Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled Putter Review

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The Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putter puts an AI-designed face into a fully milled putter.  Firmer feel.  Gorgeous looks.  Wide array of head shapes and performance characteristics.  Face technology offers an advantage over traditional putters.


The Odyssey Ai-ONE putter [review HERE] was the most-hyped release of this fall, and it delivered.  Even in traditional head shapes, the Ai-ONE face technology helped the ball get closer to hole whether it was struck perfectly or off-center.

In this review, I’ll examine that putter’s counterpart, the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putter.  With a fully milled body and different face material, can it deliver similarly impressive forgiveness?  Let’s find out.


The Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putters show off a variety of head shapes, from traditional to modern.  I tested the Two CH, a classic Anser 2 style blade.  There’s also the One, an Anser, which has a top line sight line, a nice bit of variety that we don’t often see from the major OEMs.  Both models have classic proportions and will be a hit with those that prefer traditional styles.

I also tested the Seven CH.  This is a great version of Odyssey’s most successful original design with fangs that frame the ball precisely and a short flange.  I also like the interplay of the top line sight line with the white lines on the inside of the fangs.  It acts as a triple alignment line without looking boxy and prescriptive.

The most beautiful element of the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putters is the face.  Mill marks run from heel to toe but are accentuated on the golden titanium face insert.  The small swirling Odyssey logo on the heel is the perfect cherry on top.

Comparing the look of the Ai-ONE Milled to the standard Ai-ONE putter, the first thing that stands out to me is the finish.  Both putters have a navy blue PVD finish, but the blue comes through more clearly on the Milled version.

The other obvious difference is in the cavity.  Where the Ai-ONE has the “Ai Window” that shows the back of the face insert, the Ai-ONE Milled has a traditional cavity.  Both look great, it’s just a question of whether or not you want something out of the ordinary.

Finally, the Milled version uses a lot of gold paintfill which looks stunning on the blue finish.  As much as I like the blue/navy/white of the standard model, I think the Milled looks even better.  The gold even makes a gentle appearance in the head cover and grip.

Sound & Feel

Comparing the two versions of the Ai-ONE, the Milled offers a predictably firmer feel.  Where the standard Ai-ONE has a face insert that combines White Hot Urethane with an aluminum backer, the Ai-ONE Milled has a milled titanium face.  This makes it slightly louder and firmer, and the feel is more solid.

Zooming out, the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled falls in the middle of the feel spectrum for a milled putter.  It generates a quiet “tock” on impact.  Interestingly, I did not find much feedback in either model that I tested.  If you pay careful attention, there’s a clarity to the sound of a pure strike that is absent on mishits, but otherwise all decent strikes are identical.


Though the face material is different, the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled features the same type of face technology as its brother.  The shape of the insert was developed with AI to create more consistent ball speed, helping mishit putts finish closer to the hole.  Per Odyssey, the Ai-ONE Milled gets putts 10% closer to the hole compared to the Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2.

I tested the Ai-ONE Milled Two and Seven against both the standard Ai-ONE putters and a traditional milled blade and mallet.  As usual, results were measured with my Foresight GCQuad [review HERE].  I found that the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putters offered a measurable advantage over the traditional putters but were not as forgiving as the standard Ai-ONE putters.

Some readers may be wondering, “Why does the Milled line exist if it’s not as forgiving?”  I would point out that OEMs have always offered a range of clubs.  Some putters push the limits of technology while others are more traditional.  The Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putters offer a middle path where golfers can benefit from the latest tech without giving up the look and feel they prefer.

The Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putter family includes eight models that cover all the bases in terms of both looks and performance.  There are two blades – One and Two (seen here) – both with plumbers necks or, as Odyssey calls them, CH or “Crank Hosel.”  The Three and Six are traditional mid-mallets with a slant neck and double bend shaft, respectively.  Odyssey’s iconic Seven (seen here) is offered in crank hosel and double bend.  Finally, players who want a large, modern mallet can choose between the Eight and the Eleven.  The Eight has a rounded shape and a slant neck; the Eleven has an angular look and a double bend shaft.

Looking over the specs of the different Ai-ONE Milled models reveals that the neck is not the only determinant of toe hang.  The starkest example is the two putters I reviewed, the Two CH and the Seven CH.  Despite both being plumbers necks, the Two has a 45 degree toe hang, the Seven just 22 degrees.  The Eleven DB, Six DB, and Seven DB are face balanced, ideal for straight-back-straight-through strokes.  Odyssey’s One CH has the most toe hang – 48 degrees – and the Three and Eight also have mid toe hang at 44 and 36 degrees, respectively.

