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The Grandura 510 shaft is designed for players with high swing speeds looking for a low launching shot.



BST Nano Carbon is a collective of experts that got together to launch Grandura golf shafts in order to make a high performance golf shaft that’s handmade in California.  They believe their expertise gives them the ability to make a shaft with very specific traits to give players options to fine tune their equipment even more when searching for the ideal shot.  The first shaft we’ll examine is the Grandura 510 which is geared toward a player with high swing speeds that may find most shafts launch too high for them.



When I look at the Grandura 510 shaft, I feel like I’m looking at a sports car with a bright lime splash of paint.  The color schemes are used by Grandura to denote its purpose in the lineup, and the green color represents its low launching characteristics.  All in all, it’s a pretty simple looking shaft with bold branding and a matte black finish on the rest of the shaft.  Naturally, I had to match the grip to the paint scheme!



Stout, stout, stout.  That is exactly how I would describe the feel of the Grandura 510 shaft.  The 510 felt every bit of its 72 grams and extra stiff flex to me.  It’s not often that I struggle to load an x-flex shaft, but I could not load the 510 and get much of kick out of it.  I think a player must have a 110 mph+ swing speed to realize the true feel of this shaft.  As such, my shots all felt a little dead and lackluster to me.

Grandura 510 LM


While my numbers were not terrible with Grandura 510 shaft, I didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of it.  As noted above, I could tell I wasn’t getting very much kick out of the shaft and my angle of attack was often negative, which is not normal for me.  True to form, I had a low ball flight but it felt like the ball never got higher than 25 feet off the ground.  My thoughts are that this shaft is likely a decent low launching shaft, but you better have the swing speed for this shaft or else you’re in for a constant battle.



I think players will find the Grandura 510 to have similar traits to other low launching shafts on the market.  For me, the 510 was difficult to hit and felt like a telephone pole, but I can think of plenty of players in my circle that may benefit from a shaft like this.  If you’re a player looking for something very stout with a piercing ball flight, I would encourage testing a Grandura 510 if you have the chance.  It certainly fits the bill of being firm, stable, and low launching.

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