KBS Tour Iron Shaft Review

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The smoothest shaft in the heavy weight iron shaft category.  Promotes a higher ball flight than its closest competitors.


Most people would look at the stranglehold that Dynamic Gold and Project X have on the heavy weight iron shaft market and choose another battle to fight.  Kim Braly isn’t most people.  He jumped into the fight with the KBS Tour, and has converted thousands of golfers, including major champions, to his brand.  In this review, we examine why.

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Where most heavy weight iron shafts are focused on stability, the trademark of the KBS Tour is its smooth feel.  There’s a distinct feeling of the shaft loading and kicking during the swing.  This is not to say that the shaft isn’t stable.  Most of the action is in the middle of the shaft, so you don’t sacrifice a stable tip to get this smooth feel.

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Though it’s not a night and day difference, the KBS Tour does tend to promote a higher ball flight than its competitors Dynamic Gold and Project X.  This makes it an excellent choice for golfers who tend to be low ball hitters or those who simply prefer to see the ball in a higher trajectory window.

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If you prefer a heavy weight iron shaft, but want a smoother feel, KBS Tour is for you.  It’s also a great choice for players who are seeking a slightly higher ball flight from their iron play.

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  1. Scott Hargest

    What does the KBS Tour 120 shafts compare to vs S300 shaft?
    Driver swing speed of 95-98 mph
    3/4 handicap

    • Matt Saternus

      “Though it’s not a night and day difference, the KBS Tour does tend to promote a higher ball flight than its competitors Dynamic Gold and Project X.”

  2. Can i use this shaft for my wedges? Or this shaft is for iron only (3-9,P)?

  3. I just purchased Titleist AP2 Irons with KBS regular shafts, they are very balanced irons and mid-high ball flight. With this iron shaft there is no whipping and very smooth, I am 62 Years old but still can swing a club and I am very impressed with the combo, spending a little extra money for your irons is well worth it.

  4. My elbows struggle with vibration of steel shafts. I am 65 years old and still play competitive Senior Amateur Golf events. I like your c tapered 110 feel. Will adding an after market dampening rod help the vibration issues of your shafts.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve used vibration dampening products, and they do change the feel, but I don’t know if they will help with your pain.



    • 71 Young man, if you still have pain. Your left hand grip for righty is way to weak . Go stronger and don’t pull so much .
      Happy Birthday .

  5. What is an alternative choice for the KBS Tour S shaft? Best Nippon or True Temper Product Models as an alternative choice??? Please respond to my email address submitted, already get your newsletter.

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      Stock advice: work with a fitter to find a good solution. Blind guess: I would take a look at the Nippon Modus for smooth feel.



  6. I am currently playing Mizuno Pro 900 irons with the KBS tour x shaft. I am going to get a set of Mizuno mp-18 blade irons. If I go to the Nippon modus 120 x shaft am I going to have a similar feel but lighter. Mizuno does offer a KBS shaft in lighter shaft X flex. Thank you, J.Baker

    • Matt Saternus


      I think you will find the Modus 120 to be a bit different than the KBS Tour. I would suggest working with a fitter to find something that fits your swing.



  7. I am purchasing Titleist 716 AP1 irons and are considering the Dynamic Gold or KBS shaft. I play of 10 but are wayward with my irons. Which shaft is better for a straighter ball flight and more consistency? Thanks Ben

    • Matt Saternus


      That depends on which one fits you better. I would suggest working with a fitter before you lay down your money.



  8. I read your review on the Taylormade M2 TOUR irons and disagreed, then read the KBS review which is what I have on my M2 TOURS and I love them. Comment?
    Thanks, Jeff

  9. Hi, I cannot find the perfect balance and feel I had on my old Pings i15 with the first version of the kbs tour S. What was the weight of those shafts?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not aware of any substantial changes to the KBS Tour since it was released. KBS would have more information on that.



  10. Closest2pin

    Is the KBS TOUR stiff to heavy a shaft for a 13 handicapper swinging 90’s? I usually hit R300 really high but feedback and distance is hortible.

  11. What is the difference between the kbs tour 130x and the tour v with tour spec 130x ?

  12. Kinesh Moodley

    Hi – is the True Temper XP 115 S300 (fitted, 88swing speed, mid launch and 6200 spin with 6i) a comparable shaft to the Tour Stiff?

  13. graeme fromme

    I currently play off 6 and play titleist ap1 with xp 95 shafts , I am considering changing to tailormade tp mb with kbs reg flex can give some advice ? I fear the kbs maybe to heavy ???
    kind regards

    • Matt Saternus


      Adding nearly 30 grams will be a significant change. Have you talked with a fitter about it? Tried some irons with similar weight shafts?



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  15. Hi Matt, I currently play TaylorMade R9 irons with a Taylormade 90 by FST Stiff shaft. I’m upgrading to Tailor-made M4 irons with a Max 85 Shaft. Any thought on which would be more comparable to my existing shafts? The Stiff or a Regular Max 85? I think there both lighter than my existing shaft. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest trying both with the help of a fitter to find the better fit.



  16. May I know how much weights for the S shaft ?

  17. What’s the weight? I have these in my a12 pros and I can’t seem to find any specs on them. Thanks

  18. Kevin Addingon

    I purchased some Mizuno irons with KBS shafts. On the label they say KBS under that is Tour by FST, by the KBS it has a small R inside a circle. I am trying to find out if these are regular or stiff, nothing on the shafts say either regular or stiff.

  19. No, small r inside circle is the registered trademark, not regular.

  20. What shafts are used for the king cobra f9, beside fujikura atoms 6 one length or KBS 0.37 Tip

  21. HI Matt,
    I’ve been gaming the original KBS since 2009 w/ my Mizuno MP 58’s MMC. I’m eyeing a set of MP 18 SC in the KBS tour. Would you say the shaft profile and characteristics is the same as the original KBS that I’m playing now?

    • Matt Saternus


      To my knowledge, KBS has not changed the original KBS Tour since it was released.



  22. Carl E Vandrie

    I am currently playing Mizuno Hot metal withveylix Alpina 673 shaft. I am 72 and these irons are terrible for me. Handicap on way up

  23. Brandon Scullard

    Hi Matt

    Been fitted for X100s and KBS X shafts in new srixon zx7s. Numbers on the trackman are neck and neck. Averaging 98mph club head speed with 7-iron.
    A lot of comments I read say they prefer the X100s and that they flight lower than KBS x.

    Thoughts on the two shafts? How much lower would the x100s flight and would it be worth taking into account?


    • Matt Saternus


      Did you see a lower flight from the X100 in your fitting?
      My experience is that DG flies a bit lower than KBS Tour, but your results may vary.



  24. Mohammad Atiq

    Hi , I am 47 and my handicap is 13, I ordered for Miura MC-501 iron sets but little confused whether i am gonna fit KBS Tour R 110 g or Stiff 120 g !!! Could you please suggest which one will be perfect for me ? Thanks in advance

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know which shaft is best is to get fit. Online, all anyone can do is guess, unfortunately.



  25. Hi Matt,

    There’s the occasional discussion on the internet from time to time about KBS Tour being ‘counterbalanced’ and ‘building to lower swingweights’ (I presume in comparison to DG). Is this true for this shaft?



    • Matt Saternus


      That’s a good question. I’ve never noticed the KBS Tour to feel strongly counterbalanced, so I’ve never taken the time to measure. So, short answer: I’m not sure.



  26. Just picked up a set of KBS Tour By FST shafts but they don’t have a weight or flex sticker on them. How can I tell what flex they are?

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