Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Putter Review

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The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter blends classic White Hot feel with modern construction.  Mallet-like MOI makes these blade putters extremely forgiving and stable.

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Last year, Odyssey used the 20th anniversary of the original White Hot putter to bring those classic putters into the present [White Hot OG review HERE].  This year, Odyssey is bringing five traditional blade shapes into the future.  The goal of the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters is to build a blade that can outperform a mallet.  Did Odyssey succeed?  Let’s find out.


At a glance, the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K is a traditional blade.  For this review, I tested the Two, a classic Anser Two style putter.  Everything looks as you’d expect with the cavity framing the ball and beautifully milled shoulders sloping to the flange.

A second look reveals that this isn’t just another Anser Two.  First, there’s the red and silver Stroke Lab shaft.  I’ll discuss this more later, but the look alone signifies that this putter has some tricks up its sleeve.  Next, you might notice that the “front” is black stainless steel and the rest of the body is charcoal grey.  Flip the putter over and you’ll find a fairly busy sole with two removable weights.

With so much going on, it would be easy for this putter to look overly busy.  Odyssey did a good job balancing all these technical elements with moderate branding.  The face has a silver Odyssey swirl logo on the heel.  In the cavity, “Tri-Hot 5K” is written in a thin, futuristic font.  On the sole, the focus stays on the Odyssey branding in white against the dark back metal.

Finally, I want to applaud Odyssey for the premium head cover that comes with the Tri-Hot 5K.  First, it has a magnetic closure which elevates it above most covers.  Beyond that, the grey and black base with red and silver metallic branding looks very slick.  It’s different than 99% of the covers out there without screaming for attention.

Sound & Feel

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters balance their modern elements with a classic feel.  These putters all use the original White Hot insert, easily the most recognizable putter insert ever.  Striking a urethane-covered ball produces a pillowy soft feel with a slight bounce to it.  The sound is a medium volume “thud.”

With the soft feel and high MOI, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of feedback.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could feel mishits quite easily.  The sound and feel don’t change much, but your hands will know if the ball was struck on the toe or heel.


The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putters use a blend of steel, tungsten, and aluminum with the goal of creating a blade putter that performs like a mallet.  They state that the inertia level of these putters exceeds anything found in the blade category.  Additionally, the CG has been moved forward to improve roll.

With my Foresight GCQuad, I’m able to put claims about forgiveness to the test.  I pitted the Tri-Hot 5K against a “normal” Anser 2-style putter, varied impact location, and evaluated smash factor.  On centered strikes, both putters performed similarly.  On small mishits the results were similar, too.  However, as the strikes moved to the edge of the cavity and beyond, the Tri-Hot 5K flexed its muscles.  On bigger misses, the Tri-Hot 5K putter retained a significantly higher smash factor than a standard Anser 2 putter.  This can have a direct impact on your scoring because those big misses are more common at long range.  At long range, retaining more ball speed can be the difference between an easy two putt and trying to make a ten-footer for par.

Odyssey also allows for some customization with removable weights in the sole.  There are aluminum, steel, and tungsten weights, weighing  grams, respectively.  The weight kit is sold separately, though the price and availability remain to be determined at the time of publication.

Odyssey has also upgraded their Stroke Lab shaft for the Tri-Hot 5K.  The steel section has been shortened, which dropped seven grams from the shaft weight.  This further enhances Odyssey’s ability to put the weight in the head and handle where they believe it performs better.  The new Stroke Lab shaft is also stiffer to promote consistency and stability in the stroke.

It’s hard to evaluate the Stroke Lab shaft independently, but I can say that I’ve enjoyed every Stroke Lab putter I’ve ever tested.  The feeling of having more weight in the grip and head is very comfortable and allows for an improved sense of where the head is.

There are five putters in Odyssey’s Tri-Hot 5K family: One, Two, Three, Double Wide, and Triple Wide.  The One and Two are Anser-style putters, One with rounded bumpers, Two with square bumpers.  Both feature what Odyssey calls a “crank neck” but is more commonly referred to as a plumbers neck.  The Three is a heel-toe weighted blade with a flow neck for players who want more toe hang.  Double Wide and Triple Wide are, appropriately, wider versions of the Two.  The Double Wide has the same “crank neck” as the Two, but the Triple Wide has a double-bend shaft which makes it face balanced.


