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The undisputed #1 iron shaft in golf.  The standard for low launch, low spin, heavy weight iron shafts.


Every week, we here at PluggedInGolf get dozens of emails from equipment manufacturers touting the things that their equipment accomplished in professional golf.  Just as no one knows who will win our tour from week to week, we never know whether we’ll be getting emails from Callaway, TaylorMade, Nike, or someone else.  The one thing we can count on is an email from True Temper letting us know that their shafts were the most played, and, more often than not, the winner.

Why is Dynamic Gold the most prominent iron shaft on tour?  I’m glad you asked.

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Stability and control.  Those are the two primary things you can expect from Dynamic Gold.  There’s a minimum of “life” in the shaft, just a subtle load and kick in the mid-butt section, no matter how hard you want to swing at it.  From knock down shots to 110% swings, Dynamic Gold is not going to give you any results that will surprise you.

In terms of balance, Dynamic Gold is fairly neutral.  It is neither tip heavy nor butt heavy.  It gives you adequate weight in your hands while still delivering plenty of feel for the club head.

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Dynamic Gold is known for promoting a strong, low ball flight.  Additionally, it provides the player with exceptional control over their golf ball.  Assuming you have the right flex, you will be able to hit any shot that you want: high, low, cut, draw, etc.

Again, the biggest strength of Dynamic Gold is that the result will never surprise you.  That’s why tour players across the world trust Dynamic Gold week in and week out.

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If you want a heavy weight iron shaft that is balanced and offers superior control and stability, play the industry standard, Dynamic Gold.

Dynamic Gold does come in two flavors these days: regular and Tour Issue.  The only difference, besides the price and the sticker, is that the Tour Issue shafts are weight sorted so that your entire set will be the same weight.

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  1. Diego Schocher

    Can you please do a review between the DG X100 vs S300 ? What is the difference in feels, ball flight, weight…

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t foresee us doing a review comparing the same shaft in different flexes. We have information about the effect of moving to a stiffer shaft in our Golf Myths Unplugged series.



  2. Steve Neumeister

    Not sure between true temper dynamic gold S300 and KBS hi rev 2.0 stiff for my new wedges. Any insight? Are they worlds apart? Current shaft is dynamic golds in my cleveland tour action 900’s… P.S. i stink out of the Tee Box but wedge and iron play has always been my savior/strong suit.

    • Matt Saternus


      Those are about as different as shafts can be. I would say that if your wedge play is good with Dynamic Gold, stick with that.



  3. Anson Nascimento

    I have been fitted for amt black s300, is that similar to dynamic gold s 300?

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