L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 Putter Review

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The L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 putter continues to use radical technology but in a smaller, more attractive package.  Those who had been unwilling to give L.A.B. a go before now will want to take a second look.


L.A.B. Golf has knows that their putters look strange… very strange, if not outright ugly.  They’ve used that exact phrasing in their marketing.  While their blade models, first the BLaD.1 (review HERE) and then the B.2, have looked sleek and minimalistic, they almost look unfinished.  The Directed Force 2.1 (review HERE) on the other hand, looks like a cross between a cattle brand and a UFO.  It’s large, loud, and gaudy.

The new MEZZ.1 seeks to change all that, putting a L.A.B. spin on the iconic fang-style putter.  It’s a shape that has seen tons of success throughout the years starting with the Odyssey #7 (review HERE) but L.A.B.’s model is approaching the familiar shape in a fresh way.  

Check out the new, supersized MEZZ.1 MAX HERE


Let me just say that the L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 looks better than I thought a L.A.B. putter could look.  It’s a mid-mallet – a sleek, small, black, fang-style putter.  It’s center-shafted with a white ACCRA X L.A.B. golf shaft.  The MEZZ.1 gives the impression of being a positively deadly putting package. 

The fangs aren’t particularly long, and while the shape still won’t win over traditionalists, I loved the futuristic, almost alien-looking design.  Flipping over the putter, it features eight weights on the bottom with another two on the sides of the clubhead.  

While my putter has a sight dot, L.A.B. gives you the ability to customize this putter with a sight line or leave it naked.  There are also further customization options with different grips, as well as upgrades available to other shafts including BGT Stability Tour Black [review HERE], BGT Stability Tour 2 Polar, and the LAGP 135 [review HERE]. 

Finally, I really like the L.A.B. Golf logo on the back of the mallet.  It looks quite classy without any text.

Sound & Feel

Sound and feel are always important, but even more so when it comes to finding a putter.  That’s why it’s exciting to see L.A.B utilize a fully CNC milled billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum on the outside, and a 303 stainless steel midsection.  That combination of materials equates to a fantastic feel, noticeably better than the other putters L.A.B. has released.  It is a delicate combination of softness with a satisfying jolt off the face. 

While the Directed Force 2.1 model produced a higher-pitched, hollow, tinny sound, the noise off of the MEZZ.1 has a more muted, solid sound similar to the B.2 model.  However, it does retain a bit of a vibration, and because of that, it feels like a combination of both of the L.A.B. putters’ feel.  Compared to those other putters, the feel was more responsive, although not drastically more so. 

Another part of the feel of the club is in the atypical grip that is placed on it.  It utilizes a proprietary grip called the Press II 1.5, designed to enforce a forward shaft lean.  The grip is smaller than other L.A.B. putter grip models, is a bit tapered, and features a flat top.  While I think the logo could be toned down, the grip felt pleasant, and like the rest of the club, definitely contributed to making similar strokes from putt to putt.


L.A.B. Golf has always had one central idea for their putters, and that’s the idea of lie angle balance (that’s where the name L.A.B. comes from).  Lie angle balance defined by the company is the putter’s ability to stay square to the path during the putting stroke without any adjustment from your hands.  This goes beyond what many of us know as the standard face-balanced style of putters.  This putter, like the other L.A.B. Golf models, removes torque, or the putter head’s tendency to twist, from the equation.  That leads to a more consistent, repeatable stroke.  To see the process in action, I’d recommend checking out this video on their website HERE

My experience with this putter was phenomenal.  Through their ability to fit me online, they were able to recommend the best combination of length and lie angle to get me swinging optimally, with no discernable twisting in the clubhead.  The alignment dot paired nicely with the center shaft to provide a clear view down to the ball.  Moreover, the bit of white between the black fangs helped to shape the ball as a further alignment aid.  As a result, I found that it was easy to align and make consistent strokes.

Most important, the MEZZ.1 made putts.  My performance with this putter was solid. Whether from long range or short, it had dependable rolls off the face.  Despite having a moderate arc to my stroke, I found that L.A.B. putter’s ability to reduce the twist in the clubface was aiding me, minimizing off-centered strikes, resulting in exceptional distance control.  That translated to more confidence and even more made putts. 


This is unequivocally L.A.B. golf’s best-looking putter.  It’s arguably the best feeling putter they’ve produced too.  Consistent feel and consistent roll instill a great sense of confidence which leads to accuracy on the greens.  While it started as only a prototype, the MEZZ.1 was so successful that it has entered into the standard product line for the company.  With this putter, L.A.B. Golf continues to prove that they can innovate in the short game. 


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  1. Eric Hutchens

    I have the directed force LAB putter and do think the smaller head would work better for most golfers. I wonder why they just don’t shrink it down to a smaller footprint. Call if LAB directed force 1/2. I would try the MEZZ!

