Nippon Regio Formula MB Shaft Review

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The Nippon Regio Formula MB shaft is the smoothest low-launching shaft I’ve ever tested.  Consistent performance, exceptional feel.


Lower spin and lower launch are two things many golfers want to get more distance and more control off the tee.  Unfortunately, those characteristics usually come with harsh feel.  The Nippon Regio Formula MB shaft delivers the consistency and control that aggressive swingers need without compromising on feel.

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As with most things that Nippon does, the first word the Regio Formula shafts call to mind is “premium.”  The graphics are cool and well-done, but far from over the top.  In short, it’s a shaft that almost any golfer will enjoy pulling out of the bag.

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Nippon describes the Regio Formula MB as being firm in the tip, mid, and grip.  That would lead you to think that this shaft is going to be a piece of rebar.  However, in reality, the Formula MB is the smoothest, most active-feeling low-launch shaft I’ve ever tested.  If I was guessing just based on feel, I would have labeled this as a mid launch shaft, maybe mid-high, but as you’ll see in the numbers below, this is definitely a low spinner.

Nippon Regio Formula MB LM Data


When I have a shaft in for review, the first thing I pay attention to is feel.  My first series of swings is just an attempt to figure out what the shaft is going to do, and, based on that, I usually know what kind of performance to expect and how I might have to adjust to make it work.  On my first swing with the Regio Formula MB, I felt the smooth energy transfer and strong kick, and I looked up fully expecting to see a ball slashing from right to left across the range.  Instead, I saw an arrow-straight cannon shot.  Strong first impression?  You could say that.

I often feel that I’m a tweener when it comes to driver shafts.  I like the feel of mid-flight shafts, but I prefer the performance of a low-spin shaft.  The problem is that I don’t swing fast enough for many low-spin shafts.  The Formula MB seems to be the perfect antidote because it has the smooth feel that keeps me from over-swinging combined with the rigid tip that keeps my shots from making sharp left turns.

The Regio Formula MB is designed to be a natural fit for the player who fits the Modus 105 or 125 iron shafts, a connection that certainly applies to me.  The Formula MB is available in 55, 65, and 75 grams and flexes of R2 to X, depending on weight.

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If you need a stiffer-tipped shaft to maximize distance and keep the ball off the left but abhor the feel that usually comes with it, the Nippon Regio Formula MB is the answer to your prayers.  This shaft has the active, premium feel typically associated with higher launching shafts, but the consistency and predictability that big hitters need.

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    Hi Matt I put the shaft in my SLDR and took it to the range today. It is just as you said in your review. I don’t really have hard data yet but I could see a real difference in ball flight the stock shaft in my SLDR felt OK but would balloon a bit. and this shaft really took that away. I swing around 100 to 103 with a fairly smooth transition and I was worried that I would not be able to push this shaft enough to get good results.
    ( I’m 61 now hoping the lighter shafts can help keep my swing speed up) So far it feels very smooth like you said. I’m looking forward to getting to know it better. The iron shafts will go in a set of Wilson FG Tour v2 irons replacing some KBS Tour 120s that should be an interesting change. Thanks again.

  2. Which flex did you test? Also, you mentioned that your first shot was “arrow-straight.” Was that trajectory consistent? Could you work it to the left and right if you needed to?

    I play the Modus 105 shafts in my irons and love them, so I’m definitely interested in this shaft.


    • Matt Saternus


      As I recall, I tested X flex shafts.

      Yes, the trajectory was consistent. To the extent that I can work the driver, yes, the shaft was workable.



  3. Carlos Ameglio

    Hi Matt,

    How does these N.S. PRO Regio shafts (B / MB), compare to Graphite Designs Tour AD DI?



    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested them head to head, so I can’t give you a direct comparison beyond what’s in the reviews.



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