Nippon Modus Tour 115 Shaft Review

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The Nippon Modus Tour 115 iron shaft is a great addition to the Modus family.  Mid-launch and mid-spin.  Stable and easy to control.  Trademark smooth feel.


10 years ago, Nippon launched the Modus into the Tour-level steel shaft market that was absolutely dominated by two other brands.  A decade later, you can’t talk about the category without mentioning Modus.  With over 200 professional wins, a pair of majors, and Tour usage that grows every year, Modus is a proven winner.  To celebrate the 10th birthday of Modus, Nippon is adding a new model to the line: Modus Tour 115.


The Modus Tour 115 has a couple different looks available, if you act quickly.  At release, there will be 2,020 sets offered in Luxury Black with silver graphics.  Once those are gone, the standard chrome finish with red graphics will be available.

A small thing that I’ve always liked about Nippon shafts is that they print their graphics on the shaft rather than using stickers.  Stickers peel off or bubble, but Nippon’s graphics always look perfect.

Note: The in-hand photos in this review feature prototype graphics.


Every Nippon shaft I’ve ever swung – and I’ve tried them all – has one thing in common: they’re smooth.  The Modus Tour 115 is no exception.

This combination of a Tour-style profile, mid-weight, and Nippon’s trademark smooth feel was outstanding for me.  The Modus 115 can hold up to an aggressive swing, but it doesn’t compel you to swing all out.  This made me feel comfortable hitting all manner of shots with it.


Nippon refers to the Modus Tour 115 as having a “simple” EI profile that “responds universally to the player’s intention.”  That’s a much more interesting way of saying exactly what I found in my testing which is that this shaft does exactly what you want it to do.

For me, the consistency and shot-making capability of the Modus 115 is huge, and it’s equal parts specs and feel.  Of course a shaft that’s going to handle high swing speed needs stability and lower torque, that’s a prerequisite.  What elevates it is the fact that it feels the same during almost any swing.  Knowing exactly what I’m going to get from the shaft, I can confidently make adjustments to hit different shapes and trajectories.  Because I felt like the Modus Tour 115 would let me do anything I wanted, hitting it became addictive.

Nippon states that the untrimmed weight of the Modus 115 is 120 grams, which is similar to what I’ve been playing for the last several years.  This weight class is also becoming more common among better players who realize they no longer need a 130 gram shaft to get stability.  Shaving off a few grams not only offers the possibility of distance gains, it reduces fatigue.


Regardless of what Tour-style shaft you play now, the Nippon Modus Tour 115 is worth serious consideration the next time you’re looking to upgrade your irons.  The combination of slightly reduced weight with smooth feel and stability makes it an ideal choice for the skilled and aspiring player.  This is a shaft that could very well be in my irons and wedges in 2021.

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  1. I’ve played the Modus 3 105’s (112g) in X flex in G400 irons for 3 years. I’m in my mid-40’s now and had lost some SS. The lighter weight shaft is very stable and my only issue is higher ball flight which is probably both the shaft and iron combo. . If I were to change clubs/shafts, these would be in the mix for sure. Love the Nippon feel. Thanks for the review Matt.

  2. Thanks for another great review Matt.

    I have a complete blind spot when it comes to understanding shaft manufacturers and the performance of their products. Can you point me, and I’m sure many others, at a comprehensive resource to research and understand shaft characteristics and their mapping to a players swing characteristics and desire ball flight?

    Thanks again, love this sight!!

  3. Matt,

    Which irons did you test this shaft in? Which flex did you test ?


  4. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the review, I play the Nippon Modus 120 and do rate them how would you compare the 115 to these? Also like you I do like the graphics but most of my shafts the print has rubbed off now and cannot even see the type of shaft it is.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 120 has a different profile than the 105, 115, and 125. The 5s are more typical of “Tour” style shafts like Dynamic Gold.


  5. Frank Maiorana

    Apples to apples shaft wise..would you say the Nippons are lower flighted than a similar KBS Tour?

  6. Hi Matt,
    How do these shafts compare to the Oban CT-115?

    Anthony P.

  7. How can I get my hands on a set of the 115 black? So happy this line has been added to Nippon.

    • Matt Saternus


      You will need to contact a Nippon retailer like Club Champion. They will be able to order a set for you.



  8. Hi Matt, how would you say they compare to the NS Pro 1150GH? They seem you be very similar in weight.

  9. Hi Matt

    Is there a release date for the 115’s?? I cant find that info anywhere. Any time I search Modus Tour 115 I only find info on the Modus Wedge shaft



    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t seen a specific date. I would suggest contacting your Nippon dealer to see when they plan to have them in stock.


  10. Are these just a lighter version of the 125s? I play the 125X now and curious if they perform same just a lighter option.

  11. Hi Matt,

    How do these compare to DG 120 X100? Feel launch and finished wait? 115x modus.
    Thank you

  12. Hi Matt,
    Very nice review on these shaft.
    I love Modus 120 and 105. My only problem, is I have a tendency to go a bit to the left. It is not the shaft but my swing.
    I solved my problem with KBS tour which seem to me just a bit stiffer, or more stable for a quick tempo swing.
    I was considering the Kbs c taper lite, but after reading your review, maybe the Modus 115 should be a very choice.
    My question is what is the difference between KBS c taper lite and modus 115 in term of feel, stability, stiffness of tip, and launch?
    Will the Modus 115 should be available soon?