Finally, as with the standard Ai-ONE putters, the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putters have removable weights.  These weights are shaped differently than those on the standard Ai-ONE, so they are not interchangeable.  Weights will be available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams, allowing players to add 20 grams or subtract 10 grams from the stock head weight.  The stock head weight for the blades is 355 grams; it is 360 grams for the mallets.  One additional note: the weights on the Ai-ONE can be changed with the same wrench that you use to adjust your driver.  The weights on the Ai-ONE Milled cannot.


The Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putter is an impressive piece of equipment and a great complement to the standard Ai-ONE putter.  If you prefer a more traditional look or a firmer feel, the Milled version will be the one for you.  Regardless of which line you choose, you’ll be able to find a head and hosel combination that is a fit for your stroke.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Great review – makes me want to try this putter! Hats off to Odyssey for continuing to innovate push their technology forward.


  2. I wish they had the option of adding a white line along the top lip f the putter full length of the top lip. I find the T alignment helpful.

  3. The milled putter is just so eye-catching and being able to get 10% closer doesn’t sound so bad either! #DoubleSecret

  4. Michael Agishian

    #doublesecret these look really good but I doubt anything will knock my phantom 12 out of its spot

  5. Thomas Brokl

    Thank you for the review. I enjoy reading about “New” putters, when will these be available in stores?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re available now.



      • Sounds like you must have quite an arc-stroke if you want the milled plumbers neck. 45 degrees of toe-hang is a lot. Most p-neck putters are made with the shaft pointing more towards the center of the club face as though it was center-shafted. The milled putter shaft points between the center and the heal. This setup means that the shaft is very upright and contrary to promoting an arcing stroke. Old Proverb: The beauty should always be in the performance so don’t be swayed by the eye candy of these nice looking flat sticks.

  6. Wish the milled were the same price as the standard version.

  7. Looking forward to trying the Rossie milled version as that putter really suits my eye at address and works well with my very straight stroke. I prefer the firmer feel of a milled putter over the White Hot insert; I seem to struggle with speed using the OG Rossie, leaving putts short.

  8. No secret – putter tech is a racket designed to lure suckers that must have the latest “thing.” #DoubleSecret

  9. Well done Calloway, nice putter line!

  10. Dan Humboldt

    Amazing looking flatsick #DoubleSecret

  11. Joe Donchess


  12. Jeff Greenop

    Nice putter!

  13. Very nice putter.

  14. Gabriel McKee

    Looking forward to testing the mallet version of this putter #doublesecret

  15. Bud Anderson

    I have been using an Odyssey Putter for over 10 years and like it’s performance and now considering purchasing a new Odyssey putter and this is my #double secret.

  16. David Mooney

    Odyssey does it again .

  17. Ross Theedom

    After 12 years with the same putter and still struggling to master it, I’m thinking it’s time for a change. I like the Odyssey Ai-ONE Milled putter single blade set up and wonder if returning to a putter reminiscent of my original 1970s brass one will help.

  18. Bud Anderson

    I have been using an Odyssey putter for many years and after reading the article on the Ai-One Milled putter I am seriously considering purchasing one as my # double secret putter.

  19. I bet the AI One is an amazing putter. Can’t wait to try it out. #Double Awesome

  20. Roger Kramer

    #doublesecret, great putter, amazingly consistent distance.

  21. Scott brechbuehl

    Wish it came in the 2 ball form.#doublesecret

  22. Love my odyssey versa


  23. Agree – would love to an AI 2 ball.

  24. Need to see the milled #7 in a versa. #doublesecret

  25. This putter looks really great. Awesome color scheme. #DoubleSecret

  26. G.H. Lockwood

    Liked my odyssey putters ok, but love my bobby grace. #DoubleSecret

  27. I hope this brings me much joy to my game. I’ve been struggling very much with my putting especially with tournaments play. I always Janka left and with the short ones I always push it right. This blog has taught me much and I am very grateful. Thanks! #DoubleSecret

  28. Nice review. The point about having a range of putters is important. I have a pair of Odyssey putters that trade places in my bag/garage depending on how I’m rolling it at a given time. I’m considering adding one of these to the rotation. #DoubleSecret

  29. Jason Holzemer

    #doublesecret both are great options. Wish they had the seven sb in the standard version.

