Mitsubishi MMT Iron Shaft Review

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A composite shaft of graphite and steel, the MMT Iron from Mitsubishi Chemical provides consistent performance and a responsive feel.  Terrific clean look.


For over three decades, Mitsubishi Chemical, better known in the golf sphere as MCA, has been at the forefront of implementing new materials and technologies into their golf shafts.  So when I see new products like the MMT Irons series announced by MCA, my interest is piqued.

MMT stands for Metal Mesh Technology – the integration of metal mesh in the layers of prepreg towards the tip of the shaft.  Prepreg, for you non chemical engineers, is tech talk for resin reinforced fabric pre-impregnated with carbon fibers.  Let’s move on from the classroom.


It took me a while to notice the stacked ‘MMT’ integrated into the graphics.  Another subtlety is the ‘TYPE-304SS’ in glossy black that mystically appears when the light catches it just right.  The tiny grey dots remind me of equalizer screen patterns.  The matte black finish and understated graphics on the MMT shafts should pair well with most grips, but looks particularly sharp with my grey Golf Pride MCC Plus4s.


The MMT Iron shafts have a wonderful overall feel that invokes confidence.  During slower, warm up type air swings, the shaft had a balanced, solid feel.  When I cranked up the speed, a stiffer butt revealed itself.

Adding a ball into the mix, the tip section with its 304 stainless mesh felt stable with a low kick point.  Although sections of the MMT shaft have some distinct feel attributes, there’s a harmonious flow that’s very pleasing.


Before getting into the specifics of performance, I want to clarify that this is a review of the parallel tip MMT Iron shafts, not the MMT Taper Irons.  That’s important because the different models have different launch and spin profiles.  The MMT Irons are designated mid launch and mid spin.  The MMT Taper Irons are designated mid/low launch and mid/low spin.

My test results with the MMTs showed very consistent ball flights.  Dispersion was fairly tight with repeatable distances.  The consistent distance made the trajectory graphic on Trackman look really impressive with lines that blurred together.  Both launch and spin were on the plus side of mid – fitting that ideal performance zone for my swing.


My instinctive positive reaction upon learning about a new MCA shaft was right on target.  The MMT Iron shafts have a distinctive feel that’s reflective of strong performance.  The Metal Mesh Technology provides stability without sacrificing responsiveness.  Consistency across the performance spectrum.  The parallel tip MMT Iron shafts are perfect for the golfer who may need a little help getting the ball in the air.

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  1. Will anybody be testing the heavier/stiffer versions?

  2. Nice write up Matt. Just did a complete fitting with Zachary at Club Champion in Palm Desert, ca. The MMT Parallel iron 80 is what he fit me into. Loved the feel of these in the Ping G700s

  3. I put a MMT .370 tip 90G Stiff in my Epic Flash hybrid. It’s an excellent hybrid shaft! Very straight with excellent height. Stable as can be out of gnarly lies too. For a $100 installed (included shaft, tip and grip) it’s an excellent value too.

  4. Jeff Bender

    How do these compare to the OTI shaft

  5. Do Ping or Callaway for example accept parallel tip shafts??

    • Although easiest for club builders to match shaft tips with hosel designs, they can install any combination.

      – Meeks

  6. How to tell what mmt shaft you have in your irons?

    • Parallel have even shaft weights, taper have odd.

      – Meeks

      • I’m looking to make the switch to graphite iron shafts. PXG has a great deal right now that includes these shafts. In my early 20s I was a 2 handicap, but now in my mid 30s, I don’t play enough to even have an established handicap. I can keep it in the 70s but don’t expect to break par much anymore. I could use a little more clubhead speed and a higher launch. I really haven’t found a definitive answer on whether pretty good players have success switching from iron to steel. Thought you might shed some light or offer an opinion since you’ve tested this shaft. Please and thank you!

        • Matt Meeker

          There are PGA pro’s playing graphite, so that should answer your fundamental question. Graphite materials and fabrication technology continue to advance, so many of the ‘old’ reasons for the logic of who should play what have gone away. It’s not a matter of how ‘good’ someone is, but rather what performs best.

          – Meeks

          • These MMT at 80 Reg. didnt feel too light? Flex wise it was probably spot on. I always get fit into Stiff but every graphite iron shaft in Stiff feels so boardy. Around 95g-105g may be just right and in Reg flex, sound crazy? That PXG deal is sweet but they only have super light graphite options especially in Reg. flex.

  7. Hi, how are these compare to KBS TGI 80 ?

    • Matt Meeker

      For me, both shafts perform similarly. It’s been a while since I hit them both in the same session, so I can’t recall specifics about feel differences. Hopefully you can do a side by side comparison for yourself – it’s the only way to know what performs best for you and which feels best.

      Thanks for reading.

      – Meeks

  8. How does it compare to Fujikura MCI?

  9. Jonathan Rowe

    This seems like it would be extremely similar to the Aerotech Steelfibers … very similar concepts, no? If you’ve had any experience with both, I’d love to hear your thoughts/comparisons.

