Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Review

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The Odyssey White Hot OG putters are high performance tributes to one of the most successful lines in the history of golf.  Classic feel with upgraded looks.

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Time flies when you’re having fun.  While it feels to me like the Odyssey White Hot putter has been around forever, I was still shocked to see that it’s been twenty years since its release.  And while Odyssey has offered many, many putters with the White Hot name and White Hot-based inserts, the new White Hot OG is the first faithful recreation of the original line.  I tested one to see if this old dog has any new tricks.
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Having rolled many an Odyssey White Hot putter in the past, I found the White Hot OG to be both familiar and noticeably more premium in look.  Odyssey uses a PVD finish and surface milling to add a more high end look to the classic head shapes of this line.

The sole is where the OG is most distinct from the original, featuring removable weights and two distinct grey metals.  The mix of original White Hot branding with the modern, translucent red “OG” are a perfect encapsulation of how Odyssey put fresh life into an authentic throwback.

I also want to give credit to this head cover.  As soon as I unboxed it, I got flashbacks to the hundreds of these covers that I brought to customers when I worked in a golf store.  This cover has the old school vibes without being an exact replica or looking cheesy.

Finally, the Stroke Lab shaft needs to be mentioned.  This version is deep red from the butt to roughly six inches from the head.  Some might find this distracting at address, but A) you should be focused on the ball and B) it looks really cool.

Sound & Feel

White Hot has gone through a wealth of iterations over the last twenty years, including White Hot XG, White Steel, White Ice, and many more.  The White Hot OG returns to the original two-part urethane insert, and it feels as good now as it did 20 years ago.

With a premium golf ball, impact has that signature soft and solid feel.  The sound is a dull “tock.”  I find that the White Hot insert minimizes the feel difference between golf balls.  In the extreme case of using a very low compression ball, the sound and feel are more dull than with a high compression ball.


For this review, I tested the White Hot OG #7S.  The #7 has been my favorite Odyssey head shape since it was introduced, and this version only cemented that opinion.  The short slant neck creates enough toe hang to match my natural stroke, and the #7 design provides all the stability and forgiveness I could ask for.  Another thing that I’ve always liked about the #7 is how the “prongs” act as natural sight lines.

Odyssey is offering the White Hot OG putters with either a stepless steel shaft ($219) or the red Stroke Lab shaft ($269).  This is not the first time I’ve tested a putter with a Stroke Lab shaft, and it’s something I like a little more every time I use it.  The change in feel isn’t dramatic to me, but there’s a noticeable lack of weight in the middle of the shaft.  This gentle counter balancing makes the head feel both more stable and easier to swing.

The White Hot OG putter line has eight offerings across six different head shapes.  The classic #1 (Anser) is available in both standard and Wide Sole (#1WS) versions.  The #7 comes with a double bend neck or the short slant neck – #7S – seen here.  Odyssey also has the mid-mallet #5, the classic 2-Ball, and the Rossie in both double bend and Rossie S configurations.


The Odyssey White Hot OG putters faithfully recreate the classic White Hot feel while making meaningful improvements to the aesthetics and performance.  This is a premium looking putter, and the Stroke Lab shaft gives it a modern, counterbalanced feel during the swing.

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  2. philip young

    Odyssey do it again. Can’t wait to be let loose again and experience a fitting for one of these putters. Also #GetFit2021 would be interesting to see what’s changed

  3. Like the shape of the new odyssey White Hot OG 7s and in the process of finding a new putter. Will have to check out this one #GetFit2021

  4. Mark Johnson

    I think they need to publicize the Stroke Lab shafts more. When I first saw these on TV, I thought, oh my, they have already abandoned the Stroke Lab shafts. From afar, without reading any reviews (until now), that did not look great. #GetFit2021

  5. Gary Benchich

    When mentioning the different model putters. Could u mention toe hang & which stroke would benefit from that particular design.

  6. Odyssey White Hot was the best putter I ever had, delighted they’re back on the market and this time I won’t be letting it go!


  7. These putters look great! I’m curious about the signature soft and solid feel and how that would compare to my gamer. #GetFit2021

  8. Josh Foladare


    These look awesome

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  10. Just when I thought I didn’t need a new putter!!

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  12. Jonathan+Blum

    Love club champion and stroke lab #GetFit2021

  13. #GetFit2021
    Love the reviews, this putter really takes me back, have a blessed day!

  14. Love the reviews – keep ‘em coming.

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  16. Great review. Can’t wait to try one on the greens. #GetFit2021

  17. Vincent Brochu

    I still use the original Sabertooth I got back in 1990 have tried all kinds of brands but always come back to it. I will check out the new line.

  18. Love the White Hot insert. Still gaming mine! #GetFit2021

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  20. I never liked that insert, but I’ve never really cared for most inserts even the Microhinge one that’s in my Odyssey 7S #GetFit2021

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  22. I’ve been playing with an Odyssey putter in my bag for over 13 years now, and I can’t imagine switching to another brand. They are easy to line up and have a great feel to them. #GetFit2021

  23. Randall Siedschlag

    Love my las Vegas. A 7S OG could be dynamite

  24. Nice putter #GetFit2021

    • I’ve used TriForce before, moved to White Hot XG #7 which has served me well!

      Can’t wait to have a go at White Hot OG💪


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  26. #GetFit2021
    Always need a new putter :)

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  28. Chris Coleman

    #Get Fit2021

  29. I have tried about 10 “new” mallet putters over the years. I keep going back to my old White Hot 2Ball. I will definitely try the new 2Ball with the StrokeLab. #GetFit2021

  30. #GetFit2021
    Original Sabertooth was the best putter made.

  31. Love the look #getfit2021

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  33. Great review. Putter looks good. #GetFit2021

  34. Joseph waleko

    I have 2 White Hots Putters. A 2 Ball G7 and Odyssey#1. Love the feel of them compared to others I have used including 2 SC I have. Hope to get fit at #GetFit 2021 as soon as I can.

  35. David J Sell

    Have been looking at and trying out new putters recently, and have been intrigued by the stroke lab shaft. In theory, I think it is a great idea, but too often it seems almost like a spring board when hitting putts.
    I am curious if anyone else has experienced this, and if Plugged in Golf would consider a more in depth look at them for all of us, especially since there is now a new one.
    Great golf to all !

  36. #GetFit2021
    Looks like another winner. Will have to test it for my stroke.

  37. I loved them the first time around- shouldn’t have let it go. Looking forward to trying the new one

  38. I still use my old White Hot and find it very capable of consistently making lots of putts when the “motor” is working correctly.

  39. Ed McConnell

    The Odyssey putters are a home run! You guys continue to give excellent synopses of equipment WITHOUT taking 10 pages to do it

    Continued thanks to your staff
    Regards Ed McConnell #GET FIT 2021

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  42. Exciting club

  43. I just love the OG insert. Makes every putt feel smooth and easy. #GetFit2021

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    I got here full idea about Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Review, just excellent, thanks for this good share

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