Nippon Zelos 6 Shaft Review

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The Nippon Zelos 6 shaft has a smooth, explosive feel.  Extremely light weight helps produce more distance.  Very consistent.


Most people think that you need to switch to graphite shafts to drop weight.  That’s not the case.  Thanks to Nippon’s Zelos line, you can stick with the consistency of steel and still drop grams.  The new Zelos 6 pushes that concept to all new lows.


I don’t know that I’ve ever used the word “explosive” to describe the feel of a steel shaft before, but I will now.  The Nippon Zelos 6 loads effortlessly and explodes into the back of the ball producing a powerful impact.  There’s no steel shaft that I’ve ever swung that feels smoother, and I’d go so far as to say it’s smoother than many graphite shafts I’ve tried.


The primary selling point of the Zelos 6 is the weight.  At 68.5 grams uncut, it’s the lightest steel shaft ever.  That makes it a perfect choice for players who need (or want) to generate more speed with less effort.  The extra speed helped me find 8 more yards of carry with my 6I.

What was surprising was that my launch angle remained nearly identical compared to my gamers.  My spin went up about 10% – not a bad thing for me – but the trajectory was still strong.  Moreover, the results were consistent in launch, spin, and direction, shot after shot.

Finally, switching to the Zelos 6 is also a good way to avoid fatigue.  I put the Zelos 6 through a normal testing session and felt like I hadn’t done any work at all.  Typically I’m ready to head to the 19th hole after a full session on the launch monitor.  With the Zelos 6, I feel like I could play 36 or even 54.


When the Nippon Zelos 6 arrived, I expected it to be a strong performer, but I didn’t think it would have any influence on my personal equipment choices.  Now I’m not so sure.  I’ve dropped a little weight in my iron shafts, but this has me thinking I could go even farther.  The gains in speed were so effortless that I would recommend the Zelos 6 to a much larger audience than I would have expected.

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  1. Joe Golfer

    Considering the lighter weight and thinner walls of the shaft, did you play a stiffer flex shaft than usual?
    Did you find that the shaft played softer than a heavier weight counterpart of similar flex?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Zelos 6 is only available in one flex, and it’s not labeled as to what flex that is, so going up a flex wasn’t an option nor is comparing it other shafts. What I can tell you is that it’s very light and very lively, but still felt consistent, even for my 90 MPH 6I swing.



  2. T.J. Hodnett

    I’m super intrigued Matt!! What “flex” would these be considered? Great review as always.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Zelos 6 is actually available in just one flex. Nippon has said it’s geared toward a slower swinger, so I would guess it measures out to a regular.



  3. Going to test this asap. Thank you!

  4. philip doherty

    would you recommend these in wedges (48,54,58) as well?

  5. Would you recommend this shaft even for a golfer that has a swing speed of 80-85mph given the manufacturer’s target of 75mph pr lower swingers? I want a light shaft but prefer the control/feel of steel ones.

  6. kurt whitaker

    I have some Ben Hogan apex and they are like new! They are really nice clubs but they are a stiff shaft. besides getting in the back yard or going to the driving range I am a weekend golfer. So I was going to put these zelos 6 shafts in them. What is your personal opinion? is it a waste of money should I look for a cheaper shaft? I am looking at 300.00 for shafts and grips.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you know that the Zelos 6 will perform better for you, and you enjoy the heads, that seems like a very reasonable way to go.



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