Dynamic Gold 120 Shaft Review

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The True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft is a lighter version of the classic Dynamic Gold.  Same stability that good players require.


Dynamic Gold is the undisputed king of iron shafts.  Every week it’s the most-used shaft on Tour and the odds-on favorite to be in the winner’s bag.  However, golfers at every level are migrating, slowly, to lighter shafts.  In response, True Temper designed the Dynamic Gold 120, an iron shaft with Dynamic Gold’s legendary stability at a slightly lighter weight.


The first thing that any longtime Dynamic Gold player will want to know is, “Does it feel as stable?”  The answer is, “Yes!”  The Dynamic Gold 120 lives up to the claim of having DG’s renowned stability, particularly in the tip section.

The weight difference between standard DG and the Dynamic Gold 120 is 14 grams in the S400 and 10 grams in the X100.  While the weight is removed evenly across the shaft, the difference is still very noticeable.  If you’re going to make the switch, expect to spend a little time working through the transition.


As you would expect, or hope for, the performance of Dynamic Gold 120 is extremely similar to Dynamic Gold.  I’ve played Dynamic Gold for the bulk of my golfing “career,” so the DG 120 was very comfortable for me.  I was able to control my ball flight, and I didn’t get any results that I didn’t deserve.

Compared to other shafts, the Dynamic Gold 120 is a mid/lower launching shaft with low spin.  It’s designed for stronger players who place a premium on control and can generate ample speed.

In testing Dynamic Gold 120 against Dynamic Gold, the one thing I noticed was that it was easier to produce my normal club head speed.  I didn’t see a large jump in club or ball speed, but I was able to hit my regular distances very easily.


If you’re a longtime Dynamic Gold player who is looking to drop a little weight, the True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shafts are the perfect answer.  They sacrifice nothing in terms of ball control, but they make it a little easier to produce your normal distances.

The Dynamic Gold 120 is only available through authorized True Temper Performance Fitting Centers like Club Champion.

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  1. I’m using the Dynamic Gold r 300 that came with my Srixon 545 irons . Buy far the best iron shaft that I ever hit.
    Personally I never thought I would even like them,or even be able to hit them .
    Now im a huge fan of Dynamic Gold .

  2. I have the new Cleveland CBX wedges with the new Dynamic Gold 115 shafts in them and love the feel so I’m interested in these. I’m wondering though if these are just a repackaged version of the Dynamic Gold XP shafts that were on the WS FG Tour F5 shafts and some others. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I don’t want to go looking for something I already have in my garage. Thoughts?

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you referring to the True Temper XP shafts of the Dynalite Gold XP? If the former, it’s a very different shaft. With regard to the latter, I don’t have enough experience with it to say one way or the other.



  3. Comp vs. KBS CTAPER S?

  4. I currently play DG S300s but balloon them too much in the wind. The DG X100s (TI) feel a bit too stiff for me though. Plus, I am 1″ over standard length in my clubs so I think the 120s could help reduce the heftiness of the irons. Will the 120s, being a lighter weight, play a bit softer than the DG X100s? Should I maybe consider DG120 X100s soft-stepped once? Thanks much.

  5. Matt, I got fitted for the TT X100 in the TM P790 irons but just noticed there is a set for sale with the new TT DG 105 gram in a X flex. What are the differences in shaft loading, ball height, and stability? I was hitting my 7 iron 175 yards with X100’s

    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve never reviewed the DG 105, so I can’t speak to that. I will, however, offer my standard advice which is to not second guess your fitting. If you were fit for X100 and you buy something else, it’s only going to take one bad range session before you start wondering if things would have been better with the X100s.


  6. I always seem to get fit into dynamic gold x100 but i’ve never liked the feel, definitely too stout and lifeless particularly on knock down shots. Can you recommend any shafts to test that feel smoother/livelier and easier to play but still designed for high speed players for lower launch and spin?

  7. I got fit for s300 last year do you think the 120 would still be a good option for me. I am trying to order some new srixon zx7 irons but for some reason I cannot put the normal s300 in them. Only the 120

    • Matt Saternus


      I have a policy that I never recommend going against or tweaking a fitter’s recommendation. I know there are plenty of builders, such as Club Champion, who could build the ZX7 with the exact shaft you were fit for. If you’re trying to order direct through Srixon, I would get a fitting to find a recommendation for something they offer.



  8. Hi Matt,

    How would you compare the Dynamic Gold 120 against Project X LZ? I have a set of Callaway x forged 18 irons and am thinking about reshafting them.


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