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KBS C-Taper Lite Shaft Review

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The KBS C-Taper Lite is very different than the standard C-Taper.  High launching with mid spin but feel similar to the original C-Taper.


Every golf equipment nerd has unrequited love for some piece of gear.  Whether it’s a blade iron that your handicap just won’t let you play or a driver that looks great but goes nowhere, we battle to reconcile our wants with our needs.  For me, one of those pieces of gear is the KBS C-Taper shaft.  I love the feel, and I love the accuracy, but the launch conditions just aren’t meant for me.  Thankfully I’ve found a better match in the C-Taper Lite.


The C-Taper Lite has the same stepless, brushed steel appearance as the C-Taper.  To the extent that any steel shaft looks cooler than another, I like this look.  There’s no glare, and the stepless look has always appealed to me.  Beyond that, the C-Taper Lite can be identified by KBS’s trademark red label.


The feel of the original C-Taper kept it foremost in my thoughts despite the fact that it’s not a great fit for my swing.  Some people found it to be rigid, but it made me feel like I could hit the ball down a hallway.

The C-Taper Lite keeps most of that feel while adding a little more kick.  This shaft still gives me the sense of being very accurate and stable because of the stiff tip section, but there’s a little more action in the butt section.  Whether you liked the feel of the original C-Taper or not, I think the C-Taper Lite could suit your tastes.


I was fit for the C-Taper Lite during my recent iron fitting with Club Champion.  As I mentioned earlier, the C-Taper – a low launch, low spin shaft – is not a good fit for me, so I was surprised when I was handed the C-Taper Lite.  Though the two shafts share a name, they are on nearly opposite ends of the fitting spectrum.  The C-Taper Lite produces high launch and mid-spin, which is exactly what I needed to gain distance.

My favorite characteristic of the original C-Taper – the accuracy – is still present in the C-Taper Lite.  No matter how hard I swing, this shaft holds up and produces accurate shots.  I feel like the C-Taper Lite gives me the exact results that my swing deserves, which is everything I want in a shaft.

There are significant weight changes in the C-Taper Lite depending on flex and whether you use parallel or taper tip shafts.  In taper tip, the X-flex is 115 grams with the stiff and regular at 110 and 105, respectively.  The raw weights of the parallel tip shafts are significantly heavier at 125, 118.5, and 108.5 in X, stiff, and regular.  Make sure that you work with your fitter to find the right weight and flex for your swing.


If, like me, you love the feel and accuracy of the original C-Taper but need less weight or more air under the ball, try the KBS C-Taper Lite.  While the feel is similar to the C-Taper, the performance is entirely different, launching the ball high with moderate spin.  Best of all, it maintains the C-Taper’s trademark accuracy.

Matt Saternus
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  1. Patrick Doherty

    I made the switch a couple weeks ago from graphite and love the C-taper 105. At almost 60 years old, I was concerned about the feel on my elbows which had taken a real beating fromother steel shafts. So great to see an article on these. More senior players may want to look at this option. I feel like I have more consistency with this shaft. Thanks as always for the great articles.

  2. Mark Kuyawa

    Matt, how would you say this shaft compares to the Modus 105 in stiff

  3. surely the graphite is the material for light shafts and certainly would be better for the elbows

  4. Patrick, I may have missed it in the review, but what makes you believe these shafts will be easier on your elbows than graphite? I too, am just “north of 60” and leaning strongly toward graphite irons in the near future, just to tame the beatings on my elbows, especially when I am forced to hit balls off of a mat. Thanks.

  5. Great review as always.

    Do you find the c taper lite plays stiff to flex?

    For 95 mph driver swing speed I’m on the fence as to regular or stiff in these.


    • Matt Saternus


      No, if anything I would say they’re a bit soft to flex. At least that’s how they feel to me.



  6. C-Taper Lites are my favorite shafts. Played them and kept getting pain in my elbows at 35 and couldn’t figure out why til I read other threads. I regrettably had to make the switch. I went to the Steelfibers and the pain went away.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s not good to hear. I’ve recently had a little pain myself (age 34), but I can’t really point to the shafts because I’ve hardly played. It is something I’ll keep an eye on – I appreciate the heads up!



  7. How would these shafts compare to the Project X or more specifically the Project X LZ , have been playing Mizuno 900 Forged LZ in stiff but have been hitting ball way too high an am thinking about switching to a slightly lighter shaft (to regain about half a club length distance lost) and slightly lower launching (to stop ballooning my short irons) … Would these or perhaps the regular CTapers be a better fit than the X or X LZ and given that you think they play a little soft to flex, a stiff or perhaps even XS ?