    • Matt Meeker

      I don’t have any experience with the Steelfiber shafts Jonathan. If you get a chance to hit them both please let us know your findings.

      – Meeks

  10. In what country are these shafts manufactured? I have googled images of of MMT A 60 to see where it is made but to no avail. Thanks!

    • Matt Meeker

      I looked over an actual shaft and don’t find anything either Dino. You’ll need to contact Mitsubishi.

      – Meeks

  11. Lakan Fonacier

    My newly delivered pxg 211 has a mmt 60, am 67 years old playing with 14 handicap. Isn’t this too stiff for me, am a Filipino.

    • Lakan,

      MMT 60s are considered senior shafts per the PXG website.

      – Meeks

    • Joeg Voll

      Yes, you are correct Sir. Filipinos should NEVER use Stiff flex shafts! Filipinos should ALWAYS use Regular Flex, A Flex, or Ladies Flex shafts. A lot of my Filipino Clients have found great success by soft stepping Ladies Flex shafts. So if you don’t mind playing with pastel pink and purple shafts, I would recommend a soft stepped ladies shaft for you, my Filipino friend.

      • Ron DeAndre

        Was about to order a set…I’m a Filipino with swing speed of 107 mph driver on Foresite….would you still put me in Regular or Stiff flex 80MMT?

        • Matt Meeker

          Mitsubishi offers some guidance on their website, but the only way to be certain is direct observation of a qualified fitting professional.

          – Meeks

  12. Gerald Dickey

    I’m planning on purchasing the PXG irons they will be shipped with the Mitsubishi S MCA MMT 70R shafts is that the shaft your discussion is about?

  13. Hi there. How were the 80r flexwise? Read somewhere that they are a little stiff to flex. Did they conform to what you expected regular to be? Would they be similar to say a reg flex nspro gh950 reg?

    • Matt Meeker

      As you’ve likely discovered yourself Marty, ‘regular’ shafts have a some variance in feel between manufacturers. And depending on what you’re used to, new shafts may seem a bit stiffer or on the other side, softer. I will say that for me, the MMT 80s do have a slightly solid feel compared to what may be considered regular. And sorry, I don’t have any experience with the NSPROs.

      Hope that helps. If you get the opportunity, and I hope you do, hit them and let us know your thoughts.

      – Meeks

  14. Do you have any comparison to the UST Mamiya
    Recoil 780 ES F4 S 86g 3.5° Mid-high 0.600″ 0.370″ 5.5″ 41″

  15. Hi Meeks. When you said the MMT plays on the plus side of launch and spin, did you get an ideal launch and spin? With all the stinger lofted irons coming out (2021 PXG 0211) I want to make sure it has a good pairing between shaft and head. Any comments who this shaft is designed for and type of iron? I am interested in the MMT 70 Rand always play R.



    • “Plus side” referred to being a bit above what’s considered mid-launch and mid-spin. But not so much as to be considered high-launch or high-spin. A great spot for me. Any shaft can work with any head, the key is finding the combination that’s best for you. That said, club makers do select stock shafts that match their target player profile.

      – Meeks

  16. Hi Matt, love yours reviews! I’m looking at the MMT 80 and TGI 80 which you have both reviewed. Could you tell me any significant difference between the two, if any.

    Thank you, PIG fan!

    • Thanks for the kind words Darren. It’s been a while since I hit them side by side, but as I recall they were fairly similar in feel and performance. My personal preference is the MMTs – but as always I suggest you hit them both and see which is best for you.

      – Meeks

  17. Does the mmt irnos shfat 80g tip .370 work no the titleist t200 irons ?

  18. Don Rathgaber

    Hi Matt, going to get fitted with PXG 0211 irons. I’m 65 yrs old don’t play much but that will change. I’m thinking for shaft Mitsubishi regular MMT 70 g. I’m a low trajectory player I need a shaft with some kick to get more height . Thanks Don

    • Matt Meeker

      Glad to hear you are ramping up your play Don. As noted in the review, these are designed to be mid-launch. You’ll need to hit them yourself to see if they give you the kick and height you desire.

      – Meeks

  19. Matt:

    Sure appreciated your input on these shafts. Your input inspired me, and supported my choice to try these MMT shafts.

    I have been evolving from heavier stiff shafts (N.S Pro Modus 120), to lighter steel (KBS Tour 105), to even lighter steel (Elevate 95), and found I had maxed out with the steel, so started looking at and testing graphite steel shafts. Between increasing age, managing joint inflammation, and in an effort to maintain (or increase) distance (all humbling stuff) the graphite shafts were looking more attractive.

    I was hesitant to take that final step into the graphite iron shafts, but saw more and more LPGA players (Let’s face it, they’re 1000 times better than we are and they hit it about the same distance as we do, and farther, in many cases.) and more regular Tour players bagging them, so why was I holding back?

