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Project X PXi Iron Shaft Review

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The Project X PXi iron shafts quickly became my new gamer.  Easy to control, great flight.  A true tool of the trade.


I’d had enough.  The fight on every hole had worn on all of my nerves and a change had to be made.  I was using one of the current “top of the line” iron shafts but I was fighting through every shot and could do nothing to get the ball in the air.  Even my short irons wouldn’t make a nice soft landing.  After feeling like I had been swinging telephone poles for the entire season, I decided to give the Project X PXi iron shafts a try and see if they would be the solution to all of my problems.  Thankfully, there were.  The Project X PXi iron shaft is the newer, lightweight brother to the infamous Project X shaft that’s been counted on across the golf community for years.

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The appearance of the Project X PXi is very basic.  The set is made up of chrome stepless shafts with a new graphic that adds a more flare than the typical basic Project X shaft label.  When looking at the label side of the shaft, it almost gives the impression that it may be a graphite shaft even though it’s still a steel shaft.  All in all, a very sleek looking golf shaft.


At the risk of sound completely ridiculous, when I switched from my previous iron shaft to the Project X PXi, it was almost as if I found the opposite of everything I didn’t like about said previous shaft.  Don’t get me wrong, the previous iron shaft was one of the most responsive golf shafts I had ever hit, but it felt like a prize fight on every shot.  I never knew who was going to win, me or the shaft.  With the PXi, every shot feels nice and smooth without any pain or struggle.  The lighter weight shaft, the optimized stiffness calibrated between the butt and tip, and the stable tip lead to one of the best feeling iron shafts I have ever hit.  I have previous experience with the Project X predecessors of the PXi, and the PXi is by far a better feeling and more pleasant shaft to hit than them.


The most crucial characteristic of the Project X PXi for me was the performance of the shaft.  With the PXi, I was able to flight the ball high, low, and in between.  I could control my distances, shape my shots, and most importantly, get the ball to spin and stop on the green again.  Again, being a lighter weight shaft, I was able to generate a bit more club speed and saw a small gain in distance with a slight elevation in my standard shot’s launch angle.  This performance, accompanied by a desirable feel, made this shaft a great fit for my irons and is one of the best all around performing iron shafts I have hit in quite some time.

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Putting the Project X PXi shafts into my irons literally changed my entire golf game and restored the confidence in my iron game that had been missing for quite some time.  Each shaft has a smooth flex profile and gives one of the smoothest kicks I have ever felt in a steel shaft.  With a stable tip, and its butt stiff profile, the control of this shaft is one of the best you’re going to come across and the light weight makes it comfortable to hit, especially over a long round or extended practice session.

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  1. Hi, how would these compare/contrast with nippon 1150 gh tour in terms of feel and performance? Thx

  2. Hi Bill,

    How would you compare the PXi to the PX Flighted?


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