Breakthrough Golf Stability Carbon Putter Shaft Review

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The Stability Carbon putter shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology allows you to customize the look of your putter shaft.  Softer feel than previous Stability shafts.  Larger butt diameter.

Check out the latest from Breakthrough, the Stability One Tour HERE


Though Breakthrough Golf Technology is a relatively young company, their Stability shaft could be viewed as the OG of the new crop of high end putter shafts.  Released in 2019, the original Stability [review HERE] combined graphite and steel with a promise of lower torque for more consistent performance.  From there, BGT added Stability Tour [review HERE] to offer the same benefits with more traditional weighting.

New for 2021 is the Stability Carbon shaft.  This offering puts the focus on a customizable appearance while also offering a softer feel.

BGT enters the driver market with the Brava.  Full review HERE.


Looks are often an afterthought in a shaft, especially for putters, but Breakthrough Golf has made it a focus of the new Stability Carbon.  Specifically, BGT is trumpeting the ability to customize the look.  Each golfer can choose the finish of the steel tip – brushed or chrome – and the color of the connector.  The connector is the tapered piece in the photo below.  I opted for silver; red, yellow, and blue are also available.

The upper section of the shaft transitions from black at the grip to a carbon fiber weave as you get toward the connector.  Putting the busier element nearer the ball is the opposite of what we see from most shaft designs, and it can be slightly distracting at address.  The Stability Carbon shaft has much simpler graphics than other Stability shafts, which I think look great.


The first thing I noticed when I got my hands on the Stability Carbon shaft is the larger diameter.  This shaft has a taper-free .600 diameter (.580 is the standard for steel).  That difference may seem small, but it was noticeable to every golfer who tried it.

During the swing and at impact, the Stability Carbon feels softer than the other Stability shafts.  It’s not quite in the category of the Fujikura MC Smooth [review HERE], but it’s starkly different from the uber-stiff Stability and Stability Tour.  This softer feel instantly gave the Stability Carbon the crown as my favorite BGT shaft.


The primary reason for switching to a Breakthrough Golf Stability putter shaft is the low torque.  Lower torque means that the putter head will twist less during the swing and on mishits, which translates to putts staying on line and getting to the hole instead of falling short.  As I’ve written before, these benefits are not going to be immediately visible, but will add up over the course of a round or a season in the form of every putt being a few inches better.

Like the Stability Tour, the Stability Carbon is designed to create a swing weight very similar to a steel putter shaft.  This makes it easier to change – no break-in period required.  The one thing that was different is the butt diameter.  The putter grip felt noticeably larger in my hand.  This isn’t objectively good or bad, but something that you should be aware of before making the switch.

Thanks to the aforementioned smoother feel, I had great success putting with the Stability Carbon shaft.  I’ve liked the previous Stability shafts – I even gamed the Tour model for a time – but a smoother, more active putter shaft is a better fit for me.  As I noted before, this shaft is not loose, it’s not a noodle, but it has a little more flex which helps me get the ball to the hole.

Finally, it’s worth noting that unlike many new putter shafts, the Carbon Stability can be installed in any putter head.  The installation process is quite easy for the DIY types, and a breeze for a seasoned club builder.


If you find Breakthrough Golf’s promise of lower torque attractive but weren’t comfortable with the rigid feel, the Stability Carbon putter shaft will be ideal for you.  Add to that the ability to customize the look and you have a promising new offering in this very hot market segment.

Visit Breakthrough Golf HERE

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  1. Matt: I have an Edel putter that has a UST Frequency Filtered shaft that is at least 8 years old. UST manufactured the shaft under license from a company named Balance Certified Golf, INC. The shaft looks almost identical to the BGT Stability Carbon shaft you reviewed here (except the carbon section is shorter). Is the UST shaft a forerunner, a cousin, or a sibling of this new BGT shaft? The UST Frequency Filtered putter shaft is a great feeling shaft, so if these new BGT shafts are the follow-up, then I’ll definitely be looking to upgrade one of my newer putters. Thanks in advance.

  2. Nick Richardson

    Hey Matt, thanks for this.
    Will you be having a “putt off” between this and your MC shaft? Or are they so similar, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

    • Matt Saternus


      No, the MC Smooth is firmly in the bag. The Stability Carbon will likely hang around, though, should the Smooth decide to misbehave.



  3. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but to my knowledge Club Champion isn’t fitting for putter shafts at the moment, right? If not, I wonder when that day will come. It would certainly take some guess work out of the self-fitting process (and save some $$$ no doubt).

    I could see someone having a tough time choosing a specific flex if, between testing each one, they had to pull and re-install a different shaft.

    • Matt Saternus


      I believe that most Club Champion locations have a steel shaft and the original Stability in the same head. Beyond that, I’m not sure what’s available to demo.



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