Nippon NS Pro 950GH neo Shaft Review

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The Nippon NS Pro 950GH neo shaft is the next generation of the world’s first sub-100 gram steel iron shaft.  Superb feel and consistent performance.


20 years ago, Nippon released the world’s first sub-100 gram steel iron shaft, the NS Pro 950GH.  Though other companies have tried to imitate it, the success of the 950GH – 40 million sold and over 200 global tour wins – can’t be copied.

To celebrate the success and longevity of this legendary shaft, Nippon has just released the NS Pro 950GH neo.  I tested a set to see how the neo compares to the original.


While it’s hard to make a steel shaft too exciting, visually, Nippon made a couple great decisions with the NS Pro 950GH neo.  First, as they typically do, Nippon printed the graphics directly on the shaft.  That means no misaligned stickers, no wrinkled edges.  They also chose a unique green color that stands out among all the black and blue iron shaft labels.


Suh-mooth.  No matter what Nippon shaft you play, from the Regio to the Zelos to the Modus, you know that their trademark is smooth feel.  The NS Pro 950GH neo is the embodiment of that.

What I love about the NS Pro 950GH neo is that it feels smooth on every swing.  There are some shafts where maximum effort is required to get any kind of feel.  With the neo, everything from a soft pitch to a full send triggered an effortless flow of energy from the grip section down to the club head.

While both the classic 950GH and the 950GH neo are very smooth, the neo has been redesigned to take it up a notch.  The grip section is smaller to make it feel even softer.


The Nippon NS PRO 950GH neo has more than improved feel; there are also two key performance changes.  Nippon has stiffened both the tip section and the mid section to stabilize heavier, modern club heads while slightly boosting spin and launch.

In my testing, I saw that the neo did launch and spin more than the standard NS Pro 950GH, but the difference was slight.  With a mid iron, I was seeing shots launch approximately 1 degree higher.  This shaft provides club fitters with a great tool for dialing in precise fits.

The obvious application for the NS Pro 950GH neo is the player looking to drop weight in their iron shafts while raising their trajectory.  As someone who makes a very aggressive transition, I didn’t expect the NS Pro 950GH neo to be a particularly good fit, but I was surprised how well it kept up with me.  I also liked the affect it had on my swing.  Because I knew every swing would “activate” the shaft, I made smoother swings and saw an improvement in my dispersion.

The Nippon NS Pro 950GH Neo is available in four flexes: Regular, S/R, Stiff, and X.  The uncut weights are 94.5, 97, 98, and 104 grams, respectively.


The Nippon NS Pro 950GH neo has already picked up where big brother left off, grabbing a professional win in the first event after its release.  If you’re looking to drop a little weight or get a little more stopping power in your iron shots, the neo is an obvious choice.  And even if you’re not the stereotypical neo player, give it a shot.  My results was surprising and have me considering switching to a lighter shaft.

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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    Hi Matt, great review! How would this shaft compare with Modus 105 in stiff, my current shaft? I’m looking for little more height as I’m 64 but still prefer steel. Little higher launch looks like?
    Thank you !

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the 950GH neo will launch higher than the Modus 105, and it will be noticeably lighter.



      • Hi, A bit late to this string, but you might still see it. I currently have the 950gh’s in a set of Pings that I like. I also have naturally high ball flight. I’ve tried the Modus3 105, but did not like the firmer tip feel. Nippon states the Neo’s do have a firmer tip and midsection. I’m reshafting a set of Ping Gmax’s that do have the larger head they mention this shaft is meant for, but is the Neo firmer tip/mid more like the Modus?

        Thanks for your tome,

        • Matt Saternus


          Great question. The neo is much much closer to the classic 950 than the Modus. That said, my standard advice applies: make sure to try it and get fit before you buy.



  2. Harry Morton

    Are we talking golf improvement clubs here?

  3. How would you compare this feel-wise to the KBS Tour 90?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been a while since I’ve spent any time with the KBS Tour 90, so I don’t feel confident about offering a comparison.



  4. Looking at Nippon’s website they do not list this shaft. How new is it and is it widely available from a good fitter? Looks very interesting and another excellent review Matt. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      These were just officially announced, and I believe they’re getting to fitters late summer/early fall.



  5. Do you think the neo would be a good fit for wedges too? I am thinking of going 6-SW with them and wanted to see if that was a wise decision.

    • Matt Saternus

      It always comes down to fit. Personally, I like having the same shaft throughout my entire set, and there’s no reason the neo can’t work in wedges. That said, some players want a heavier wedge shaft, and the neo is certainly not heavy.



  6. Hi Matt,

    I was considering to get a Project X 95 flighted to improve the flight on my 5 and 4 irons. How it woud be compared the 950GH Neo?


