Breakthrough Golf Stability Putter Shaft Review

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The Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology claims to deliver a more consistent face angle, meaning better accuracy and distance control on the greens.

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Until now, even the most ardent golf gear junkies have only thought about their putter shafts with regard to aesthetics.  Breakthrough Golf Technology is aiming to change that with their Stability Shaft.

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The Stability Shaft doesn’t look like your average putter shaft.  Near the putter head, it appears to be a standard steel shaft, but 5.5 inches up you find the aluminum connector which attaches to the black graphite section.

At address, the graphite section is plain black, but the underside has plenty of bold branding.


To learn how the Stability shaft affected feel, I had two identical putters made – same grip, same head, same length – one with Stability, one with a steel shaft.  Both had nearly identical static weights, but the Stability Shaft created a swing weight that was 1.5 points heavier.  This is a fairly small difference, likely unnoticeable to most.

Moving beyond the measureables, the Stability shaft claims that it creates a more solid feel.  The term I would use is “cleaner.”  With the Stability shaft, I felt the strike of the ball and nothing else.  When I went back to the steel shaft, I noticed a lot more “noise” – extra vibration – on both mishits and good strikes.


Breakthrough Golf Technology makes three interconnected claims about the performance of the Stability Shaft.  Most important, they say that it delivers a more consistent face angle.  Additionally, they claim that their shaft will produce a more consistent and lower launch angle and better distance control.

I started my testing of the Stability Shaft on SAM Puttlab.  I hit a series of putts with the steel shaft and the Stability shaft.  My report showed an improvement of 2% in overall consistency with the Stability Shaft.

From there, I moved to the practice green to test distance control.  Lag putting has been a weakness of late, so I was hoping to get a boost from the Stability shaft.  Anecdotally, I felt that I had better distance control with the Stability Shaft.  I say that with an important caveat: I don’t have access to a measurement system that could confirm the claim of a more consistent launch angle.  It could be a placebo effect or a honeymoon period.  All that said, I was very happy with the results..


Can the Breakthrough Golf Stability Shaft turn a three-putting hacker into prime Tiger Woods?  Of course not.  However, the SAM Puttlab data suggests there could be something to the claims of superior consistency.  You can test the Stability Shaft for yourself at your local Club Champion.

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  1. Nice introduction to the shaft. Would be interested in seeing a head to head comparison with different stiffness putter shafts that may match up to a players tempo or stroke needs. Maybe a comparison of ACCRA putter shafts, this shaft, and any others in the market

  2. lloyd Hackman

    2.0% improvement is well within the range of error for such testing.

  3. Mike Callaway

    Have already contacted Nick Warren of Club Champion Detroit branch to order the stability golf shaft fir my Odyessey xo Rossi putter

  4. Justin Poole

    Was not able to full test a stability shaft as I am a left hander and club champion only had the shaft in RH putters. However, just taking a few swings with a putter with this shaft, certainly gives the impression that it could help. The stroke felt so much more simple and that it would be difficult for you to come too far outside and inside. If someone has an issue getting the ball started on the line they choose, this could certainly help for my initial feel of it.

  5. Reynaldo Lopez

    Oddeseys stroke lab putters are they similar to stability shafts ??

  6. Héctor Fernández

    Matt, I’m an old school Scotty Cameron putter, meaning all my putters are 330g. Do you know if this shaft would be a good match for lighter heads. I have a custom 009 Scotty made for me about 10 years ago and I was thinking about giving this shaft a try. Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      That will come down to personal preference. Some people will like the added shaft weight with the lighter head, others won’t.
      If you’re playing a custom 009, this would be, at worst, a reasonably cheap experiment. :)



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