    • Matt Saternus


      To be blunt, you’re throwing together a lot of shafts that don’t belong in the same conversation. The Project X and the C-Taper are similar – heavy, low launching, tip stiff. The PX LZ – which I don’t have much personal experience with – and the C-Taper Lite are much more active and higher launching.

      I think there’s a lot of merit to dropping weight – I’ve done so myself recently – but I would do it with the help of a club fitter like Club Champion or True Spec rather than through self-guided experimentation.



  8. I also was fit into C-Taper lites. Interestingly, I am almost always an S Flex guy, but I was fit into X Flex for the C-Taper lites. They have been great and feel about the same stiffness to me as previous DG S300s. Not sure if that is just feel or whether the lighter weights are actually less stiff within each flex.

  9. David Petrie

    I recently got fitted.the Mizuno DNA shaft optimiser. First choice was Project x lz 5.0 shaft…..second was the KBS c taper lite tour 105 regular…..Third was modus 3 105 stiff. Strange that Matt reckons my second and third shaft choice are not comparable…not true according to my fitting.

  10. I switched to C Taper Lites and really liked the performance but after a few months playing with them, by the 6 – 7 hole my elbows hurt to the point that I couldn’t play. I’ve never had that problem before with Dynamic Golds, KBS , etc. It hurt to the point that I played the next few rounds with my other sets with KBS Tours and DG300s and the elbow pain was nonexistent. Switched my gamers to KBS Tours and never had elbow pain again. Might not a problem for sweepers but if you’re a digger like me, stay away from these shafts.

  11. Hi Matt,

    I am looking at either the MP 18 fli hi 3 iron or Srixon Zu65 3 iron for approach shots from around 220, so I am looking for a shaft that is as high launch/spin as possible for stopping power. (not a fan of hybrids)

    Would you say this is it? if not what would you recommend?


    • Matt Saternus


      The C-Taper Lite is not as high launch and spin as possible, but it is higher launching. What weight are you looking to be around?



      • I currently play project X 6.5 rifle shaft in 4-pw, so ideally looking for something a little lighter than those to increase SS?

        Thanks for responding!

        • Matt Saternus


          You might look at the True Temper AMT Red or the XP models. I haven’t tried the Red but the DG AMT was impressive to me.



        • Hello Matt. I have recently purchased a set of PXG 0211 irons with kbs tour c taper lite 110 stiff. So far so good. Consistent
          and very accurate. What are your thought on using the same shaft in my driver.
          Presently I’m using Aldila nv 65 s..
          Opinion would be appreciated

          • Dave,

            You’re talking about putting a steel shaft in your driver? I’m not sure KBS makes any shaft long enough for that.



  12. Matt, i play the C taper lite 105r, What would be your thoughts for wedge shafts to match? 54 and 58 degree. I have read about soft stepping a 8 iron shaft but i would like your thoughts. Not to much out there that i specific. Thank you

  13. Matt, what would you say is the iron shaft that would promote the highest launch?
    Steel and graphite?

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s going to depend entirely on the fit to the individual and the weight you want to be in. Nippon has some great higher launching options, True Temper has the flighted Dynamic Gold series now, KBS has some good options. If you need more launch, make an appointment with a good fitter to find the best option.



  14. Hi Matt,
    I am playing the KBS Tour 120 gr. Which for me gives me a good dispersion. Getting older, I would like to play a lighter shaft.
    I tried the KBS c taper lite stiff and loved the fell. They have more kick that the KBS Tour for me.
    I have a quick transition and I do not want to increase dispersion.
    I know that you always like heavier shafts in past. Now you are doing well with the 115 gr.
    Did you have to adjust to them or it was easy? Are they as precise that the Heavier kbs shaft?

    • Matt Saternus


      The transition from a 120+ shaft to 115 was not a big deal for me. For me, the C-Taper Lite has been as accurate as any iron shaft I’ve played.





  16. I’ve recently being fitted for KBS C TAPER 120 S in new MIZUNO 919 Hot Metals. They are what i would consider very heavy compared to what i previously played….. Project x 5.5 rifle.
    3 prizes won in 3 weeks….Great…. but here’s my problem….I am hitting 7-PW brilliantly but longer irons 6, and especially 5 & 4 iron, heavy and very poorly compared to the shorter irons., so my question is do you think i would benefit from C Taper lite S 110/115 X in the 4,5 &6 irons….?
    They are a higher launching shaft with more kick in them yes…?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the C-Taper Lite is higher launching and lighter than the standard C-Taper. As to whether or not that will solve the long iron problem, there’s no way to know without testing them. If you’re inclined to tinker, you could buy one C-Taper Lite and put it into your 4I and see what happens. If not, I’d suggest meeting with a fitter to figure out if the Lite is a fit.