  30. Ray Talavera

    Took me a while to switch from my Scotty until I found the right Odyssey #DoubleSecret Bend putter model only last year but I’m willing to try this one out

  31. Great looking putters, can’t wait to try them out.


  32. Joseph Greenberg

    Thanks, Matt for very helpful review. Been trying to decide between standard and Milled (which admittedly was my preference based on gorgeous gold/blue looks until your analysis). Going to re-test see thru Blue this week. Good holidays, MS.

  33. Don Morrison

    Good looking putter but probably won’t displace my Scotty. #DoubleSecret

  34. Don Morrison

    Good looking putter #DoubleSecret

  35. Ihor Czornobil


  36. Ihor Czornobil

    Really nice looking putters. I would certainly consider a purchase.

  37. Interesting review – makes me want to try this putter!

  38. Interesting! #doublesecret

    • Great review – love the look of the milled face. Sounds like Odyssey has a new winner with this technology – will be interesting to see if the tour folks pick up this putter. #DoubleSecret

  39. Jeffrey Masters

    good stuff. love my ping but i will consider… #DoubleSecret

  40. These putters look great. However, for the average golfer (10-20 handicap), how many strokes can they be expected to save? Don’t get me wrong, if any club can save me 2 or 3 strokes I’m all in. However, if you can’t read a green, I’m not sure any new technology will help.

    • Matt Saternus


      If we’re being honest, maybe one. Any putter technology – improved shaft, face tech, etc – is about saving fractions of a stroke per hole. You need to understand what the stroke gained stats look like on the green. Every foot closer raises your probability of making a putt, but not to the point of shaving an entire stroke off the card with one putt. However, if every 20 footer gets to 3 feet instead of 4, over the course of a season, that really adds up.



  41. Todd Williams

    Love the look of that Anser #DoubleSecret

  42. I like the cavity on the milled ones way better.

  43. Patrick Burke

    Every time I think I found my putter for the next couple of seasons they roll out a new and enticing version.


  44. Austin Simmons

    Thank you for the review, very well done. I really am interested in the blade but I wish it came in a more traditional look/color scheme. I feel like the traditional looking clubs seem to age well if you don’t replace them often. #doublesecret.
    Thanks, Austin

  45. Glen Copeland

    Looking forward to testing these but the premium price point on the milled line will definitely be a barrier to many. Odyssey has never been a brand that excelled in the premium space. Will be interesting to see how these models sells in the market, but the looks and technology certainly are interesting


  46. Terrific review. Thanks.

  47. Great premium look while advancing the technology in putters. #DoubleSecret

  48. Great looking putter … with the gold color makes it look like money in the bank $$$$$ … cheers 🍻 !!!!

  49. Mike Houston

    I must confess I have a #DoubleSecret, I was and still am in love with my old 2 ball gang with the stainless steel mesh over the white hot insert & then I tried a Scotty flowback 5… I now have 2 putters who have never met and after reading this article perhaps a 3rd secret might be needed just in case😎

  50. Randy Siedschlag

    A beauty of a putter. Wonder if this is the #DoubleSecret

  51. Andrew Recob

    Odyssey has to be the best stock offering among golf manufacturers today. While they may not have something for everyone, they come pretty dam close. #DoubleSecret

  52. Connor Jumps

    Nice review, looking forward to giving these a roll!

  53. Odyssey continues to show why they’re a leader in the putter game. Definitely on my list of clubs to try for when I get a new putter


  54. Thanks for the review! I never check anywhere else before P.I.G. The milled AI-One would be a dream putter! #DoubleSecret

  55. Great Review. I could see my days of three putts coming to an end. #doublesecret

  56. The Seven T one looks great!

  57. Great review. I love my Odyssey insert putter, and will check this new one out. I’ve felt that I would never leave her, but my mentor swears that I would be better to switch to a blade putter. In that regard, I am considering the Evnroll putter with their sweet face milling, which was reviewed here in 2022. #DoubleSecret

  58. Steve Gerardot

    Matt, appreciate the very detailed review. I have been testing the milled 8. May be in my future .

    # Double Secret

  59. Another interesting putter series from the Odyssey putter guys – more temptation for a putter ho like me! #DoubleSecret

  60. KB for golf #Doublesecret

  61. I rolled a few putts with the SIX and it’s on my shortlist for testing over the winter! #DoubleSecret

  62. Outstanding information on the Ti insert – I currently play the Trim-Hot #7 with a double bend shaft with great results. I’ll be interested to feel the difference between the Titanium and white hot insert myself.


