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The Project X LZ iron shafts are, in my opinion, the best in the Project X lineup and suited for a broader range of golfers.



Project X has made a name for itself with its namesake steel iron shaft, and, more recently, with the lightweight and high launching PXi shaft, but the PX lineup still always felt like it was missing something…until now.  The Project X LZ (LZ stands for “Loading Zone”) has the best feel in the Project X lineup and a more practical performance for a broader audience of golfers.  In a way, it’s almost as if they took the good parts of the Project X and the PXi, added a little extra magic dust, and created the LZ iron shafts.



In the interest of creating comparisons and making it easier to assess where the Project X LZ, falls in the spectrum, I’ll compare the LZ’s feel to the standard PX and the PXi.  The standard Project X shaft has the same stiffness profile throughout the entire shaft.  This creates a stout and consistent feel.  The PXi shaft is very smooth and lightweight but can almost feel a bit too soft depending on the swing.  The Project X LZ has what they call “variable wall technology” which keeps the butt and tip sections of the shaft firm but produces a reduced stiffness in the mid section and makes it easier to feel the load/unload of the energy in the shaft.  Short version, you can feel much more of a kick with the LZ compared to other PX shafts.

Word of warning though, make sure you get your correct flex.  I would normally play a 6.5 in my PXi’s, but a 6.0 was just right for me in the LZ.



In a nutshell, the Project X LZ performed well.  The smooth feel is the crowning achievement of the LZ by a mile, but that exceptional feel translates into great performance and playability.  By design, the Project X LZ is a mid-launch iron shaft, and it certainly performed as such for me.  Project X says this shaft will be the best fit in their lineup for a broader range of golfers, and this is likely to be true based on the “Goldilocks Standard.”  Yes, some golfers will want the towering launch of a PXi and others the low bullet of the standard PX shaft, but most players out there are going to want something that’s “just right” in that middle ground for optimal distance and green holding capabilities.

The heavily mentioned exceptional feel makes for a very controllable iron shaft that should enable players to hit a wide range of shots.  In my testing, I found that I was able to shape the ball as needed, but it was also easy to hit different trajectories depending on the shot required.  I know a few other players, with very different swings than me, that have put the LZ into their bags and their feedback is exactly the same.  These other players love the feel and control of the Project LZ.



If you’re a fan of the stability that’s often synonymous with Project X iron shafts, but haven’t historically found that you’ve quite fit into any of the PX offerings, then the Project X LZ is likely a perfect match for you.  The variable wall technology Project X uses in the butt and tip section maintain that classic stability, but the reduced stiffness in the middle gives more life to the shaft and a better overall feel.  For my money, I think the Project X LZ is as close to a “one size fits all” as you can come.  The only people that would not mix so well with the LZ would be the players that prefer a telephone pole in their iron shafts.  As always though, don’t assume anything, and make sure you properly test and fit the LZ shaft before bagging them to make sure you have the best setup for your swing.

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  1. Great review and couldn’t agree more regarding the feel. I was fitted at Club Champion and put the shafts into play about a month ago.

  2. Chris Viducich

    I agree completely. I too have had these for about a month in my irons and wedges. The feel is smooth but stable and I get the flight and consistency I’m looking for.

  3. Robby Gomez

    I too was fitted at Club Champion. I have always used 130g DG X100 or KBS C-Taper X. My club head speed went from 95.5 to 97.0 (6 iron)dropping down to LZ 6.0. Not a huge difference, but the bend profile did wonders for my swing. Spin and launch angle didn’t change, but smash factor jump like crazy. LOVE these shafts!

  4. Tony Anzelmo

    “…some golfers will want the towering launch of a PXi and others the low bullet of the standard PX shaft,…”

    Not according to True Temper who recently informed me that “…Speaking in generalities, the Project X is going to flight a bit lower than the PXi and the PXi will flight a bit lower than the PX LZ….”

    • Interesting feedback from them. Just not the experience I had.

    • Vic Pasetes

      I have project x lz 5.5 115g. I bought it and i was told that this flex shaft is equivalent to stiff shaft compared to other shafts instead if just a reg plus. What are your thoughts. BTW, I have a p790 with this shaft.

  5. Mark Kuyawa

    As a 61 yr old 3 handicap the LZ 5.5 sounds like a match made in heaven. I demo”d in Mizuno iron but think would be perfect in Ping I’s. Loved the feel and results.

    Long time Ping guy and will stay they way !

