Nippon Regio Formula B+ Shaft Review

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The Nippon Regio Formula B+ shaft is designed to pair seamlessly with the Modus 120 iron shafts.  Subtle kick with plenty of stability.  Steady, consistent performance.


Most golfers know Nippon for their outstanding steel iron shafts.  From the lightweight options like the 950 GH neo [review HERE] and the flyweight Zelos [review HERE] to the Modus family with all its professional wins, Nippon makes something for every player.

What many golfers still don’t appreciate, however, is that Nippon also manufacturers elite graphite shafts.  With the second generation of the Regio Formula line, they’re introducing a concept that seems long overdue – matching your wood shafts to your iron shafts.


Like the other shafts in the Regio Formula + family, the B+ has a black background that’s a step up from the previous version’s white, in my opinion.  Regular readers can probably guess that the blue of the B+ is far and away my favorite look in this family.  It looks great in the sun, but doesn’t cross into “Look at me!” territory.

My favorite thing about the look of all of the “+” shafts is the swirl of silver and colored ribbons that run down the “logo up” side.  It’s a subtle design that looks great without screaming for attention.


The original Formula B was extremely smooth with a firm tip and more active mid and butt sections.  Nippon uses that same recipe for the Regio Formula B+, but with every section made a bit firmer.  The result is a shaft that gracefully transfers energy to the golf ball without feeling out of control.  Swing after swing, I knew I would get a subtle kick just below the grip.


Nippon designed each of the Regio Formula + shafts to match one of their Modus iron shafts.  The MB+ [review HERE] is meant for the Modus 105 or 125 player, the M+ [review HERE] for the Modus 130 player.  That aligns the Regio Formula B+ with the Modus 120.  Of course, you don’t need to be a Modus player to use the Regio Formula + shafts, but it’s a way to get a head start on the fitting process.

When I tested the Regio Formula B+, what stood out to me was the consistency of the shaft’s performance.  Just as the feel was the same swing after swing, anytime I made a good pass at the ball, the result was nearly identical.  I saw mid launch, mid spin, with a tight draw.

While I was impressed with the Regio Formula B+ on its own merits, what shocked me is how well Nippon has mirrored the Modus 120.  My experience with the two shafts was practically identical.  In both cases, I really liked the feel, and the performance was very good.  The downfall for both was that I can’t help swinging like an ape sometimes, and Nippon makes shafts (Modus 105/Regio Formula MB+) that give me a little more insurance against those aggressive fits.  For the player with a smoother transition, the B+ will be an A+ choice.

The Nippon Regio Formula B+ shaft is available in Type 45, Type 55, Type 65, and Type 75, each number corresponding roughly to the weight of the shaft.  Stiff flex is available in every weight class.  Regular flex is offered in Type 45 and Type 55.  An SR flex, a blend of stiff and regular, is available only in Type 65.  For the faster swingers, X-flex is available in Types 55, 65, and 75.


It’s time for golfers to realize that Nippon makes more than just great steel shafts.  The Regio Formula B+ takes an excellent offering and dials up the control to perfectly suit the Modus 120 player.  Whether you game the Modus 120 or not, make sure to include the Regio Formula Plus shafts in your next fitting.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I use graphite shafts in all my clubs except the putter and I’ve read some tour players are doing so. I try to keep up on all your reviews but do you have one for the Mitsubishi MMT shafts? I would like to try a fitting sometime comparing those against KBS, Recoil, the Nippon we just read about and maybe some others but I probably would have to go to a larger city than where I live. Fortunately my wife is from Denver so I probably could pull it off but not everyone has the availability to get fitted for the right clubs.

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