  7. Matt – Do you know if any club manufacturers are offering this as an option – either no-charge or up-charge?



  8. Matt,
    Considering this shaft for a Miura Passing Point 9003. I know the PP9003 isn’t a large/low spin head that Nippon advertises this shaft for, but do you think it will still give a little higher launch than the 950GH in this head?


    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think the difference would be significant for the majority of golfers, but for some it might. Always best to test it in a fitting to find out.


  9. Rick Floyd

    I just received my 2019 TaylorMade P790’s with the Neo version. They were a free upgrade through TaylorMade. So far, they are correcting my biggest concerns with the 790’s – lower launch, lower flight, and lower spin. They are very smooth without being “mushy”. The consistency in length and launch is great as is the L/R dispersion. I like them a lot.

    • Rick,

      What is your Normal SS with a 7 or 8 iron?
      My son is hitting my Ping G400’s with Modus 105 X’s and needs more height and less weight. He likes the P790’s and can get a set with 950 Neo S flex hard stepped. Thank you for your reply.

  10. Les Schraeder

    I need your professional advice. I am buying the Callaway Apex Forged irons and looking for the best Nippon shaft. One company has advised the NS Pro GH while the other the Nippon Zelos 7 R2. I am a senior looking for more height. My swing speed is in the 85 MPH range. I also will be adding extra weight in the head. My shots are mostly straight. Your advice on this would be ………?

    • Matt Saternus


      When you say that one company said one thing and another said something different, are you saying that you went to two different fittings and got two different results? Or are you talking about online fittings and the like?



      • Les Schraeder


        The two different responses were offered by two different sources over the telephone. One was by the manufacturer of the heads, Callaway. The other was by a component provider, Golfworks. Callaway does not offer the Nippon Zelos 7 R2 shaft. I merely gave them both info based on my readings from my launch monitor.

        • Matt Saternus


          Got it. If you’re looking for the best Nippon shaft, my advice would be to visit a Nippon fitter, like Club Champion, and test a variety of shafts in the head that you want to play.



  11. Just had my fitting this week for a new hybrid/iron set of Mizuno 921 Hot Metals . Went through about a dozen shafts but when they switched in the 950GH neo

    • Patrick Samples

      Just had a fitting today and the best results for me were the Hot Metals with the Neo shaft. The dispersion was just a startling contrast to everything else. I’m excited to play these. Hope they work out for you.

  12. John Edward Ornellas

    I just started playing the Mizuno 921 forged with the neo shaft(regular flex). I noticed a big increase in height of the ball and was wondering if a “stiff” flex would bring the ball flight down a bit and give me some additional roll?

  13. steven wiemeler

    Any thoughts on how the Neo vs original 950 will match up with the JPX 921 Forged? Would one be a better fit as both are being offered?

    • Matt Saternus


      It all comes down to how it fits the individual. Overall, they’re not so different that I think it will be a make or break decision.


  14. steven wiemeler

    Thank you. I am considering either the JPX 921 forged or a mixed set of PXG Gen 2 P and XF. Not considering the cost what would be your preference?


    • Matt Saternus


      The PXGs will be substantially more forgiving. Distance will depend on fit. Personally, I might opt for the Mizuno because they have less offset than the two PXGs that you mentioned.


  15. Hey Matt,
    NS Pro 950GH WF (weight flow) Regular Flex VS Ns Pro 950GH Neo Regular Flex
    Specs look similar… Didn’t try the Neo but got good results with the WF. Whats the difference between the two in your opinion? Titleist doesn’t offer the WF but offer both the neo and the pro gh.

  16. Johnny Hershberger

    Hey Matt,
    Was looking to demo this shaft in the new JPX 921 Hot Metals, my JPX 900’s hot metals have recoil 95 F4’s shafts in them currently. How do these 2 shafts compare? Thank you….. Johnny

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have much experience with the Recoil iron shafts, so I can’t offer an educated comparison.



  17. Matt, how about NS PRO 950gh NEO vs TT Elevate pro 95 what would be the difference . Feel, etc thanks

  18. Hi Matt,
    How would you compare this Stiff 950neo feel-wise to the Regular KBS C Lite Taper 105 (my current shaft)? Especially on traditional Japanese head (old Miura/OnOff/Mizuno/Fourteen).
    Thank you,

  19. How does the Nippon 950gh compare to the Nippon 950 neo for feel? The 950gh’s are the best feeling shafts I’ve ever played. They load beautifully. I’m a bit concerned that the Neo’s might feel more “tip stiff” and hence have a little less “feel” than the original GH’s.
    Your impression?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the difference is pretty negligible. If you want every bit of softness and elevation, stick with the original, but I don’t see a lot of players being disappointed with the feel of the neo.


  20. Decided recently it was time for new clubs. Had a fitting and decided on the Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro. Tried numerous shafts and when these went in it was a real “aha” moment. Beautiful balance, great feel and made the swing feel effortless.

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