy draw with most shots and averaged plus 10 to 15 yds. with each club. My only concern is an 8 degree gap in my wedges now.

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