Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour Putter Shaft Review

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The Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour putter shaft is their first one-piece putter shaft.  Feel balances soft and stable.  Very consistent.  Great impact feel.


Breakthrough Golf can be fairly viewed as the leader in the recent trend toward high performance putter shafts.  Their original Stability putter shaft [review HERE] introduced golfers to the idea of a stronger, more consistent shaft and how that can help them sink more putts.  After several iterations, BGT has created their first one-piece putter shaft, the Stability One Tour.  In this review, I’ll discuss what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and whether this is the best Stability shaft yet.

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One look makes it obvious that the Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour putter shaft is different than everything that came before it.  All the previous Stability shafts used both graphite and steel.  The majority of the shaft was graphite, but the connection to the putter head was steel, as in the Stability Tour [review HERE].

The new Stability One Tour is graphite from top to bottom, giving it a much sleeker look at address.  I never found the steel/graphite transition bothersome, but this look is cleaner.

Speaking of clean, Breakthrough Golf gave this shaft a very streamlined look.  The majority of the branding is done in black on black, matte on a gloss backdrop.  The shaft flips from gloss to matte around the middle for a glare-free look at address.  Overall, players who want their putting to speak louder than their putter shaft will love the look of the Stability One Tour.


With each iteration of the Stability line, I’ve noticed an increasingly soft feel.  This continues with the new Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour.  BGT says it has their “softest feel,” even softer than the Stability Carbon [review HERE].  To be clear, you’re not going to feel the putter head wobbling around during your stroke, but the Stability One Tour gets away from the ultra-stiff, rebar feel of some high end putter shafts.

What I liked even more than the feel during the swing is the sensation at impact.  As I’ve noted previously, some graphite putter shafts really mute impact.  The Stability One Tour strikes a balance between that softer, muted graphite feel and the lively, crisp sensation of steel.  I felt like I got the crisp “pop” of steel without the extra vibrations.

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While the feel has changed, the performance has not.  The Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour putter shaft still boasts an ultra-stiff profile with just one degree of torque.  The benefit of this, per BGT, is that the putter face is delivered more consistently, resulting in putts that hold their intended line and roll their intended distance.

In my testing, that consistency really stood out on midrange putts.  Comparing the Stability One Tour to other high end shafts, I noticed that my 15-20 foot putts were finishing in tighter groupings – often with the golf balls touching each other.

Additionally, the performance on mishits was very impressive.  On the green, I felt that the shaft stayed very strong on both heel and toe shots, keeping the ball on line.  This was confirmed on the launch monitor where the horizontal launch angle showed greater consistency.

The Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour shaft weighs 115 grams, which is 5 to 10 grams lighter than your typical steel shaft.  Also, the butt diameter is larger – 0.600 vs. 0.580 – which will make your grip feel a bit bigger.  Per BGT, this shaft should not reduce the swing weight of your putter more than 2 points.  Individually, these changes are fairly small, but collectively they may require an adjustment period.

Finally, the Stability One Tour is offered in .355 and .370 tip sizes.  As of this writing, it is only offered for “straight in” putters such as the plumbers necks Swag Handsome Too [review HERE].

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The Breakthrough Golf Stability One Tour putter shaft doesn’t make any novel performance promises, but it does deliver.  With its super low torque, it can help to tighten your dispersion and get your mishits closer to the hole.  What is new is the feel.  If you’ve been turned away from other putter shafts by the rebar-like stiffness, the Stability One Tour offers something very different.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The difficulty with all the putter shaft options is the ability to get fit for the right shaft/profile. Reading reviews the words stable, soft, firm, etc are repeatedly used. Those terms are subjective to each player. Any recommendations on how a player can evaluate putter shafts to determine which might be the best fit?

    • Matt Saternus


      Fitting is the biggest difficulty right now. I know that some Club Champion locations have a few options to try, but I don’t know that anyone has a comprehensive system built out yet.
      I’m a longtime critic of the “buy to try” method, but, at this time, I don’t see a better option.



  2. Finally a review on Stability One. Thank you
    Quick question though, did you putt MC smooth on the launch monitor too? How’s the dispersion vs Stability One?

    I got another putter head coming in, and am debating to put MC on it or give this a try.

  3. $329.00.

  4. Matt, I ordered my s300i from voice I’m just wondering if that’s a valid and legit website?

  5. Are you still using this shaft on your current putter and if so I assume you’re liking it? Thanks

  6. You state “Comparing the Stability One Tour to other high end shafts,…”. Would you care to tell us what those other high end shafts you were comparing it to?

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