  6. I have always played PX 6.0 shafts and love them. These look great though. You mentioned that these play a bit stiffer. Are you saying a 5.5 in these would be equivalent to a PX 6.0?

    • Truth be told, that answer is complicated. The more important part is the stressing of fitting to get it right. I can’t tell you it was necessarily playing any stiffer for me, but I realized the benefits of the shaft more in the 6.0 for the LZ whereas the PXi 6.5 performed better for me. So not necessarily a stiffer flex, just different performance results.

    • I have project x 7.0 want something a bit lighter and active . Would you recommend 6.0 or 6.6 lz . Club head speed 150

    • It was mentioned that the LZ are softer than a standard PX shaft..

  7. I was recently fit for the project x lz 5.5s. I am coming from the kbs c taper stiff. I was surprised that the 5.5s and not the 6.0s were best me for. My SS with a driver is usually between 108-115. I’ve always been told to play the softest shaft that you can control.

    • Perfect example of the need to get properly fit. I wouldn’t have guessed 5.5 either if that’s your swing speed, but if it works it works.

      Enjoy the new rig.

  8. I just got fitted at Club Champion. I’m a 12.0. I too got the Project X LZ 6.0 and they performed better then any other I tried. The best head for me was the Mizuno Hot Metal.Together, I got 15 yards more distance and reduced my dispersion, i.e. better accuracy. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  9. Great review….What’s your assessment of the LZ shaft compared to the C-Taper Lite? Which has the better feel and what LZ flex plays closer to the c-taper lite Stiff?


    • I wouldn’t say either has a “better” feel, they’re just different. Also, what feels “better” to me may be different for you. Feel is very subjective.

      As far as what PX LZ flex plays closest to C-Taper Lite in stiff, I would guess 6.0 but I haven’t hit either in a long time and would need to test them both side by side. If you speak with a qualified fitter like Club Champion, they will easily be able to address that for you from a technical perspective. That said, even if their flex is “the same”, it may not be a one-to-one comparison with your specific swing.

      • Andrew Rock

        Hey Bill I have been using Ping i15s for 11 years and the clubhead was feeling heavy. AWT s shafts 108gms. I just got fitted for a Ping g710 5 & 6 . After receiving the clubs and hitting them on course the feel extremely heavy. They have Project X lz 6 120gm shafts and my swing is all over the place. Would I get better results with the 5.0.

        • Matt Saternus


          Bill no longer writes for Plugged In Golf, but I will try to answer this.
          Switching to the 5.0 from the 6.0 will cut some weight but the shaft will also be much softer. I would suggest going back to the fitter and discussing your concerns and seeing what remedies they can provide.



  10. Andy Sangbouasy

    i play Ap2 CB 716 with Dynamic gold Stiff flex, and have no problem with the ball flight or the feel. I am an 8 HCP i am thinking about switching to Project LZ but not sure if i should get the 5.5 or 6.0. I also used to play with Porject XPI 6.0 shaft. Help

    • Andy, there are a variety of factors that would go into making that decision or a well-advised recommendation. Unfortunately the information provided is only a small factor and many other variables should be considered when selecting a shaft. I highly recommend working with a good fitter like Club Champion to properly select the right shaft for you and your game.


      • Thank you for a quick response

      • Everyone knows that the best way to find the best shaft for yourself is to get fit. Stop responding with that and start giving you opinion based on your experience and knowledge. You can caveat it with something saying you are just guessing but it makes this conversation much more interesting if you provide your best guess. If everyone just went and got fitted all the time then you would have nobody out here for the discussions!

        • Mike Smythe

          .exactly what I was thinking.

