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The best pants in golf.  Very good shirts.  Enough style options to suit almost anyone.  And customer service ninjas, to boot.  There’s no reason not to give Maide a try.

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Maide is the golf imprint of online fashion favorite Bonobos.  Maide describes itself as, “A brand of classically stylish, better-fitting golf apparel from Bonobos.”  I love it when companies make my job easy; that description could not be any better.  Let’s dive in to see what separates Maide from the rest.

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One of the major selling points of Maide (and Bonobos) is the fit of the clothes, and it should be: Bonobos pants are, simply, without peer.  Somehow the pants manage to be comfortable without being baggy.  They’re shapely without restricting motion.  The material is good, too: it’s polyester, but it doesn’t have that lousy, cheap feeling that so many “tech” pants have, nor is it wafer-thin.  Finally, the pants have great little extras like the rubber band inside the waist that keeps your shirt tucked in.  I can’t say it more clearly: they’re the best pants in golf.

Don’t let my fawning over the pants make you think that the shirts aren’t good; they are.  The poly-cotton blend is nice and soft with just a little stretch to let you move.  The cut, however, is what makes these shirts stand out.  It’s not a manorexic Euro cut, but it’s not a blouse either.  If anything, it shades slightly towards a slimmer, more athletic cut, but larger men should not shy away.  My favorite part is that Maide puts the emphasis on the “short” in short sleeves.  Sun’s out, guns out!

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I know that on Tour, we are inching ever closer to NASCAR-style jumpsuits with head-to-toe logos; the walking billboard look.  And I get that people want to look like the guys on tour, but here’s the difference: those guys are getting paid to look like that!

Maide’s style runs aggressively counter to this walking billboard look.  Excepting a ¼” logo on the left sleeve, there is not one visible bit of branding anywhere.  As Maide says, it’s “classically stylish,” and I dig it.

As far as the color palette, it’s really up to you.  Want to rock some bright red pants?  They’ve got you covered.  More comfortable in khaki?  You can do that, too.

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The two pieces featured in this review, the Highland Pant and Kingdom shirt, retail for $108 and $88, respectively.  While neither is cheap, they’re not overpriced either: most name brand pants are typically $80+ and golf shirts retail for $70+.

For me, the pants are a definite buy, even at full price, while the shirt is something I’d buy on sale.  The pants are truly the best I’ve worn; I would be perfectly happy with a closet full of Maide pants.  I like the shirt a lot, but it’s not special like the pants are.

The other thing to consider is that there’s always a nice selection in the Sale department and the discounts are substantial.  Currently, Maide has a number of shorts ($20 off), pants ($30 off) and shirts ($20) on sale.  Finally, you can almost always find a decent coupon code for Bonobos to ease the price down a bit.

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If you want to improve you on-course style, Maide is one of the brands you absolutely need to check out.  There are many things to like about it, from the minimal branding to the quality materials, but it’s the cut that really separates Maide from the rest.


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  1. can hipsters wear these without being ironic? Seems like it may suit my tastes….

  2. Matt Saternus

    Nothing ironic here, small ball, just top shelf golf apparel.



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