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The Grandura 550 shaft is designed for players looking to have a mid-launch, mid-spin, flat flight from their driver.



The Grandura 550 is the fourth shaft in our deep dive into new shaft company, Grandura.  Grandura Golf is based out of California and made up of experts from BST Nano Carbon with more than 170 combined years working in the golf industry.  Grandura has aimed to make highly-tuned, handcrafted golf shafts designed to fit very specific needs of all types of golfers.  The 550 is designed to provide players a mid-launching option with mid-spin and flatter flight for optimal distance off the tee.



The overall appearance of the Grandura 550 is consistent with the rest of shaft line with a matte black finish and white branding.  Like the other mid-launching shafts in the lineup like the 530 and 570, the Grandura 550 has red accents to denote that the shaft has mid-launch characteristics.  Of course, if you don’t look at the number on the shaft, the 530, 550, and 570 all have the same appearance.  These shafts are understated and tasteful which make for an appealing option to many different tastes.



The Grandura 550 was far and away my favorite feeling shaft in the Grandura lineup.  We talk about the “Goldilocks Effect” quite a bit when we compare an entire range of equipment, and the 550 was certainly the “just right” shaft for me.  The 550 felt responsive and smooth, but still had a bit of kick to it at impact.  Honestly, the best way to put it was that the 550 felt like it had all of the good elements from the rest of the lineup combined into one shaft.  It had stability like the 510 and 530, but had kick and responsiveness similar to the 590.

Grandura 550 LM


The Grandura 550 was the best performer for me out of the entire Grandura lineup.  I was pretty neutral with the 550 in terms of flight, but I had lower spin than I may have expected from a “mid-spin” shaft, which is more than fine with me.  I found controlling the shaft to be very easy which made it reliable for accurate shots off the tee and being able to put the ball where I needed it.  What was nice about the 550 was that my natural shot with it was fairly mid-launch so it seemed pretty easy to hit a bit higher and softer as needed or low and burning when I felt like it.



The Grandura 550 shaft is a perfect example of why it’s so important to get properly fit for the right driver shaft.  I could read all about how low and piercing the Grandura 510 is or how high flying the 590 is, but in reality I don’t know what my swing is going to do with either them.  I’m not going to lie, had I blindly selected one of these shafts based on their summaries, I would have been in the 510 or the 530 when in actuality the 550 was the best fit for me out of the lineup as my testing more than proved.  Grandura makes five different shafts with incremental differences that should provide golfers enough options to find one that’s just right.

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