Nippon Regio Formula M+ Shaft Review

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The Nippon Regio Formula M+ shaft is a perfect match for the Modus 130 player.  Stout profile with a slightly softer tip.  Very controlled.


With the release of their Regio Formula Plus shafts, Nippon has introduced one of the most “Why hasn’t anyone done that yet?” ideas: matching wood shafts to iron shafts.  Many better players already know what Modus iron shaft they like, so why not line up the Regio Formula shafts to match them?  The Regio Formula M+ is designed to mimic the feel of the Modus 130 iron shaft [review HERE] so players can have a consistent, predictable feel from their driver through the scoring irons.


Like the other shafts in the Regio Formula + family, the M+ has a black background that’s a step up from the previous version’s white, in my opinion.  The deep red of the M+ provides a stately back drop for the small white branding.  My favorite thing about the look of all of the Plus shafts is the swirl of silver and colored ribbons that run down the “logo up” side.  It’s a subtle design that looks great without screaming for attention.


The feel of the Nippon Regio Formula M+ was hard for me to nail down.  When I was swinging it, it felt solid, fairly stout, but not as stiff as the MB+ [full review HERE].  The tip section is definitely where the action is, but it’s not what I would call an “active tip.”

In reading Nippon’s description of the M+, I found that I wasn’t missing anything; I was feeling exactly what they intended.  Nippon took the original Regio Formula M and strengthened each section.  This creates a shaft that doesn’t “lag” – even when you give it everything you have – but it never feels boardy or overly stiff.


The Nippon Regio Formula M+ shaft is essentially the original M on steroids.  As I noted earlier, Nippon has strengthened each section of the shaft and used NANOALLOY from butt to tip.  The result is a shaft that can deliver a higher launching drive but has the versatility to produce other shots as well.

My stock swings with the M+ launched the ball on a mid-high trajectory with average spin.  I was favoring a small pull or draw, as I have been for most of the simulator season.  What impressed me was the ability of the M+ to dial up other shots.  When I wanted to cut the ball, the M+ did it.  If I wanted to hit it lower, that wasn’t a problem either.  The Regio Formula M+ also had no issue keeping up with my most aggressive swings.  

The Nippon Regio Formula M+ shaft is available in Type 45, Type 55, Type 65, and Type 75, each number corresponding roughly to the weight of the shaft.  Stiff flex is available in every weight class.  Regular flex is offered in Type 45 and Type 55.  An SR flex, between stiff and regular, is available only in Type 65.  For the faster swingers, X-flex is available in Types 55, 65, and 75.


I can’t say enough how much I love Nippon’s concept of matching their wood shafts to their iron shafts.  While not everyone will see the perfect one-to-one correlation in performance that I have, at a minimum the system provides a logical starting point.  If you love the Modus 130 in your irons, the Regio Formula M+ is absolutely where you want to begin your driver shaft search.

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  1. I play the modus 130x in my irons and really like them. As for the weighting in the driver shafts, are they all the same stiffness and it truest comes down to weight and feel or are they more like a X-, X and X+?

  2. Love your site, but do question why you would review a product of one of your sponsors.

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