  63. Love the colors!! If I wasn’t a happy camper with my LAB DF 2.1, I’d definitely want to try these for the looks alone but especially incorporating that intriguing technology.

  64. Love your stuff as always


  65. I have rolled the standard A1 putter and thought it was great. My only knock was I like a milled face. Once my local pro shop gets this in stock I will roll it. Great review as always! #Doublesecret.

  66. Jim Wisniewski

    #doublesecret. Look no further. These putters are elite.

  67. #DoubleSecret

  68. Hope this is secret prize.
    #Double Secret

  69. Elliott Pyon

    Nice review and great looking putter!

  70. Dave Hunsberger

    Of course these came out just after I got a new putter!

    I find it interesting that a few pros have considered switching to these, there’s gotta be something there, right?


  71. #DoubleSecret

  72. They look nice. don’t know if they justify the price. #DoubleSecret

  73. Todd Addison

    Why No slant neck in the #7 milled ?

  74. Great info! Was not aware they came out with a milled model, which I’d prefer. Strange that they chose to use a different torque wrench for it, tho… 🤔

    But now thinking of demoing one, with their latest version of their stability shaft on it.

    Thx for the great .. -not- 😉 #DOUBLESECRET .. review!!

  75. First thing to note – I love putters and putting. tried these on a large indoor green for about 45 minutes. I used Titleist Pro V1x balls. I found the milled putter too firm. My distance control was poor no matter which model I tried.

    The AiOne putter was a much different experience. I was able to control distance and dispersion was excellent. Felt like I could make any putt regardless of distance. My 40 foot putts were ending up within 2 feet of the hole. Made more putts than normal from 10 feet and in. I will continue to try them this winter to find a model that fits me the best.


  76. Acquired an AI-One Double wide. At least in my hands, no difference in results from my EVNRoll ER2. ‘jus sayin !

  77. Love the gold insert. Would like to demo this putter.

  78. #doublesecret

  79. Donald Conner

    Love the milled version but wish the still hand the two-ball in their line-up. Every time I go to get fitted I end up keeping my Pro-Type Black 2-Ball


  80. Am very pleased with my Ping putter. Do not need another option. Most of the time it is two putts. #Double Secret

  81. David R PIERCY

    Looks very nice, but I’ve just spent money on a Ping Fetch, and I’m very pleased with it.

  82. Love the look of these. I can only assume AI design will be in all golf clubs sooner rather than later. #DoubleSecret

  83. With so many options it seems like you would need to get fitted!


  84. #DoubleSecret 10% nearer probably equates to about 1-2 inches on average – is that really a game changer?

    • Matt Saternus

      What’s the math that leads you to “1-2 inches on average”?

      Regardless of what it is, improving putting is about stacking up marginal gains over the course of a round, a month, a season. No putter is going to make you hole 100% of your twenty footers, but getting them to 2.5 feet instead of 3 (or 3.5′ vs. 4′, etc) does matter over a reasonably large sample size.


  85. Looks great! #DoubleSecret

  86. Kevin McGallion

    Looks good. May need to give one a try.

  87. I think it’s an interesting note that the neck shape isn’t just the determining factor when selecting. They really are getting very customized on this based on the player stroke.

  88. Looks great! But I think I will stick with my milled #2 Black Series. #Doublesecret

  89. Never seen so many replies before. Spent several hours with thses putters and dont know which one to buy. Leaning towards the standard double wide but play a tri hot 5k ch #7 now. The milled #7 seems a lot smaller.

    Heard a rumor of more options coming out in the spring.
    Your secret idea seems to be work.

  90. Jonathan Blum

    I hope #DoubleSecret doesn’t come w double secret probation!

  91. Matt, nice review! So I’ve been looking at these …. Being an engineer earlier in life, I like things measured/quantified and proven through testing. Odyssey says that these new putters have been tested and proven to provide 20% less dispersion. So if from 30′ a player is consistently within 2.5′, that should now decrease to 2′. Very interesting. #DoubleSecret

  92. Joseph Zaremba

    # Double Secret

  93. Ken Alterwitz

    Love the look of the CH

  94. Steve Gottschalk

    Oddessy has always been out fornt with their designs. Look forwars to rolling a few off the Anser style.