If you want forgiveness in a putter, you’re no longer required to play a mallet.  The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter shows that, with the right technology, blade putters can be forgiving too.  If you want classic White Hot feel with very modern performance, this line of putters deserves a look.

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  1. The original Tri Hot is what I thought this putter was modernizing and not simply the white hot. The tri hot original was a fantastic putter from my standpoint and one of the liveliest faces. I thought the weight and face were perfect for me.

    • Dan Poehler

      Andy, I totally agree with you. The original Tri Hot putter didn’t get much recognition because the White Hot came out so soon after it’s release. I have never cared too much for the look of an Answer type blade – too rectangular. The original Tri Hot had a triangular look that points at the target. So sweet, so solid! A great putter that I wish Odyssey would bring back in the newer technology.

  2. Have been gaming the DW since it came out. It has absolutely improved my lag putting. It’s embarrassing how frequently I miss the center of the face on longer putts but this has definitely helped minimize the damage.

  3. Looks like a poor man’s Scotty Cameron putter

  4. Ian Harris

    Better then a Scotty in my opinion. White hot insert feel is perfect, head is classically shaped and stroke lab shaft is major upgrade over Cameron.

  5. I have been a Scotty fan for decades, and admittedly, put together a fine collection of his putters. Then I tried the White Hot OG 1 with the insert and Stroke Lab shaft, and it not only went right into my bag, but has never left since it went in. But those Scotty’s look great on my studio wall.

    I agree, the Velcro closured putter head covers stink. Velcro closures just can’t even come close in terms of durability and reliability as the magnetic closured headcovers. Though the Scotty covers are highly prized and pricey collectibles, I never used them, because the Velcro wears out and eventually they fall off somewhere on the golf course. Who wants to spend $65 to replace the original headcover that fell off during a round, only to have the replacement fall off and find it being sold on eBay in a week or two for a higher amount? In addition to the collection of Scotty putters, the OEM Scotty head covers also look great on my walls.

  6. Gary Sprague

    Is there only one face balanced version?

  7. I Putt with a Scotty

    At that price you would think it would look better than anything you’d find at Dunham’s. But it doesn’t. All high end putters are essentially the same. Whether you like a blade style or mallet style, insert or milled. Thats it. So I’m going with a putter that looks nice. Odyssey failed with these IMO. Or make them half the price.

    • I too putt with a Scotty. Tried the TH One yesterday and it was amazing. mishits went farther and stayed on line better than my Newport 2.

      I 100% disagree that “all high end putters are the same”. If anything, I would say they more all “look” the same at address. Blades look the same across club makers. The insert feels unique and the weights make a difference. The tri hot 5k is going straight into my bag.

      • Hi – i have the tri hot 2 and love it. I added weight by putting lead wrap on the shaft. Does the additional weight add that amount over the standard in the club?

  8. Nice review Matt. Please keep them coming. I am very excited to try the 5k dw out on the golf course. On paper it sounds epic. I have been using a face balanced sigma 2 tyne stealth i was fitted for 4 years ago. Prior to that i was using the Tiger woods nike method 01 blade. I do above average with the tyne stealth and it easily knocked the nike method blade out of the bag but i believe i could still be dropping more in the cup. Lately my misses are left and short and i am missing the precision and look a wide blade offers. Thought a wee bit of toe hang might help me out with that left miss and more weight might help for the putts being short. Considered busting out the ol’ nike blade for a go but I figured i would miss out on years of putter innovation. That all being said the 5k dw might be exactly what I am looking for. I am tempted to try out both the latest anser 2 and the tri hot 5k double wide. I think they look great overall and i love the look at address. Tempted to try the cleveland hb milled soft 1 as well.
    Of those three new putters it sounds like the tri hot has the edge in the forgiveness category. Would you say the tri hot 5k dw has the edge in every other category? Thanks.

  9. Anser 2d vs tri hot 5k dw
    Ho wins and why?

  10. Was in the market for a new putter as I’ve been gaming with an original Ping Anser from the 70s. Nothing wrong with the club I putt well with it, but I figured a Club that’s almost 50 years old technology has definitely evolved since then. Went to Golf Galaxy to test out a couple putters and I instantly fell in love with the Double Wide Tri Hot 5K. The feel of the club, the balance of it, the weight. Everything about it just felt right. Went right in the bag no hesitation. Can’t wait for Sunday’s round.

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