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The Grandura 530 shaft is is Grandura’s second lowest launching shaft option designed for players with higher swing speeds looking for low spin.



We previously reviewed the Grandura 510 which is supposed to be Grandura’s lowest launching shaft and is geared toward higher swing speeds.  In this review, we’ll take a look at Grandura’s other shaft geared toward higher swing speeds with lower launch and spin, the Grandura 530.  The Grandura 530 is a little bit lighter in weight, coming in at 65 grams, and is supposed to have a more mid-launch characteristic while maintaining low spin numbers.



The Grandura 530 continues the same graphic/color scheme as found in the other shafts: a black base with white accents and then a specific color to denote its launch characteristic.  In this case, Grandura uses the red color to indicate that the shaft is supposed to be part of the mid-launching range.  Though simple, this Grandura shaft will definitely stand out on the course.



I mentioned in the Grandura 510 review that I thought it felt a little bit like a tree branch in that it was very stout and didn’t have much feel.  The Grandura 530 has a similar stout feel to it, but the 530 has a slightly better feel and a little bit more kick to it than the 510.  The 530 still felt like I was leaving a little bit on the table with it, and I struggled to really get in a comfortable groove with it on a consistent basis.

Grandura 530 LM


Based on the numbers and the flight path I was seeing, I feel that it’s fair to consider the Grandura 530 to be a mid launching shaft with low spin as billed.  I was happy with the numbers produced in general, but felt like I really had to work hard to get these results, and they were average for me.  The total distance and the low spin were satisfactory numbers for me to see, but I felt like the shaft was somewhat one dimensional.  Similar to the 510, it was just a bit too much for me.  I thought the 510 would be better suited for a 110+ swing speed, and I do think the 110+ players will absolutely love the 530.



After hitting three of the new shafts in the Grandura lineup, it’s becoming very clear to me that ending up in the right Grandura shaft is a bit of a “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” process.  Getting fit for the correct shaft is going to be very important because just selecting one of these shafts based on listed characteristics will not necessarily deliver the results you are looking for.  I don’t think the Grandura 530 is the “just right” shaft for me, but I’m certainly nearing closer to the right driver setup for me by exploring the mid-launch range.

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    Does SR on shaft mean SENIOR FLEX OR STIFF REGULAR

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