Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Review

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The Odyssey Ai-ONE putter uses an AI-designed face insert to provide more consistent ball speed across the face.  Puts impressive forgiveness into traditional head shapes.  Wonderful White Hot feel.


Over the last several years, AI-designed club faces have become the norm in drivers, fairway woods, and even hybrids and irons.  It’s no surprise that Callaway and Odyssey – the leaders in the use of AI – are now bringing that to the green.  The new Odyssey Ai-ONE putters use a cutting edge face insert to give golfers more consistent ball speed with a familiar feel.


The Odyssey Ai-ONE putters hide their high tech approach behind a fairly traditional look.  The shapes that I reviewed – the #2 (above) and Double Wide (below) – are tried and true.  Even the most extreme shape in this family – the #7 “Fang” – is a modern classic.  Both putters that I tested stick to the script with classic proportions.  They each have a cavity that goes a touch beyond the edges of the ball, putting the focus more on the alignment line.

One area where Odyssey took a risk is the finish.  Though it looks nearly black, the finish is actually a navy blue PVD.  This subtle color change plays well with the white and blue paintfill on the sole, face, and cavity.

Speaking of the cavity, the “Ai Window” is one of the coolest visual features on any putter in recent memory.  Rather than covering their tech, Odyssey gives the player a view of the back of the Ai-ONE insert

Moving to the “accessories,” the Odyssey Ai-ONE putter shows the company flexing their aesthetic muscle.  The magnetic closure head cover uses the attractive white and blue color scheme in a way that stands out without being trendy.

As usual, Odyssey carries their color scheme all the way through to the grip.  The navy, white, and blue grip is a beauty, and it coordinates perfectly with the putter and cover.  Cutting off this grip would pain me.

Sound & Feel

The Odyssey Ai-ONE putters use an insert that’s comprised of both aluminum and White Hot Urethane.  White Hot putters are some of the most-used and best-loved in golf, so the feel is going to be familiar for many players.

With the #2, I found the feel to be soft and solid – exactly what I expected.  The sound is a quiet, gentle “knock” that changes tone subtly to provide feedback.  Perfectly struck putts have the softest, lowest-pitched sound; mishits strike a tone that is slightly higher pitched.

Want a firmer, more traditional feel?  Check out the Ai-ONE Milled putters HERE

With the Odyssey Double Wide, I found a slightly different putting experience.  The feel was largely unchanged – soft and solid remained the defining characteristics.  However, the sound was quieter, lower pitched, and didn’t change noticeably on mishits.  Please note that this is me getting deep into the weeds, and these are not differences you’re likely to notice on the course.


The namesake feature of the Odyssey Ai-ONE putter is the Ai-ONE insert.  This insert is a combination of an aluminum backer and a top layer of White Hot Urethane.  The shape of the aluminum backer was created with AI to promote consistent ball speed across the face.  According to Odyssey’s testing, this got the ball 21% closer to the hole compared to the Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2.

I tested both the #2 and Double Wide against a traditional Anser-style putter with a milled face, measuring the putts with my Foresight GCQuad [review HERE].  The results were impressive.  Across twenty putts, the range of smash factors with the Odyssey Ai-ONE putters was half that of the milled face.  Said another way, the Odyssey putters produced more consistent ball speed, just as they claim.  Also, though I was putting on carpet, the putts with the Odyssey putters were finishing in a noticeably smaller circle.

What’s exciting about this technology is that it gives players the ability to get more forgiveness without larger putters, exotic shapes, or more weight.  To this point, most of the discussion about putter forgiveness has centered on MOI.  The Ai-ONE insert opens a whole new path to consistency on the greens.

An under the radar change to the Odyssey Ai-ONE putters is the new SL 90 shaft.  Odyssey has been using Stroke Lab shafts for the last several generations, often combining steel and graphite, with the goal of removing weight from the middle of the shaft.  This newest version is all steel but it offers 20-30 grams of counter balancing in the butt end of the shaft.

All Ai-ONE putters also feature interchangeable weights.  The weights are available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams, creating a very wide range of head weights.  Stock weight on the Odyssey Ai-ONE putters is either 355 or 360 grams, which is average to slightly heavy for modern putters.  The included weights are 15 grams, so you have the ability to take the total head weight as low as 340 grams or as high as 370 grams.

Finally, the Ai-ONE putters are being offered in a four head shapes now with more to come in 2024.  Currently, you can get the #1 (Anser-style), Double Wide DB (double bend), Rossie S, and the #7 with the S (short slant) or CH (plumbers neck) hosels.  This covers a wide range of shapes and toe hangs.