    I put some of these MMT shafts into my 3-5 irons (inspired by your published experience), and really loved how they flighted my ball and gave me back a solid club to club and a half back in distance, with excellent dispersion and distance control. As a bonus, they didn’t hurt my joints with extended practice sessions. I was sold. I put them into the remaining irons, and wow, I’m back in the game.

    So now when my buds say, “Nice shot. Whadya hit there, a 7?” , my casual response is, “Um, no, that was my 9.” That double take, like the commercial used to say: Priceless!

    Those heavy steel shafted irons I’d been playing for so long are quickly looking like my old hickory irons to me. Thanks again Matt. You guys are the best.

    • Bret Starnes

      Christian: I am currently playing elevate 95s in my apex 21 irons. May I ask you which MMT shaft you ended up with. My driver speed is 101 and my 7 iron is 84. Just curious what worked for you in your swing speed specs. And what might be best for me in the MMT line. Thanks

  20. i am currently playing ap1 mod3 i like the shaft but have noticed i have been losing distance i hit 150 6 or 7 iron and sliding i like the feel of graphite and am looking to buy either titlest ap3 or pxg both with 70 reg sf or mmt wondering if that would be too light ps i am 73 and 7ghin thanks

    • Matt Meeker

      As a single digit golfer Leo, you know better than most the importance of clubs that help you perform your best. The only way to evaluate shafts is to hit them yourself. Don’t cut corners or you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.

      – Meeks

  21. gerry yamson

    Hi Matt, how does the MMT 70R compare to Project lz 5.0 ?

    • Matt Meeker

      I don’t have any experience with the lz Gerry. If you get the chance to hit them both, come back and let us know your findings.

      – Meeks

  22. Hi, MMT 60 is too light for the swing weight I need- would soft stepping the MMT 3X be considered to be A flex? Thanks.

    • That is way above my tech knowledge base Joe. I’d recommend contacting Mitsubishi or better yet, a local qualified club builder.

      – Meeks

  23. Hi I am considering new P790 MMT 75 Stiff or Recoil 780 F4 stiff ? My current irons are Mizuno MPH4 with DG S300 ? 7 iron 150 speed is 80-82.
    Any thoughts? I have hit both shafts and recoil is smooth and more yards but higher launch but MMT has more club head speed and feels-good …mid launch . Thanks for your help.

    • Raj – congrats on doing it right and hitting both shafts. Longer and higher sounds like a winning combo. Typically its a trade off on those parameters. Enjoy the new irons.

      – Meeks

  24. I was recently fit into MMT 85 R shafts with ZX7 club heads .
    They feel great and look awesome.
    I couldn’t hit a bad shot with this combination.
    Looking forward to a great golf season and many fairways and greens !

  25. Matt Thanks for your help…I have graphite MMT 75 stiff irons 4 thru GW 50*. Would you go graphite shafts in your sand and lob wedge or would you stick with steel? Also what would be an ideal wedge shaft based on my iron shafts? Please help I am so confused? Thanks again!!

    • Matt Meeker

      It can be confusing Raj. As with any subject, opinions can vary. But most certified fitters recommend using the same shaft in wedges as the irons. I have met a few highly qualified fitters that recommend going one weight heavier (85 instead of 75 for your case). And of course most golfers are using steel since wedges are sold off the rack with such. But you are smarter than the average golfer based on you being on the PIG website and asking a great question. If it were me, I’d go with MMT 75 stiff shafts in the sand and lob wedges.

      – Meeks

  26. Hi Matt love all your input you share wondering in your personal set of irons you own you have Mmc chemical shafts in them if I am correct are they 80 gram regular flex and may I ask roughly how far you hit your 7 iron only reason I ask I near the same swing speed as you are

  27. Hi Matt, I am also looking at moving from steel shafts . And very interested in the MMT technology. Currently play stiff amt black in Titlest Ti 200 series ….love them, but I think it’s time to change. What would the closest fit be ? Thanks Andrew

    • Matt Meeker

      You mentioned the key word Andrew – fit. You need to work with a qualified fitter to see what performs best for you in graphite. I’m sure there’s someone out there that might be able to tell you what’s “closest,” but if you are going to invest in the shafts, and builds, don’t skimp on selection. Regardless, the MMTs are fantastic.

      – Meeks

  28. Appreciate thiѕ post. Will try it out.

  29. Yes Or No Spinner

    I’m glad to see that Mitsubishi has come out with an iron shaft. I’ve been looking for a new shaft for a while now and this one looks like it will fit my needs.

  30. Bill Bettencourt

    I am a 9 handicap. I hit my 7 iron about 170-175. Is the MMT 80 s stiff enough for me?

    • Matt Meeker

      Shaft flex is about control and trajectory Bill – and definitely has nothing to do with handicap.

      – Meeks

  31. Great read. I shared this on my Facebook and my audience liked
    it! Keep up the good work. :)

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