  95. The Ai-ONE review left me very curious to try picking one up and now the milled version looks pretty sexy.

  96. Nice review, and really nice-looking putters. But I have a hard time believing that an AI milled face is really any different than a regular machine milled putter face. I guess I won’t know until I give one a try. #DoubleSecret

  97. #doublesecret

  98. Absolutely love the blue color of the Ai-ONE Milled! Excellent look! #DoubleSecret

  99. Patrick Kilcoyne

    Nicely done! It’s time for #doublesecret!!

  100. Is the Double Wide the #DoubleSecret ?

  101. Ramon Noel Blancaflor

    That seven is as sweet as any putter could get. #DoubleSscret

  102. Putter looks great.

  103. Love the looks of these putters! Just bought a Milled One and can’t wait to get it on the course. #DoubleSecret

  104. Hope this is the prize… #DoubleSecret

  105. I am looking forward to trying this line of putters out. Big fan of Callaway. Hope they are worth the hype! #DoubleSecret.

  106. Nice looking putter #DoubleSecret

  107. Great review. I hope to test one out. Nice lines standing over the ball. #DoubleSecret

  108. Great review!! Big fan of Odyssey putters. Own 3. #Doublesecret

  109. Dave Sampson

    Interesting concept. Classy face look. #DoubleSecret

  110. Sharp face insert. I’m doing a putter fitting and will see if one can knock out my Toulon San Diego. #DoubleSecret

  111. Van Solomonian

    Gorgeous putter. Milled putters feel great. Can’t wait to try it.

  112. Beautiful putters and intrigued by the new tech. Haven’t considered upgrading my Odyssey Tank #7 double bend until now. #DoubleSecret

  113. Would like to see a nano sized 7 slant. The milled 3 T S looks good too.

  114. I’ve had the Ai ONE Doublewide for almost 2 weeks now. After stroking almost 900 putts, on my carpet, on the practice putting green and on the course I can tell you it does what it says it will do. Of course, as always, you have to put the correct stroke on the putt. The 32 ft stroke for the 30 ft putt. If you hit it off center it still goes 32 ft. Unless it goes in the hole first. I am saving two strokes a round.

  115. Going to test the 7 when I go to the golf shop. Looks good.


  116. Christopher Shively

    Love the finish on this line of putters!

  117. Richard Bernard

    What a gorgeous looking putter. Odyssey does a great job improving the technology and keeping the head shapes we all know and love.


  118. Putted with these for a few minutes yesterday and I was definitely impressed with the feel. The white hot insert was more consistently soft than the milled but does not have the bling factor. Can’t lie, it felt better than my Scotty. Hate the milled is more expensive #doublesecret

  119. Mark Woodruff

    Agree with Steve C about adding a white line along the top of the putter at the full length of the top lip. This T shaped alignment adds visual aligment for putting and also helps you better see the swing path of the putter head – square or open or closed at impact.

  120. Have tried the Ai-One but not the Milled. Ai-One is nice but in my trial I did not observe ‘closer to hole ” performance. A longer trial and comparison with my other putters is needed. #DoubleSecret.

  121. I can’t wait to try this putter. #DoubleSecret

  122. Dan Sitzberger

    Nice review
    #Double Secret

  123. Will REowland

    I need a mallet with a center hosel to fit my stroke. I use an Odyssey, white hot, two ball, center hosel mallet.
    #Double Secret

  124. Will Rowland

    Misspelt my own last name!!! Should have been Rowland!!!!

  125. Will Rowland

    Matt, how about including putter shaft specs in the future. A number of golfers are including putters in their club fitting sessions. #DoubleSecret

  126. David J Sell

    Another great review Matt !
    Really outstanding job of laying out the different hosel options, toe hang associated with them, weight options, and the ability/tool necessary to swap them. Top notch explanation we don’t often get with reviews. Glad to see you confirmed the fact that the milled is not as forgiving as the standard as Odyssey states up front to their credit. Personally, I’ll take as much forgiveness as possible. Love the look of these. Tried the Seven briefly and really liked it. Definitely something to consider over the winter.

  127. Nice review as usual. Haven’t used an Odyssey putter in years but this one may peak my interest. Thanks! #DoubleSecret

  128. Bryan Alexander

    Interested to try these out.

  129. Hi Matt!
    Now that you have reviewed the Odyssey Ai 1 Milled putters, will you be doing a review of the Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 2 soon? As always, you did a great review!!
    Joe “#Double Secret” Lane

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