      • Ray Whitty

        KBS C Taper 120 S too heavy query.
        Hi Matt,
        Happy St Patrick’s Day from Ireland, and thanks for your response. In fairness to the shop where I was fitted they said any problems, then come back and they will work through any issues so I think maybe your advice on the 4 iron might be the way to go..? Or I suspect they’ll try c taper light in a 7 iron..(that’s how I was fitted , on trackman). I like to feel where the clubhead is in my backswing but in the longer irons its like I can’t feel where it is…? I really haven’t been fitted ever before, bar my driver, so I’m no expert. Driver swingspeed is 104mph and 7 iron is 84mph with the C Taper 120 S….at the fitting. Up from 81mph with project X 5.5 in my previous set. (Not fitted for those) . Thanks again for responding to my question.

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  18. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your precise review of c taper life shafts.
    What would be the expected swing speed or carry distance on 5 iron for regular flex shaft ?
    I have setup my mind to get a set of constant taper shafts like KBS lites.
    I like the feel and response of this design
    Please advise
    Best regards


  19. How would you compare these to the tour v and $ taper lite?

  20. Steven Nonny

    Can you compare the normal C-taper 120s to C-taper lite 115x ? I’m currently using C-taper 120s but thinking about moving to lite version but stiffer which is 115x

  21. Anthony Rubio

    I cannot find anything on where the KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 105 R. In a Tour Regular, is that in between an standard Regular and standard Stiff? I used to play Project X 5.5, is this similar.

    2nd item, the Nippon 105 Regular, how does that lay out compared to standard Regular and standard Stiff.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, Tour Regular is between Regular and Stiff.
      With regard to Nippon, are you talking about the Modus?


  22. I hit 7 i with 83 mph, and mizuno dna came back with c taper lite X 115 , as TT 120 S300
    any tips what you think, is the X not too harsh?

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t find the X harsh. If you’re buying new irons, I would suggest trying both options in a fitting.


  23. Franklin Lee

    Loved the C Taper Lites in my Mizuno’s, but gave them up because of the extreme elbow pain. Now playing the Modus 3 105
    without any elbow pain, but liked the KBS shafts better. Must be a lot of vibration in that shaft, but loved the way it felt.


    Regarding the comment on elbow pain and vibration in the shaft, a good way to stop vibration and to slightly stiffen the shaft is to fill the shaft with silicone, this dampens the vibration and adds very little weight to the shaft.

  25. Years old thread worth a shot.

    Originally fit into elevate tour stiffs. Preformed well but 3 have broken and I’ve read this happens a lot.

    I am considering the c taper lites in stiff, would you say they are comparable with launch?

  26. Your initial review here for the KBS C-Taper Lite was from 2018. These became your gamers.

    Several of the commenters said they used this shaft but developed elbow pains from it. While in your bag, did you develop a similar issue?

    I ask because of the review you did of the True Temper Elevate Tour were you compared it to the KBS C-Taper Lites. I have liked the TT Elevate on Callaway APEX Pro’s and just bought a used set of Ben Hogan Ft. Worth White with the C-Taper Lite shafts with a 30 day refund. Developing elbow pain will take longer than that to discover.

  27. Good to hear, and thank you for the response.

    I love your reviews (and others here on Pluggedingolf) and that they remain available for historical reference. Very informative.

  28. Matt
    I happened to stumble upon your review of the c taper light and just had a question. I just got fit for irons, I went in with a very open mind and figured I’d settle on what was best for me, spin, dispersion, distance, feel, etc. I got fit for c taper lite 115 xstiff. My concern is the more I read, the more I’m worried these r not the right shafts for me. I hit them very well in my fitting, the best out of the 15 or so shafts i tried… but I’m about a 6hcp with a 100 average swing speed with a 6 iron… would you be concerned or should I trust my fitter? I have not received the clubs yet as I just had my fitting I just was looking for an opinion.

    • Matt Saternus


      As a rule, I do not second guess fitters. If there’s a reason that you don’t trust the fitter’s work or what you saw in the fitting, by all means explore another fitting, but nothing in your comment indicates that.



  29. Mark Miller

    I went to a fitter and really like the C-Taper Lite. However, the regular and still shafts give me nearly the same results. I swing my 7 iron in the 83-86 range and am a fairly fit 70 years old. Any suggestions as to which flex I should choose for the Srixon SX5?

    • Matt Saternus


      Did you have a preference for the feel of one over the other?
      If not and all else equal, I’d say go softer and lighter as they’ll work better when you’re a bit tired.



  30. Is this a steel shaft or a graphite shaft? Everything I am reading makes it out to be a steel shaft, but it certainly looks and feels like a graphite shaft.

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