SWAG Golf Handsome Too Putter Review

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The Handsome Too putter is the SWAG Golf version of the classic Anser 2 style.  Wonderful feel.  Beautiful design and unmatched consistency.


For about a decade, I had a serious putter problem.  I lived on putter forums and debated every intricacy of flat sticks.  Then, for no particular reason, my enthusiasm for putters started to fade.  I still loved golf, but I no longer had the desire to put another putter in the collection.

SWAG Golf has changed that.  For the first time in a long while, I’m back to staring out the front window waiting for the delivery truck.  In this review of their latest model, the Handsome Too, I’ll explain why.


One of the things I love about SWAG’s putters is that they work on two levels, aesthetically speaking.  If you’re a regular golfer (as opposed to the gear-obsessed kind), you can look at the Handsome Too and think, “Wow, that looks nice.”  You don’t need technical knowledge to appreciate that it just looks right.  The proportions make sense, the lines are smooth.  Even a non-golfer could pick it up and appreciate the quality.

If, like me, you obsess about details, you can appreciate the Handsome Too on a different level.  You’ll notice that there’s no line across the flange because the putter is almost 100% CNC milled.  You can see that the alignment aid (dot or line) is perfectly centered and perfectly aligned with the sweet spot.  The curves around the neck are smooth and consistent.  It’s a putter you can stare at indefinitely, admiring all the little decisions that were thoughtfully made.

Just as with the Handsome One putter, SWAG has spared no expense in giving the Handsome Too fine finishing details.  The shaft is stepless with a matte black finish.  The grip is cabretta leather.  And SWAG’s headcover game puts every other maker to shame.

Sound & Feel

When I finally got the chance to roll the Handsome Too, I was expecting a sound and feel very similar to the Handsome One.  And while both putters have a premium feel, putting with the Handsome Too is a different experience.

Close inspection reveals that the top line and face of the Handsome Too is thinner than the Handsome One by 1/10″.  This produces a sound and feel that is crisper and more lively than the Handsome One.  The difference is not huge, and it can vary with the ball you use, but it is noticeable.

What is most unusual – in a good way – about the Handsome Too is the feedback.  Most clubs feel great when you hit them pure, and they feel less good when you miss the center.  The Handsome Too produces an almost identical sound across the face, but I was still able to feel exactly where the ball met the club.


SWAG Golf isn’t shy about their style.  If you don’t like their name or their bold designs, they’ll point to their tag line: “Don’t give a putt.”

When it comes to performance claims, however, they are uncharacteristically quiet.  The Handsome Too is a traditional Anser Two putter.  The heel-toe weighting provides forgiveness on mishits but not as much as a mega-mallet.  It won’t make putts for you, won’t magically put a “pure roll” on your putts, and it won’t fix your alignment issues.

However, for me, what this 354 grams of American Stainless Steel does is fill me with confidence.  The sole makes it sit square (something many putters don’t do).  The alignment aid is correctly marked.  The 45 degree toe hang fits my stroke.  And when you add all those things up, it’s a recipe for making putts.


I don’t know that I’ve ever taken a putter out of my bag while I was still in love with it…until now.  SWAG’s Handsome One has been great for me, but the Handsome Too is the exact shape I’ve always loved, so it’s in the bag.  SWAG has made it easy for me to choose a putter, but the head cover decision has become much more difficult.

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  1. What makes a great putter to me is both performance and looks. I’ve had putters that, to me, were esthetically pleasing, but lousey on performance. I’ve also had putters that we’re ugly as sin, but rolled the ball true with great feel. My fragile golfer’s ego requires both to give me confidence and only after an appreciable amount of practice.

  2. I jumped on the SWAG bandwagon very early – great looking and performing putters. The old Anser 2 shape is my all time favorite, so I jumped, again, at the Handsome Too, and have not been disappointed. Now, I’m just waiting (and hopeful) for SWAG to put out a raw version of the Handsome Too, with that same site dote alignment aid… That might just be perfection for me.

    • How is performance vs a Scotty or even a Ping Anser with TR grooves? Thanks

      • Depends on which Scotty you’re talking about. Newer versions with deep milling or with deep milling and a different face material than the body? I like and still have a Scotty in the rotation, but feel more confident with the SWAG, right now. The Ping’s TR grooves are also going to introduce something different from a sound/feel and roll perspective. I like the “fine” milling on the SWAG versus the TR.

  3. This putter looks great. The simplicity of alignment with the the single dot is awesome in this era of busy looking high MOI putters.

  4. Eric Hutchens

    Love the looks of this putter!

  5. It is a handsome stick.

    One of these days I’d like to find a stick that looks good – but Edel E-1, Directed Force just scream function over form. And now, a traditional mallet is on its way – Evnroll ER8 – some tech, too. But the Swag … as my son would say years ago … schweet.

  6. James Petraglia

    Yes send me a free SWAG putter. Any putter made of 303 stainless steel has great feel and rolls the ball true.

  7. W.W. Beauchamp

    Horrendous graphics! Something I expect to find in a box set at Costco. And enough with the A.S.S. is not magical steel, is plain Stainless Steel and it won’t make you putt any better or enhance your sixth sense of confidence. Nice marketing jargon, but nothing special.

    As to the review, awesome as always!

  8. Charlie Waffles

    I like your truth in advertising!!
    ” It won’t make putts for you, won’t magically put a “pure roll” on your putts, and it won’t fix your alignment issues”.

  9. Rhonda Lockwood

    This putter certainly fits with the name… SWAG. It looks totally cool. Would love to add it to the bag.

  10. I recently bought a Swag Handsome Too with a site dot and I have to say it’s one of the nicest putters I’ve owned. I’ve mostly been a Scotty fan but this putter feels better then all the other putters I’ve had. I’m not a huge fan of all the skulls and stuff but undressed with no paintfill you don’t really notice. I would definitely recommend it. The attention to detail is unmatched.

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