SWAG Golf Suave Too Putter Review

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The SWAG Golf Suave Too putter expands the SWAG putter line to include a flow neck.  Unmatched precision manufacturing.  Softer feel thanks to new face milling.


That didn’t take long.

A little over a year after their inception, SWAG Golf claimed their first professional win at the Web.com BMW Pro Am with staffer Rhein Gibson.  The putter that he used?  The Suave Too, which is now available to the public.  I put one through the paces to see if it can propel you to the winner’s circle, too.


Just as with the Handsome putters, SWAG has put hours of work into making the Suave Too a beauty from every angle.  At address, the shoulders and bumpers are perfectly proportioned to frame the ball.  You’ll also notice that the flange doesn’t have a step on it.  This is one of SWAG’s signatures, and it’s ruined other putters for me.

One of my favorite parts of this putter is the neck.  It’s anything but typical – it starts out round at the shaft then slowly develops flatter surfaces to melt into the top line.  The neck is a marvel of precision milling.

New for 2019, SWAG is offering their stock putters with five different paint fills and matching head covers.  You can choose from Hot Lava Pink, Lime Green, Tangerine, Cool Blue, and Royal Purple.

SWAG has also made a slight change to the finish of their 2019 putters.  Each putter goes through two blasting processes to create the Tour Mist finish which is slightly less shiny than the finish on their previous putters.  The additional glare reduction will be especially welcome on those bright summer days.

Sound & Feel

Milled from 303 Stainless Steel, the Suave Too features a face milling that’s different than the 2018 models.  SWAG calls it a “deeper cut, Tour proven fly milled face.”  This pattern was developed with input from their Tour staff who wanted a slightly softer sound.

Comparing the Suave Too to my Handsome Too (review HERE), I found the difference to be clear.  The Suave Too creates an impact sound that’s noticeably quieter and deeper pitched.  A perfect strike, even at long distance, never felt like a collision but like the ball was being cradled and gently rolled to the cup.

The feedback from the Suave Too is outstanding.  To get the very softest sound and feel, you need to strike a quality putt.  Small misses can be felt in the hands, and they create a slightly higher pitched sound.


What separates the SWAG Golf Suave Too from the mountains of putters that look similar is the way that it’s made.  This putter is 100% milled.  The neck isn’t heated and bent which means you get perfectly consistent offset, lie, and loft.  There is no hand polishing which means every putter weighs exactly 354 grams.  On the green, where the difference between success and failure is minuscule, that kind of precision matters.

When I set the Suave Too next to my Handsome Too, I noticed something unexpected: both putters had full shaft offset.  Flow neck putters often have half-shaft offset, so this makes the Suave Too a bit unusual.  Both putters also have similar toe hang – approximately 45 degrees.  This makes them a good fit for players with some “toe flow” or arc in their putting stroke.

As I’ve stated in previous SWAG reviews, the company does not make ridiculous performance claims.  With the Suave Too, SWAG is simply offering a putter that fits a wide array of golfers but provides a look that isn’t the usual plumbers neck.  And it looks and feels phenomenal.

If you’re seeking a putter that does have unique performance traits, consider the Suave One.  The toe hang will be similar to the Suave Too, but it has slightly less offset.  At 3/4 shaft offset, the Suave One may provide some help to the player who tends to pull their putts.


The SWAG Golf Suave Too putter is sure to intrigue the brand’s devoted fans and make new ones.  A new face milling has made the Feels Good 303 Stainless even softer.  The precision milled flow neck delivers familiar performance with a new look.  This is a beautiful flat stick that’s going to see plenty of time in my bag this year.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Jealous that you managed to get one with a sight dot! I assume there’s no way for the general public to do so?

    • Matt Saternus


      I heard from SWAG that there will be some naked and dotted Suave putters available at some point, but not in the immediate future.



      • Thanks for that Matt! I’ve already bought two Suave Ones (the carbon proto with the top line and the current release), but if a naked/dot/top version in stainless came out I might have to add a third.


  2. Linc Darrow

    I bought a Suave Too on the release date and absolutely love it. Immediate GAMER.

    • Matt Saternus


      Same here. I put the Suave Too into play on a recent trip and it’s staying in the bag. The feel is perfect.



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