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Packed with golf specific features and a great modern fit, the Maide by Bonobos Highland Tour Pant is one of the best pants in golf.



In 2013, Matt S proclaimed the Maide Golf Highland Pant as “the best pants in golf”.   He wasn’t alone in that statement.  Still available at the same $108 price and immensely popular, there’s really no reason to downgrade those pants from “the best”.  At a $148 price point, let’s just call the Highland Tour Pant another best.  As I started taking the photos of the Highland Tour Pant for this review, I kept discovering features not apparent in the first “these look nice” glance.  When I had to start using my toes for counting the features, I knew these were serious pants.



Plain navy pants – not much to write about style wise right?  Within the first hour of wearing the Highland Tour Pant I had two guys at the course stop to say, “I like those pants”.  Turns out is accurate:  “Bonobos was built on a modern fit that’s flattering and guaranteed to attract compliments.”



The Highland Tour Pant is offered in two fits – slim and straight.  Both feature the Bonobos standard cut; trim but not tight in the buttock and thigh regions.  I opted for the slim fit which provides a slight taper of the pant legs.  These may be the best fitting pants I’ve ever worn.  Offering odd size waists certainly helps get the fit dialed in.



Maide by Bonobos advertises 4-way stretch in the Highland Tour Pant without defining the “ways”, so I don’t know if I tested them all.  Regardless, the pants did not hinder my golf swing and flexed nicely during the putt reading squat.  The latter is due in part to the articulated back knees (above left) that help with mobility.

Now let’s hit on a few of the interior features that makes these pants perform like no other.  Coin pocket so you don’t have to fumble around for the ball marker deep in the pocket.  Interior pocket within the back pocket to keep your cell phone in place.  Special back pocket fabric to avoid sweat through – no soggy score card.  Gripper gel along the waistband for holding your shirt in place.  A locking snap that won’t unsnap accidentally when you bend over (seriously, this is one cool snap).  And my favorite – four embroidered eyelets, a/k/a air holes, for keeping your personals ventilated.  Oh, and don’t overlook the durable water repellent (DWR) finish that fends off rain and beverage spillage.



For years I’ve been wearing regular old pants for golfing – not any more.  The Maide by Bonobos Highland Tour Pant just sent those pants to the back of the closet.  With a great fit and a long list of performance features, the compliments and accolades will continue to flow.

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