UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap Iron Shaft Review

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Incorporating advanced materials in proven designs, the UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap iron shafts produce powerful results while minimizing vibration.  And with a distinctive finish to boot.


UST Mamiya has been one of the top graphite shaft manufactures for over 25 years.  That may not sound like a long time ago in the storied history of golf, but that was actually when players began shifting from persimmon to metal woods.   The Recoil line of iron shafts were introduced about 5 years ago when technology breakthroughs finally gave designers the ability to add performance into graphite iron shafts.  Over the years the Recoil line has expanded, and in this review I’ll examine the 780 ES SmacWrap, the latest evolution, new for 2018.


The Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap is offered in two distinctive finishes:  matte black and ion plated.  As you can see, I opted for the elegant ion plated shafts – which my pictures don’t do justice.

The premium look doesn’t come easy, but I’m glad UST Mamiya takes the extra steps required to create it.  Depending on your viewing angle and lighting conditions, the shafts can appear anywhere from a dark smoky grey to a mercury silver.  The red logo offers a nice pop of color on the black band.


Smooth and powerful were the two words that jumped into my head after a few swings of the UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap.  During the backswing, the club felt as one – the weight of the head didn’t dominate or seem lost.  During the transition, I could feel the shaft loading in my hands, and the tip had a strong release at impact.  That balance of a softer tip and stiffer midsection is what puts ES – Enhanced Stability – into the shaft name.

Beyond the great feel of well hit shots, it was the ‘other’ strikes that demonstrated the virtues of SmacWrap technology.  Developed to absorb noise and vibration in airplane cabins, UST Mamiya designers saw an opportunity to embed SmacWrap into the Recoil shaft composite.  I found the sting of a toe shot or heavy turf interaction was greatly diminished with the Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap.  And after one long session on synthetic turf, my elbows weren’t begging me to stop.


The powerful feel at impact of the UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap translated into a beautiful ball flight.  The trajectories were high with a modest increase in carry distances.  I had mixed results when attempting to put a little extra into a swing.  I was able to gain yardage each time, but about half the swings resulted in undesirable dispersion.

The Recoil line is named for the hooping or spring effect the shaft exhibits going from round to oval to round during the swing.  What that means to the golfer is more energy transfer to the golf ball, yielding increased velocity and resulting in greater distance.  Based on my results, the name is fitting.


It never ceases to amaze me how technology can translate to other applications.  The golf industry keeps evolving because of science and engineering.  This was my first look deeper inside UST Mamiya, and I’m impressed with the company and, in particular, the Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap irons shafts.  A premium finish, wonderful feel and strong performance – the perfect trifecta.

Matt Meeker


  1. Tom Duckworth

    I went to their web site but couldn’t find anything out about the weight of the shafts. Can you tell me what weight these were and what stiffness they were.
    I did a fitting a few weeks ago and liked the KBS Tour 105 shafts because of some of the same reasons you liked these they had a nice little kick in the tip section.
    Now that I’m in my 60s I do sometimes wonder if I would like graphite shafts for the dampening effects of the shaft.

    • Hey Tom,

      I don’t have any more information on weight, but you can get a good idea by looking at the non-SmacWrap versions on the UST Mamiya website. I tested the F3 which is regular flex.

      Matt M

  2. How do they compare with AeroTech shaftes which have steel infused for torque and weight/feel?

  3. Hey Matt….great review. I see you tested the F3, what is your average SS with your driver. I’m debating between F3 and F4 but can’t find recommendations for SS 93-97. Appreciate.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks Jimmer. I’m in the 85 – 95 mph range for driver. Check out some of the similar Recoil models as they have SS recommendations. Just remember those are guidelines and nothing beats testing with your swing.

      Matt M

  4. Hello Matt – looking at these and the new KBS TGIs for a set of Ping i200 with PowerSpecs.
    Since you have demoed both what are your thoughts? Thank you and best regards

    • Matt Meeker

      Great observation, and thanks for reading. I liked both shafts, and you can’t go wrong with either. The Recoil 780’s felt better and I loved the finish. But the TGI’s were better for me performance wise and actually went into my set. Underscores the importance of evaluating hard data.

      Good luck,

      Matt M

    • I am in the same boat, looking hard at the I200 irons and either the KBS TGI 80 or the UST 780 SmacWrap F4, this will be my first set of irons with graphite shafts in them. Would like to know which one was highest launch , spin, and dispersion ? I see the Recoils felt best, but was that because of the SmacWrap addition, or just the performance of the recoil technology.?

