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The Breakthrough Golf Brava shaft is a lightweight, active shaft that promises more distance.  Higher launch and spin.  Good for smoother swingers looking to add speed and swing easily.


In the last few years, Breakthrough Golf Technology has established itself as one of the leaders in premium putter shafts.  Offerings like the original Stability shaft [review HERE] and the Stability Tour [review HERE] have become go-tos for players looking to get every advantage on the greens.

New for 2022, BGT is branching into driver shafts with the Brava.  With a very light weight and promises of higher ball speed, I was excited to give it a try.

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The Breakthrough Golf Brava shaft has a matte finish and graphic scheme that remind me a bit of the original ProForce shafts.  It’s matte black on the upper half with dusty gold “BRAVA” branding below the grip.  Just past the Brava name, there’s a band of gold, a transition back to black, then a final fade to gold at the tip (see below).

The color of the Brava shaft is different depending on the flex that you choose.  In the regular flex, the branding is a brighter gold.  Those that choose the A flex get silver Brava branding.


The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Brava was the light weight.  54 grams is the heaviest model available*, and that 10 gram difference from my gamer felt substantial.  I was eager to see if the lighter weight would translate to more speed.

Putting the Brava into motion, I immediately felt a substantial amount of action in and below the handle.  This section is very soft and smooth, producing a medium kick below the grip.  The tip of the Brava felt fairly soft, too, but without feeling high torque.  It felt to me like the shaft kicked “down the line” without a lot of twisting.

* Since receiving my sample, Breakthrough has released an X-flex at 58 grams.


Based on the feel – and the fact that BGT calls them out by name on their website – I got the impression that the Brava was offering something similar to the Autoflex [review HERE].  It’s light, it’s active, and it’s promising more distance.  In my testing, what I noted was that my club speed didn’t exceed my recent peak, but it did feel very easy to attain.

As a more aggressive swinger who tends to game stiffer shafts, the Breakthrough Golf Brava required an adjustment.  It’s lighter and more active than my gamer, so my impact location was not as consistent as I’d like.  Additionally, the X-flex was not available when I tested it, so I was in a softer flex than normal.

Breakthrough Golf bills the Brava as mid/high launch and mid spin in the stiff flex that I tested.  I certainly saw an elevated launch angle compared to other shafts I’ve tested recently.  Also, I posted some of the highest spin numbers I’ve seen in quite a while.

Check out the BGT Brava Fairway Wood Shaft HERE

One thing that surprised me about the Brava is that it did not curve the ball as much as I expected.  It did favor a draw, but I almost never saw a hook.  Because it is so different than my gamer, my start line control was not excellent, but when I swung easily the Brava produced straight, towering shots.

The Breakthrough Golf Brava shaft is available in four flexes – A, R, S, and X.  Each flex is available in only one weight – 46, 50, 54, and 58 grams, respectively.  Breakthrough Golf recommends the A flex for players swinging around 75 MPH, the R for 85 MPH, the S for 95 MPH, and the X for 105 MPH.


For the smooth swinger looking for a shaft to add some kick, the Breakthrough Golf Brava shaft will fit the bill.  Only offering light weight options will limit its market, but this is a solid first offering from BGT.

Visit Breakthrough Golf HERE

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  1. David Anderson

    Looking for a three wood senior shaft

  2. Just got fitted for this shaft today here in the UK and using the Rogue ST Max LS head I already have in that session. We went through A LOT of shaft options to arrive at this recommendation with my fitter (who is brilliant) and now can’t wait to get in my hands!

  3. Just bought it today at 50 grams. My fitter said I will not regret it for the price. Can’t wait to get it on the golf course.

  4. My partner I play with in tournaments have the same (about the same) driving distance when we play. Then one day he was out driving me about 10 to 15 yards! I’m thinking this can’t be right. We both have the same drivers (SIM II Max). Then he shows me his Brava shaft he just purchased. I was just fitted for the same shaft today. Can’t wait to try it out.

  5. Tried the brava today in a TSR 2 head 9 degrees felt really good to swing smooth with good kick.spun a little high at 3100 so lofted head to 8.25 degrees spin dropped to below 2500.distance went up with good roll out was impressed? I swing at 100mph in the stiff shaft 👍🏼

  6. Eric Myers

    I bought the x flex as my speed is around 115mph. I didn’t really notice the weight being that much different but I definitely noticed a launch difference. I usually play a 9 degree but it launched into the stratosphere. I cranked down to 7.5 (a loft I’ve never even considered playing before) and that got it into an acceptable window. Still launches higher than I typically do at 9 degrees (which still amazes me) but nothing balloons. As for distance gains, I haven’t really seen any. Dispersion is also about the same as my ventus blue. All in all, a really nice shaft (especially if u need to get your launch up) but I think this will best benefit slower swing speeds. I’m hoping future iterations will help reduce the spin for higher swing speed players.

  7. Dana Pamilih

    How does Brava compare to Autoflex?

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