Breakthrough Golf Stability Tour Putter Shaft Review

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The Breakthrough Golf Stability Tour putter shaft is a slimmer, lighter version of the original Stability shaft.  Higher balance point makes it feel more like traditional steel shafts.

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Last year, Barney Adams, the man behind Adams Golf, brought Breakthrough Golf Technology’s first product, the Stability Putter Shaft (review HERE), to market.  Using a combination of steel and graphite, it claimed to deliver superior results on the green.  BGT’s newest release is the Stability Tour, a shaft that pairs the performance of the Stability shaft with a more traditional look and feel.

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Part of the reason for creating the Stability Tour shaft was to make it look more like a traditional putter shaft.  The new Stability Tour has a 13% reduction in diameter compared to the original, a difference which is very noticeable (see photo above).  In addition to the reduced diameter, the Stability Tour uses a black sleeve/adapter, which is less noticeable than the silver one on the original Stability shaft.

In the photo above, you can see the Stability Tour next to a black steel shaft.  While you can certainly see the difference, I found that when I was putting I didn’t notice it at all.


The feel of the Stability Tour has changed substantially from the original.  First, the weight has been reduced from 125 grams to 110 grams.  Additionally, the balance point was moved toward the grip to bring it more in line with traditional steel shafts.  Both of these changes worked exactly as planned: the Stability Tour feels identical to a traditional steel shaft.

To soften the feel of impact, Breakthrough Golf put 30% more carbon into the Stability Tour shaft.  As I said about the original Stability shaft, I don’t find that it softens the feel as much as it cleans it up.  Pure strikes feel almost identical with steel vs. the Stability Tour, but mishits don’t have as much “noise” with the Stability Tour.


The claims that Breakthrough Golf makes about the Stability Tour putter shaft seem bold but are very mild by golf industry standards.  They state that the Stability Tour has an 82% decrease in [club face] deviation from square compared to steel and that the Stability Tour delivers a more consistent smash factor across the face.  This translates to putts that have more consistent distance and more accurate start lines.

While those claims are eyebrow-raising, in talking with Barney Adams (listen HERE) he is very clear that the Stability shaft isn’t going to magically transform anyone’s putting.  The Stability Tour should help golfers improve their distance control and reduce three-putts, but it won’t make every 20 footer find the bottom of the cup.

Based on my initial results and my experience with the original Stability Shaft, I’m excited to have the Stability Tour in my bag next season.  I prefer the more traditional weighting of the Stability Tour and the slimmer look.  While it may be a bit of the honeymoon effect, I was seeing more mid-range putts end up in or next to the cup compared to my steel shafted putter with the same head.


When products are redesigned with feedback from Tour, they don’t necessarily get better for the average golfer.  In the case of the Breakthrough Golf Stability Tour shaft, the upgrades that the Tour players want will be enjoyed by amateurs as well.  With a slimmer look and more traditional weighting, the new Stability Tour makes for a seamless transition away from steel.  If you’d like to demo a Stability shaft for yourself, head to your nearest Club Champion.

Matt Saternus

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