      • Matt Meeker

        You’re struggling to try to make a decision based on research, and I totally get that. But at this juncture you need to hit them both or forever be wondering if you made the right choice.

        Matt M

  5. Matt I am sold on the G400 ping irons and have same driver swing speed as you. I like a heavier swing weight and stiff shaft irons. SO, I am considering the Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap shaft with D3 irons…..thoughts?


    • Hey Rick,

      Based on your comments, you may have me confused with the other Matt – Saternus. I think either of us would respond that you need to swing the Recoils and see how they perform for you. Let us know what you end up with in the G400 irons.

      – Meeks

  6. Herbie Healey

    Hi Matt I am considering installing Recoil shafts in my Ping i200s, and would like your advice on what type to use, I currently have xp95 shafts reg. flex and have SS 80mph. Would the new SmacWrap ES 780 F3 be suitable? Thank you Herbie.

    • Matt Saternus


      I know there are many Recoil variants, and I haven’t hit very many of them. I would suggest booking some time with a quality club fitter to find the best option.


    • Matt Meeker

      Matt S jumped in on this comment before I could Herbie. But I totally agree with him – you need to hit the SmacWrap and compare performance. It’s also important to evaluate feel when you consider switching from steel to graphite. Also note that the UST Mamiya page for those shafts lists the F2 version as recommended based on your swingspeed.

      Let us know what you finalize on.

      – Meeks

  7. Brent Owens

    Hi, last post for this thread back in October so not sure if still open. Anyway, I currently play Nippon 950GH R flex. Just feels better than a stiff. Play 8 iron to 150, 7 to 160 and not much deviation from either! But, the elbow is starting to say maybe time for a change. So my question, does the 780 SmacWrap play true to flex? Would my R flex not place nice in the 780 if I wanted to step on a swing a little bit? In the Nippons I can get away with that, minus the more than occasional bad swing. Maybe I’m still thinking old school graphite and whippy shafts. Thanks for your time!

    • Matt Saternus


      Graphite certainly doesn’t need to be whippy anymore, there are plenty of stout options. I would suggest working with a qualified fitter like Club Champion to find the shaft option that will give you high performance and some relief from your elbow pain.



  8. Matt, Thinking of moving out of my Project X 6.0, into a graphite in Ping I210. I still have a 95+ mph SS at 60 years old, but the joints aren’t liking it, hands and elbows. Would you recommend the Recoil 780 F4 or is there a better option.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would strongly recommend that you get fit. There are many great graphite iron shafts out there in as wide a variety as we have with steel.


  9. I was fitted with the recoil 760 smacwraps’s for my irons, however Cleveland put in the original 760 shafts. Played 6 rounds with them and decided I need to go back to the fitter and hit the smacwrap again. Not looking forward to sending them back to Cleveland and waiting for who knows how long to get them back, but there is a reason you get fitted so you need to go with what worked best.

  10. Hi Matt,
    I am getting 2021 P790’s and going graphite. I tried the Steelfiber but felt it too heavy feeling. I am back and forth between the NCA MMT’s and the 760 Smacwrap. have you hit the MMT’s and what do you think about the comparison? Also Taylormade only offers black in the Smacwrap, thoughts compared to the Ion?



  11. Hi Matt,

    Decided to go Recoil for the P790’s. Hit both the 460 ESX and 760 Smacwrap. On the fence and was wondering have you used/hit the ESX?



  12. Jason R Rollins

    I have a set of Callaway Apex C19 Irons, with the Recoil ES 780/F4 Shafts, and the combination is amazing! Great balance and feel, not to mention the ball just jumps off these clubs… What do you think about the combo?


    • Matt Meeker

      Your assessment speaks for itself. Congrats on finding what works for you.

      – Meeks

    • Hey Jason, This is certainly a bit late to ask from your post back in July 22, but have been looking at the same shafts and flex you chose. Are you still using them and happy? Would you consider your swing easy and smooth or a bit more aggressive on the downswing? Thanks and if no reply definitely understand considering it’s a 6 month old post! :)

  13. Matt, you said your ball flight was high. What heads and lofts were you using as I am wanting to try them in some Mizuno 241 with traditional lofts and I do not want a ballooning flight in my 4-5 irons as I use them lots. With that question asked, are these more for the stronger lofted irons? Thanks

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