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KBS C-Taper Iron Shaft Review

KBS C-Taper (3)

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Phenomenal accuracy without boardy feel.  Low spin and a little stiff-to-flex, fitting is a must.


Low spin shafts don’t have to feel like garbage.  That’s the main lesson to be learned from the KBS C-Taper.  While it delivers some of the lowest launch and lowest spin, it also delivers that trademark KBS feel that is loved by virtually everyone who tries it.

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The primary feel characteristic of the KBS C-Taper is stability.  The tip, in particular, is extremely stout which gives you the feeling that you can put everything into the swing without fear of “losing” the shaft.

The impressive part is that you get this stability without a lousy, boardy feel.  There is still a clear feeling of loading and unloading in the butt of the shaft when you make a strong move at the ball.  That last part is key: this shaft does feel a little stiff-to-flex, so make sure you get fit before putting the C-Tapers in your irons.

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Generally there isn’t much to say about the look of an iron shaft, but the C-Taper is an exception.  It’s matte grey with an industrial look that is unlike anything else out there.  Additionally, the C-Taper is stepless which is a look that I love.

KBS C-Taper (1)


For me, there is not any iron shaft that is as low spin and accurate as the KBS C-Taper.  From the pitching wedge through the long irons, I always feel in control of the club and never get a surprising result.  The ball flight does tend to be a little lower, and the flight is very penetrating.

The major caveat is that the low spin characteristics can be too much of a good thing.  I have played the C-Taper shafts in two different sets of iron heads, one successfully, one not.  As a low spin player, putting these shafts into “players irons” was a recipe for low bullets that would not hold a green.  Perhaps a softer flex would have worked with those heads, but a stiff flex did not.  In a higher-launching game improvement iron, these shafts have proven to be brilliant: they are tremendously accurate and the low spin makes them long and consistent.

Ultimately, the C-Taper is great at what it does, it just demands a good fit to deliver optimal performance.


If you’re a long time Dynamic Gold or Project X player, you probably don’t think there’s any reason to change, and you might be right, but it would be worth your time to check out the KBS C-Taper.  It offers extremely low spin, great accuracy, and all without sacrificing feel.

Price and Specs

The KBS C-Taper is available in Regular (110 grams), R+ (115 grams), Stiff (120 grams), S+ (125 grams), and X-Stiff (130 grams).

The KBS C-Taper retails for about $37 per shaft.

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  1. Hi, Matt one more question for you. I am a high spin player playing PX flighted shafts. How would the C Taper compare and differ? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the C-Taper is infinitely better feeling the the PX, but feel is obviously very personal. The C-Taper is also one of, if not the, lowest spinning iron shaft available.


  2. Sweet. Cant wait to try them out. Im looking to get into a set of MP 64’s and was wondering if I should swap from PX to C taper. Looking forward to the swap. Thanks again for your time.

  3. David Grey

    Hi! Can you possible tell me if it is possible to
    Put KBS C -Taper stiff flex shafts into a set of Mizuno mp32 irons

  4. brian hicks

    can i put kbs c taper 120g into mizuno jpx 850? ball flight on 4 and 5 irons seems almost too low at times

  5. Eugene Dreyer

    Do they make a C taper shaft for Drivers? If so, would you recommend it.

  6. Enjoy very much your golf equipment and swing commentary

  7. If I’m switching from dmx100’s to the kbs c tapers xstiff, should I soft step them? I’m looking for something to play around 6.5 with low trajectory and low spin

    • Matt Saternus


      Only a fitter who has seen you swing both could answer that question.



      • Hey Matt I was just wondering if flex wise they are similar. I’ve always been told that c tapers play stiffer but when I talked to kbs and gave them my swing speed with my 7 iron(95-98) they said to try the x straight up first then soft step it if I don’t like it. Id like to try to get it right on the first shot. I’m taking out true temper amt tour issues in xstiff. I can’t get used to the ascending weight in them

  8. Can we put these shafts if ping 700 irons?

  9. I just got a set of Mizuno MP-20 MMC with the C-Taper 125 (S+). I am spinning it quite a bit with a great deal more launch than I did with my previous irons (MP-59 with DG R-300). Just something unique to each golfer that needs to be tinkered by a fitter?

    • Matt Saternus


      You changed multiple pieces of the equation, so it’s hard to say what the shaft is responsible for. Were you fitted for the new irons?


  10. Jon Shackelford

    Can KBS tour lite x115 fit in 718 Ap2?

  11. Jon Shackelford

    .355 tips is what I have purchased

  12. Played CTaper 120s and loved the results but was just too boardy, switched to Tour 130x and love the feel but hit it wayyyy to high. Any recommendations? Tour V? S Taper?

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