In February, Odyssey will be releasing the #2 and Double Wide CH, both seen here.  You’ll also be able to get the Rossie DB, #7 DB, 2-Ball DB, 2-Ball CH, Jailbird Mini CH, and Jailbird Mini DB.


The Odyssey Ai-ONE putters feature some of the most impressive new technology I’ve seen in putters in the last few years.  These putters offer measurably better performance without deviating from traditional weighting or shapes.  If you want to improve your speed control on the greens, this is a line of putters worth testing.

Visit Odyssey Golf HERE

Buy Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters HERE

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  1. Just ordered the double wide. Distance control is my nemesis. So this putter needs to come through and I will be singing its praises in reviews all over the countryside.

  2. I purchased the Ai ONE Rossie S putter and have been very impressed. Great feel with this putter, but I have been a fan of the White Hot Insert for some time now. Subjectively, I think this putter has a tighter dispersion than my Tri Hot 5K Rossie S. I’ll continue to practice with this putter prior to taking out on the course, but so far I have been impressed. Great feel, sound and looks. Well done.

  3. Matt,

    Any thought to comparing this on the monitor to another hi-tech putter say Cleveland Frontline Elite with the all-in shaft. It would be interesting to see if there is a gap between the two of them. The penetration they have made in pro golf is pretty remarkable. You see stroke lab shafts everywhere especially the European tour on TV. I read all the reviews best golf website IMHO.

    Thanks, Eric Fox

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      We don’t have any plans to do that at this time, but it might make for an interesting Golf Myths Unplugged in the future.



      • Just got double wide. I’ve bot 50 putters last 10 yrs. This is insane. Distance control best ever. Dead aim. Amazing feel. Rep as one of best putters in club, just went up 2 notches.

  4. Isn’t this the same as TR grooves and the Evnroll grooves?
    Just with AI slapped on the title

    • Matt Saternus




      • I am referring to results, I understand each company is using different tech to their advantage.
        I understand you probably aren’t able to test w/o a robot, but I bet the results are very very similar. And if you ARE ABLE to test it please do.

  5. Hi Matt,

    Which blade model is better suited for slight arc/straight? Number 1 or 2?

    Thank you and great review, the putters look awesome.

  6. Sharon Ferris

    What are the features of the stroke lab 70 class triple wide putter. I have just purchased one and struggling to experience the feel of my previous odessy putter. My previous putter had a mesh insert on the face which detached and I was told it could not be repaired.
    I am loosing the ability to putt with confidence.

  7. Which number models would be best for a straight back and through putting stroke?



  8. Thank you Matt!

  9. I like the look of these more than the milled. #doublesecret

  10. Love Odyssey putters. Been using a #1 for years and enjoy the control I have with it. Thanks Matt for the review of the Ai-ONE. I’m interested to see and try out the new technology.

  11. This is an exciting idea for the AI face. My strike patterns are more on the 1/2 dollar size than a dime

  12. Randy Siedschlag

    Love the view of the contours in the back. Ai in putters makes sense. Now to make an Ai golfer. #DoubleSecret

  13. Odyssey putters are a great product for those who can’t afford Scotty Camerons.

  14. The milled line is more my cup of tea but I think this is a great update to the White Hot insert line. I love the color of the heads this year too.

  15. You can’t “buy” better face and distance control. It comes from relentless focussed drills and professional putter fitting !!

  16. Interesting that they have gone back to all steel for the shafts. Is this the end of Odysseys graphite/steel stroke lab shafts? I am assuming that they have accomplished the same thing with steel and this is a cheaper way to accomplish the desired weight distribution?


  17. Tried the plumbers neck version, but preferred the feel of my Tri-Hot 5K #DoubleSecret

  18. I’ve been gaming the Evnroll ER2 since it was introduced, and haven’t been tempted to even try a different putter. These are the first that I’m curious enough about to seek out. #DoubleSecret

  19. David J Sell

    Really intrigued by these, particularly the Seven model. Love the looks except for the clear window.

  20. I’m so intrigued by the new putter tech coming out. How would you compare this to the LAB putters in terms of start line and distance control? I’m torn between the two.

    • Matt Saternus


      While both putters are very impressive, the comparison is a bit apples-to-oranges. The Ai-ONE has great face tech which does an excellent job equalizing distance between pure strikes and mishits. LAB Golf putters take a completely unique approach to fitting that – for some players – leads to vastly improved club face control.


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