Nippon Regio Formula MB+ Shaft Review

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The Nippon Regio Formula MB+ shaft is the perfect complement to the Modus iron shafts.  Very smooth without sacrificing stability.


Year after year, more golfers – both recreational and professional – are discovering the exceptional feel and performance of Nippon shafts in their irons.  And while Nippon’s Modus iron shafts [reviews HERE] have established a strong presence among better players, Nippon hasn’t made a major dent in graphite…yet.

Enter the new Regio Formula MB+.  With a bend profile designed to appeal to the Modus player, this shaft makes use of cutting edge materials to deliver stability, consistency, and huge ball speed.


Where the original Regio Formula shafts used bold colors on a white background, the new MB+ opts for a stealthy look.  Gloss black provides sharp contrast for the speedy-looking, white “Regio Formula” branding.  A ribbon of color – yellow transitioning to orange – runs underneath the branding to give the shaft some visual pop.  A closer look reveals that very thin silver strands run the length of the shaft on the “logo” side.  If you install the shaft logo down, there are no distractions whatsoever.

In sum, the look of this shaft is classic Nippon: understated cool.


Nippon touts the Regio Formula MB+ as a “harmonious” match with the Modus iron shafts, and I couldn’t come up with a better word if I tried.  During the swing, the MB+ feels smooth and under control.  No matter how hard I swung, it never kicked wildly, preferring to transfer energy seamlessly to the ball.

I tested the stiff and X-flex versions of the MB+.  Both versions had the same smooth, controlled feel, but the X was firmer throughout.  In other shafts, the profile seems to vary substantially between flexes, but that’s not the case here.  If you want a slightly smoother feel, you can step down.  Step up in flex for the same overall feel, just tightened up.

Both the new MB+ and the original Regio Formula MB [review HERE] have a very similar profile.  What has changed is that the new MB+ is stiffer in the tip and parts of the mid section but softer in the butt.


Thanks to its similarities with the Modus iron shafts, getting started with the Regio Formula MB+ was like greeting an old friend.  From the very first swing, I felt comfortable knowing exactly what the shaft was going to do.  Again, Nippon says it perfectly in their promotional materials – I could “swing fully without stress.” 

Just like the Modus iron shafts, the MB+ is a blank canvas that allows the golfer to control their shot.  The default setting is a controlled mid launch, but you can easily launch it higher or lower with small adjustments to your swing.  Spin is the same: straight shots have moderate/low spin, but you can hit draws that will run forever or higher spinning cuts if that’s your desire.

I tested both the stiff and X flex versions and the results met my expectations.  In both flexes, the MB+ was very consistent, but the stock shot shape was different.  With the stiff flex, most shots were soft draws.  When I went up to the X flex, the ball flight was straight or a small push/cut, which I prefer.

The Nippon NS Pro Regio Formula MB+ shaft is available in 45, 55, 65, and 75 gram weight classes.  Stiff flex is available in every weight, and regular flex is offered at 45 and 55 grams.  An SR flex (Stiff/Regular) is available at 65 grams.  X-flex can be purchased at 55, 65, or 75 grams.  For those that want the highest level of precision, Nippon marks the CPM at the butt end of each shaft.


2021 is the year that my entire bag may change to Nippon shafts.  The Modus 115 iron shafts [review HERE] are a lock to go into my next set of irons, and the Regio Formula MB+ seems destined for my 2021 driver.  The feel is spectacular, and the performance is incredibly consistent.  Any golfer gaming a Modus iron shaft should definitely visit their local Nippon fitter to check this out.

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  1. matt,

    great review as always. it looks like its going in your driver any day now as your WiTB has ??? for shaft. id be more than happy to take that old ventus black off your hands seeing as ive wanted to test one since your review :p In all seriousness thanks again for the great content and I look forward to your posts every am.

  2. #SecretGiveaway2021

  3. Craig+Goodwin

    I’ve been playing the Modus 105’s for 3 years and couldn’t agree with you more, Matt. Doesn’t matter if you step on them or play a controlled shot, they hold up to whatever you throw at them and are so smooth. Sounds like it’s time to get one in the driver. Thanks for the review!

  4. Nice review Matt,
    Never though of Nippon for driver shaft. Should be my error.

    With the cpm number, they seem to be stiff in the but, are they tip stiff?
    Is these are good for a quick transition player?
    I am always afraid of the left side.


    Best regards,

    Richard P

    • Matt Saternus


      Hooks are my concern too, which is why the MB+ is so good for me. It mirrors the profile of the Modus 105 or 125, so the tip is quite strong.



  5. Todd Williams


  6. Mark Woodruff


  7. This now appears to be your current shaft of choice w/ Ping G425 Max. How did you choose this shaft over your previous shaft of choice (i.e. data vs. feel)? How big of a difference in numbers or performance did this change make for you? What was the biggest factor in selecting this shaft? Distance, Spin, Ball Speed, Feel…

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s not a lot of change in the numbers for me from one shaft to another, at least within a given category, so this was about comfort and feel. The fact that it is designed to feel like my iron shafts is a huge plus for me.


  8. Hi Matt,

    Is this in your bag now? I currently play the Ventus black but play Nippon modus 105 shafts in my irons. I’ve read both your reviews Would you describe this shaft as a bit smoother than the Ventus . If not in your driver currently, what shaft is in your driver currently?

  9. This shaft ever make it to US market? Does not seem to be for sale in my 30 sec search.


  10. Ben Kowalsky

    Do you know if the stiffness on this is more resembles the Modus Irons or is it similar to Nippon GOST hybrid shaft? The hybrid shaft is significantly stiffer than the iron shafts. Trying to match this up to my current set

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