        • With all due respect, I couldn’t disagree with you any more than I do. Of course I can only speak for myself, however, I’d be willing to bet that my opinion is the prevailing opinion, shared by a vast majority of individuals that frequent this site. I certainly would NOT find the Review(s) Comment Discussions to be more interesting if the writer were to start giving equipment based advice recommendations, based upon guesses that are. based upon incomplete & inadequate info./data. That would be a lose/lose proposition. The purpose of this site, is to introduce new equipment in a broad, non-specific, manner, so instead of having an enormous, unrealistic list of club & component combinations to demo, the process can be streamlined, and gradually whittled down to a more realistic, manageable size. The personal insight, given by the writer, is again intended to be nonspecific, and not related directly to the reader. It’s a sounding board for comparison, as are the flightscope numbers & data. One can compare the review data, relative to their own swings data. If the Reviewer is a 2 Hdcp with a swing speed of 125 mph, and he has problems with a clubs lack of forgiveness, or has trouble launching the new 16° Utility Iron, then you know, based upon your 22. Hdcp and clubhead speed of 62 mph, that this particular club is not going to work for you. This is a great site and it does what it’s meant to do. If you want specific recommendations based upon inadequate information, then I’d suggest going to the OEM’s Official Website, and 95% of them provide exactly what you’re looking for.
          True Temper will give you a specific shaft recommendation for True Temper, Project X, or Grafalloy, and all you have to do is spend about 30 seconds on answering 5 Questions! And BINGO!!! You now have a flawless, expert recommendation! KBS, Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade…TOO!!!
          Guess based Recommendations are a disservice for those that don’t know any better. It would be a misleading & gimmicky act, and it would cheapen 1 of the best online golf sites on the net, and there’s enough of those already.

        • Bobby Jackson

          Dumbest comment I’ve ever read. Read what Joeg said below.

  11. .mike ritz

    Do the 5.5 115s weigh 115 or 109 grams I am 70 yrs old and playing 55s in titliest ap3 irons. I am playing at scratch but wonder if a change in weight or flex is needed. I hit my 7 iron 145 to 150.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 5.5 is 115 uncut. If you think an equipment change would be helpful, visit a club fitter like Club Champion or True Spec and find out.



  12. Alexander

    As of very recently, I’m playing apex cf16 – apex pro combo set with px LZ 6.5. I’m naturally a high spin player with irons and have a high swing speed (115-120 with a driver) with an aggressive transition (downcock with a lot of lag). I’ve found for whatever reason that this new head shaft combo has knocked too much spin off, as much as 2-3k rpm from my old setup (cobra amp with whatever stock stiff shaft they came with.

    I am making the switch to 718 AP2s and am trying to choose a shaft. I’ve played a round with demo AP2s with S300s and really liked the feel and hit the ball well with them, but feel like I probably spun them too high. Would X100s have a a similar feel but with less spin and a little more control?

    how would you compare these LZs vs the X100s?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re going to spend over $1,000 on the AP2s, why not get a fitting to find out for sure what will fit?

      I think the LZ and the X100 are very distinct, particularly in feel.



  13. Alexander

    how would you compare dg x100s and px lz 6.5? Launch, spin, feel?

  14. Robert Middleton

    Because of surgeries on left thumb and right elbow I switched to graphite years ago to minimize vibration. I’ve gotten comfortable with graphite over the years – but I really prefer the performance of steel shafts but assumed I’d never go that way again. Recently, at a Mizuno demo day, I tried the JPX 900 Forged with the ProjectX LZ shafts and really loved them. Nice height, distance and tight dispersion. They also felt pretty smooth and I didn’t really notice much if any vibration compared to my memory of steel shaft vibration. Has vibration dampening improved in steel shafts? Are these particularly shafts better at dampening? I’m considering giving them a chance especially since the Mizuno rep said that if I wasn’t happy Mizuno would reshaft with Recoils for $20/club. Do you have any comments regarding your perception of the vibration of these when you tested.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any data on vibration, but subjectively I feel like softer/more lively shafts tend to feel less harsh than stiffer shafts. That would align with your sense that these LZs don’t vibrate as much.



  15. I don’t know if this will help anyone. I was recently fitted into i210’s with LZ 5.5. The softness of the new clubhead along with a little heavier shaft felt great in my hands and mishits that were slightly thin or on the toe did not feel harsh at all. I came from AP2 with Modus 105 R. The Modus is a good shaft but it felt a little soft to me and I had a hard time controlling the ball strike hence the change. I have only been on a monitor and I can update when I get the clubs on the course but the LZ really felt good for my swing. My index is an 8 and I don’t know my iron speed but my ball speed with a 7 iron was 110 with this combo.

  16. Gary brookman

    I’ve got kbs tour stuff shafts in my mp4s what Lz shaft would be closest to this thanks gary

  17. Carlos Hiller

    Really awesome review! Next week I will order a set of mizuno´s mp 18 sc and I was really scared when realised that mizuno do not offer the project x pxi as stock shafts. Are the project x LZ´s a good option? I like a high ball flight. Have tried the KBS tours but they do not suit me at all. I do prefer staying in the project x family.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, the LZ is more active than the PXi. My advice would be to wait on ordering clubs until you can be fit for the right shaft.