  2. And just a mere $449.00 before shaft options which could be as much as $335.00. Pass.

    • You don’t have to get upgrade shafts. Drivers are $550 and $750 with upgraded shafts. How many times do you hit the driver in a round opposed to a putter?

      • Couldn’t agree more Jay! We use the putter on 30-40% of our strokes. If I’m spending money anywhere, the putter is arguably *the* most important place to do it. Also, getting fitted into the right putter once could mean you’ve got it for the rest of your golfing career. Advances will always come in the other clubs throughout the bag.

    • Hey Scott! Anymore all golf clubs are creeping up in price. At least here there is some serious tech to help justify it, not just the name of a certain manufacturer. That’s just my 2 cents. I will say shaft always does make a difference as well.

    • Scott must hole out via approach shot, pitching or chipping on every hole and not have a use for a putter.

  3. I’m the worst putter with a bad back but your new putter needs to be able to pick up golf balls off the green or it’s a fail for me!

  4. Not attractive in fact very ugly be hard to sell I imagine have never seen one ever on the course

  5. Michael Crugnale

    I have the mezz 1 putter and it awesome. By far the best putter on the market. It’s forgiving and want to stay true to the arc your putting on!! Have to try it!! You won’t be disappointed!!

    • Michael! Thanks for the comment! I’m thrilled you’re so excited about your putter. How did this season turn out for you using it?

  6. I wonder if anyone who was accustomed (and preferred) to a heel shafted putter, be it Anser-type or mallet, was able to make the transition to a center-shafted putter without a problem. Center shafted putters have historically been aimed at the more pure, pendulum putter strokes, not for arc-ing strokes. Curious as to how folks have made the adjustment — or if they couldn’t. Thanks.

  7. Just started my trial with the LAB 2.1, and am kind of amazed – so far – on my improvement. I’d prefer to have the MEZZ but will have to wait until I can find one at a discount on eBay or someplace else. Hey LAB, how about a trade-in??

    • Hey J.T.,

      LAB doesn’t do trade-ins. But, they do often sell “blemished” putters for significant discounts! I’d go to their website and look into that. Or follow them, they’ll often mention that on their social media accounts. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the 2.1! Did you ever end up getting the MEZZ?

  8. All the guys complaining about price should think about it paying itself back by winning your bets. And for the guy complaining about how ugly it is when you make an ugly par do you complain?. I have a fitting Tuesday and it works like they say who gives a shit about the price or how ugly if I am taking money from my buddies at end of round. Just had to say that bc being negative before you try it is a shame . Also don’t think they worry about one guy who wants a putter that picks up a ball.

  9. I have been using the Directed Force Putter for a number of years now. I was sold on the concept before Bill Presse (creator/owner) was awarded his patent, and I purchased one back then. As a result, I take my golfing partners’ money every week. My playing partners and I, are all equal in ball striking, but I KILL them in the putting game. My golfing buddies tells me that my DF looks like an “alien”, Stars Wars, microwave oven, and/or the USS Enterprise.

    My playing partners, like to say that I am lucky with a lot of my putts, but it is not luck, as it is getting more balls closer to the hole, and more will drop into the hole. It is simple statistics, my dear Watson!!! It is much easier getting your putts on your intended line when the putter face is not twisting. It reminds me of the way they used to teach the full swing in that one would open up the face and then have to time the closing of the face to get the face to square at the point of impact.

    Modern day teachers are more about keeping the face squared up in the back swing. With the L.A.B. putters, the putter face is doing exactly that, staying square to the swing path.

    Yes they say that is “Ugly” and make fun of me for using it, but it has grown on me and now I think it is beautiful! Because I give them a beating every week with the USS Enterprise! Beam me up, Scotty! Because I will keep taking their money day in and day out!!!

  10. I have been putting with the LAB DFP 2.1 for two seasons. Previously I was a habitual change putters every month kinda guy. Yes the DFP is big and dare I say ugly. I got over the look real quick. My birdie % is up 2 fold for 2022 season. (.7 per round to 1.4 per round). Every putt is makeable! I purchased 2 Mezz’s. It is awesome but i prefer more surface area on the ground to ensure a square start. I tent to be closed at address. The Mezz now comes in a bigger footprint (Mezz XL). I am so tempted to order one.

  11. the only thing with the shaft is you cannot reajust it at the shop..if needed…since it`s graphite…

  12. I just went in for a putter fitting hell bent on an evnroll or Scotty. 30 minutes in the fitter coerced me into trying out the Mezz.1. I hated the look and was in love with the idea of a phantom or envnroll. One problem – I hit more consistent putts with the Mezz.1. I custom ordered the black head, white shaft and oversized press grip in black. It looks wicked! LA.B. – hurry up and make my putter please.

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