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The Autoflex shaft is one of the most-hyped shafts of the moment.  Light and very active.  Surprising consistency.  Boosted my club head speed.


The Autoflex shaft has been an object lesson in the power of the internet to build hype.  Despite precious little “real” information being available, the buzz around Autoflex shafts has grown to an astounding level, leaving my inbox drowning in demands for a review.  I was finally able to get my hands on one, and, in many ways, the results lived up to the hype.


The Autoflex shaft comes in two bold color choices: pink and rainbow.  As you can see, I tested the pink version, which has strong Bubba Watson vibes.  The middle is a bright, bubble gum pink with “autoFlex” branding wrapped around in black, gold, and silver.  Both the tip and butt sections look black, but they have a subtle iridescence which is very cool.

If the pink isn’t bold enough for you, check out the Autoflex Instagram account (HERE) to see the rainbow finish.  It’s truly one of a kind and not for the traditionalists.

I’ll also add, under the heading of “Fun But Not Really Relevant,” that the Autoflex shaft comes in a cloth and plastic quiver.  It’s an unusual little detail that I liked if only for its novelty.


I’ve swung a lot of driver shafts, but I can’t think of a single shaft that feels faster through the ball than the Autoflex.  During the swing it is smooth and very active.  I didn’t feel a single kick point; it was more like the Speeder-style whip crack on steroids.

Due to the combination of light weight and active profile, every swing felt effortless and fast.  It’s a feeling that I found addictive.  Combine the feel with the results – which I’ll get to next – and it became a shaft I just wanted to keep swinging.


Before I get into my experience with the Autoflex shaft, I think it’s worthwhile to examine the claims that the company is making.  The topline claims are that a lighter, more flexible shaft will lead to more club and ball speed while being easier on your body.  They also claim that, due to their technology, they can get this increase in distance without losing accuracy.

Digging through their FAQ, I also found that they make two suggestions to maximize the Autoflex shaft.  First, they suggest building your driver to a swing weight of D0-D2 because higher swing weights “may cause the club head to wobble on the downswing transition.”  Second, they encourage you to “[avoid] the aggressive/violent transition.”  I can speak to this second one anecdotally: when I used my 110% swing, the shaft felt very loose and unpredictable.  Interestingly, the results were pretty good, but the feel made me uncomfortable.  A smoother swing was definitely rewarded with this shaft.

On to the results.  Did I see my club head speed go up with Autoflex?  Yes.  I hit peak club head speeds I have not hit in a long time, and even my easy swings were very fast (for me).  The “but” is that my ball speeds were high, but not higher than I’ve seen with other shafts.  I’m looking forward to experimenting more with this shaft to see if a lighter swing weight can stabilize the head and improve the smash factor.

In terms of direction, the Autoflex primarily wanted to hit draws.  The curve was larger than I would prefer, but it was very consistent.  Again, a lighter swing weight or less aggressive transition might help to move that toward the center.

The Autoflex driver shaft is available in four models: SF 305x, SF 405, SF 505, and SF 505x.  They weigh 39, 43, 51, and 54 grams, respectively.  Autoflex suggests the lightest shaft for swing speeds of 65-85 MPH.  Swings over 110 MPH are offered the SF 505x.  The SF 405 and SF 505 are suggested for speeds of 85-100 and 95-110, respectively.  Autoflex also offers fairway wood, utility, and iron shafts.  


Here’s the big question that I’m left with: is the Autoflex shaft’s Korea Hidden Technology something in the shaft itself or is the technology their ability to get ego-driven golfers to try a lighter, more flexible shaft?  I genuinely don’t know the answer to that question, and, until the Autoflex is available from more fitters, it’s an expensive buy-and-try at $790.

All that said, I found the Autoflex to be incredibly fun to swing, and it delivered on the promise of more club head speed.  I look forward to tweaking it a bit to see if I can find more consistency and speed with a lighter swing weight.

Visit AutoFlex Shafts HERE

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  1. Is the real magic of this shaft the ability to have a 50g shaft that is pretty controllable with great feel? I’ve tried the PXv and it just was too different vs. my expectation.

  2. Did Meeker (your lower swing speed colleague) try one? What were his thoughts?

  3. Damien Dabideen

    Did you measure the swing weight as tested? Did you go with the uncut 45 inch shaft length?

  4. michael haley

    I was able to find a golf shop near me that tends to have the latest and greatest. I went for a demo last Friday and found some similar things to Matt. I used my Ping G410 plus driver head and the 505 version. my clubhead speed is normally in the 99-105 range so well within their range. It took some swings to get used to the additional length of the driver and to be smoother in transition. I don’t have a very aggressive move, however, I found when I was a tad smoother the ball went even better. The difference between Matt’s findings and mine was the ball speed increase. I had a significant gain in ball speed and had a very consistent flight pattern down the middle, even when I missed a few shots the dispersion wasn’t that bad and most likely still in most fairways. I saw a jump in ball speeds of 15-20 mph. I was in the 128-133 range with my old shaft and around 145 as an average. had a few in the 150-155 range, and a couple of outliers in the 170 range. I did use my AVX ball from my bag as well. It’s an expensive shaft and I don’t think for everyone. If you have a very aggressive move, I’m not sure it will be as beneficial. If I can pick up 20 yards though and increase my fairway hits, it’s

  5. Apparently if you combine one of those with a Cobra RAD Speed and a 120 swing speed you can hit drives about 400 yards on a simulator.

  6. Tim Stewart


    Thanks for another great review. I look forward to your future articles. Is $790 shaft only? Does it at least come with a cocktail?!

    Mr. Haley,

    I’m a Ping guy through the bag, so thank you for your comment as well. I was never able to get the performance of the G410 driver that I did with the G400. Both were LST models. I bought the G410 while I was on business in Japan, but it always felt “hollower” than my G400 and I lost 15 yards of carry.


    Have you received the G425 driver yet? Looking forward to that review as well.

    • Matt Saternus


      I have not received the G425 yet. Hopefully soon.


    • michael haley

      That is interesting regarding your g400 and g410 experience. Did you ever demo another g410 somewhere? Just asking because there are a lot of counterfeit clubs in the Asian area and South america. I’m not a super high spin guy, so I don’t use the LST. The G425 seems to have some promising reviews so far though. the key with the autoflex though imo is to make sure the swing weight is where they suggest in D-D2. I forgot to mention that I took out the standard 14g weight in there and the club fitter installed a 10g weight. that definitely seemed to make a difference, we lowered the loft as well 1 degree.

  7. Ryan McDaniel

    Are there any shops or fitters in the Chicago area that have the Autoflex available to test?

  8. Keith Finley

    Keep us posted on your experiments!

  9. I have bought 505x because I know that normally the oriental stiff shafts feel whippy , my swingspeed is around 100/105 mph , and I think I was not wrong , the only thing I must remember is to use a slow tempo during backswing . Great and funny shaft.

  10. Matt
    Your swing speed is high at 112 with the shaft but I expected way more carry than 260.Is there a reason for the kind of low carry distance?

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