  18. It was suggested that I try the Project X LZ 5.5 shaft on my Titleist ap3 irons as I was previously playing with the AMT Black R300 shafts. I love the feel of the Project X LZ 5.5s, but noticed that I have much more of a tendency to draw and/or hook the ball whereas I didn’t have that same issue with the AMT Black R300s. Does that seem unusual? Should I be trying the heavier, slightly stiffer LZ 6.0s? Interesting to me that some manufacturers call the 5.5s ‘stiff’ while others call them ‘firm’ or ‘regular+’. Thanks, Matt!

    • Matt Saternus


      This doesn’t sound too unusual to me. The LZ is a more active profile than the AMT, so that could be leading to your draws. Going stiffer or heavier may help, but it’s impossible to say for sure.



  19. matt what is the weight of the lz 95 5.5 irun shaft cant find answer anywhere thank you.

  20. Ss is 110 driver , 87 with a 6 iron , fit into Modus 110 Stiff hard stepped once . Think the 5.5’s hard stepped will be enough or will they be too weak still .

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know for sure is to test them. My suspicion is that a hard stepped 5.5 would not be as stout as a Modus stiff hard stepped.


  21. I’m gaming with Mizuno JPX900 forged in KBS Tour C-taper 120g stiff. At a recent fitting I tried the Titleist 620 MB and CB in LZ5.5 and loved the feeling so took that shaft onto Mizuno MP20s and think I have a perfect match.

    Then my local pro back in UK advised the switch from current KBS to the softer LZ might be too extreme, and recommended the Modus stiff 105g as a better alternative.

    Dilemma: my current local fitting place doesn’t have the Modus in stock to try so now I’m torn. Do I go with the LZs and trust how they felt, or hang fire and find the Modus?!?!

    • Matt Saternus


      If thoughts of the Modus are going to haunt you, wait and try them. If you can get past that thought, get the LZ.


  22. Hi Matt. I switched to the project x lz 6.5 and as It’s getting warmer I find my shots are drawing pretty heavy. Part of it’s my swing but a playing partner recommended going to regular project x maybe 6.0. What do you think or c taper lite x.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you think the draw is the result of poor equipment fit, I would schedule a session with a fitter to try some different options and find one that works better. Once you get into the cycle of “buy to try,” it’s hard to get out of it.


  23. Hi Matt. I was using a recoil F3 on my Jpx 900 forged. Just got fitted for Jpx 921 HMP. The Mizuno rep fitted me to a PX LZ 5.0 at 115 grams 20 grams heavier. He said my transition was quick. He asked if I missed left alot. I said yes usually.Would the heavier shaft make a difference?

  24. How would you compare project x lz 5.5 to steelfibre i95 cw in r flex for feel dispersion and distance

    • Matt Saternus


      I have very limited experience with Steelfiber shafts, so I can’t give you a knowledgeable comparison.



  25. Thanks for the info on Lz shaft. I am between a 6 and 5.5. I am hitting Srixon zx7 modus 105 and would like more height with my shots. What would the effect of height be and shaft flex be with soft stepping either Lz Shaft’s mentioned of those and adding 1/4 inch length? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Soft stepping will make the shaft feel softer. Adding length can make it feel softer, too, though 1/4 inch probably won’t affect it much.



  26. Jon Biancalana

    Hi there Matt my name is Jon I’m from Oakland CA,… I am 5 Handicap golfer and I just recently purchased a new set of Callaway Apex irons with Project X LZ 5.5 shafts, my logic for this was that I have played the Project X IO Shafts in a 5.5 and really enjoyed them so I’m more just hoping that they are a similar in shaft stiffness… The X io shafts were cool but launch the ball much to high. Now I ordered the irons really because you couldn’t beat the price.. I am fully aware of the risks I have been golfing a while and have a pretty good idea on what works for me… but was really enjoying reading all the other questions and answers you seem very knowledgeable Matt, and was hoping you could way in on the topic of Project X io shafts in 5.5 vs. the Project X LZ 5.5, maybe the differences and benefits between the 2 shaft models and would they be a similar feel in stiffness?

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not write this review, but I can tell you the LZ is likely to feel a bit more active than the IO.



  27. Hi Matt I am currently playing Lz 5.5 thinking of trying 950 neo wondering what flex . Carry 7 iron 160/165 in Wilson staff blade. Also do you think the gen 5t irons would be as forgiving as the Wilson’s.

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