    Thank you, and I wish you an excellent 2021

    • Matt Saternus


      The Modus 115 should be available from Nippon dealers now.
      They’re very close to the C-Taper Lite in performance for me, I just find the Modus to be a little smoother throughout, the C-Taper Lite a bit more stout feeling. I could be really happy with either one, but I think I’ll be switching to the Modus 115 in 2021.



  13. Hi Matt! Great review! You mentioned in one of the comments that this shaft has a different profile then the Nippon 120x shafts. How different do they feel? I play the 120x shafts and am thinking about trying out the 115s as long as they don’t feel completely different. Do you feel like dispersion would be similar between the two? Also, with the black edition, do you think the paint will hold up pretty well? Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any experience with the black finish, but I trust Nippon to put out a quality product.
      Regarding the 120 vs. the 115, I can only tell you that they’re substantially different to me. Others might not find them meaningfully different at all. That’s why fitting is so important.


      • Thanks for your response! In your opinion, what do you feel makes the two shafts different? Curious about your thoughts. I wish I had the ability to hit the 115’s but unfortunately, I don’t. Thanks!

        • Matt Saternus


          The 120 is much softer in the mid-tip than the 105, 115, or 125.


        • Hey. I just got a hold of the 115s and will install it soon. Do you think there is a big difference between the 115s and 115x? I currently play 105x and having a bit of regret that I didn’t wait for the 115x.

          • Brian,

            I can’t tell you whether that will be a big difference for you. There’s a difference, yes, but how noticeable it is varies from person to person.


  14. Don’t want to resurrect an old post but, how similar are they to the 120TX, just a shade lighter?

    • Matt Saternus


      The 105, 115, and 125 are all the same profile in different weights. The 120 and 130 are different profiles.



  15. Lee Hoagland

    Any idea when these will be released as a standard edition chrome shaft? Thank you for your review. Always enjoy your site!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      I believe it’s supposed to be this fall, but I’m not sure things have gotten pushed back by COVID.



  16. Hi I see the modus3 tour115 is the standard shaft in Japan for the soon to be released globally Mizuno Pro 221,223 and 225. Using Mizuno shaft analyser I was recommended project x 6.0, KBS tour 120 or KBS $120 . I was fitted with kbsTour V 100 in my current set. Is the modus 115 at all similar to any of these or should I go through the whole fitting process again which I’d rather not given the expense ? Many thanks Dean

  17. What do they mean by simple EI? Is it a linear type or can you elaborate more on the butt mid and tip sections ?

  18. Hi Matt,
    Hope you are doing well.
    On previous conversation, I was asking about availability of these shafts. Not the black, ( to expensive) but the red one. Since that time, I did only find them on new clubs. like Mizuno 223.
    Resellers like Golfworks do not have them.
    I just pulls out from new Mizuno 5-PW but I still missing the shaft for 4 iron.
    Could you tell me where I could order one?

    Best regards,


    • Matt Saternus


      The release of these seems to have been delayed a bit, likely due to COVID (that’s just a guess, I have no insider knowledge). That said, Nippon was promoting a full release of the Modus 115 this year, so any Nippon dealer such as Club Champion should be able to get these for you now.



  19. Thank you Matt for the update.

    Best regards,


  20. Hi Matt,
    I currently play project x 6.0 in Callaway Apex ’19.
    The Mizuno shaft analyser recommended Project x io 6.0, C Taper lite stiff. Unfortunately neither shaft was available to try during the fitting???
    How would the Modus 115 Stiff compare the 1. my current shaft & 2. Project x io or C Taper lite Stiff?
    I have also used C-Taper & KBS 120 in the past.
    Thank you for any advice.
    Regards, Jason

  21. Hello. Nice review on the Modus. I recently got fitted for the MP 225 with the Modus 105 shafts. Is there a big difference between the 105 vs. 115 shafts. Flight height? More control? Currently play with KBS Tour V shafts. Thanks.

  22. Hi again Matt!
    Do you find the Modus shafts play slightly soft to flex versus Dynamic Gold? So if I liked the stiffness/ stability of a S300, but wanted the smoother feel of a Nippon Modus, would you recommend a X flex in the Modus and Soft Step it one time or two times?
    Thank you,

    • Matt Saternus


      Feel is obviously personal, but I think the Modus is as stiff as the DG, just a lot smoother.


  23. Sorry Matt!
    To clarify, I was talking about the Modus 115 specifically and the Dynamic Gold S300.

  24. Thank you Matt!!

  25. Hi Matt,

    I see you are gaming the 115 X. These are hard to find. I noticed on specs that the only real difference between 115 S and 115 X (118.5 vs 119.5) is 1 gram and . 1 torque (1.6 and 1.5). Did you try the stiff and compare? They seem so close its a tossup? Is that a fair statement?

  26. Matt. Thanks for the Modus 115 review. I matched them up with Mizuno 223 and have been very pleased with ball flight, distances and descent. Your review helped me narrow down my shaft selection. Thanks again

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