Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus Apparel Review

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Designed specifically for golfers seeking advanced performance fabrics and a Euro style, the Ventil8 Plus collection from Galvin Green will help you stay comfortable on the course.


Galvin Green is a pure golf apparel brand out of Sweden.  Known for their high quality and technical fabrics, Galvin Green will again be worn by the European 2018 Ryder Cup team.  To conquer all the weather conditions golfers encounter, Galvin Green is all about layering.  For this review, we’ll be focused on the cool layer and their newest Ventil8 Plus collection.

Check out Galvin Green’s 2022 collection HERE


Matt S was impressed with the performance of the Ventil8 pieces he reviewed last year that were billed as having a “high level of breathability”.  The new Ventil8 Plus line adds “extreme” to the same statement.  I can’t speak for the previous generation, but the Galvin Green Mike polo I tested in mid-90s, humid conditions performed incredibly well.  Galvin Green calls it body mapping, and it’s all about putting the right type of fabric in the right location to wick moisture from your skin and diffuse it over large areas.  Look closely and you can see the various zones in some of the pictures.

I was also impressed with the Parker shorts after being a bit wary about wearing black in the extreme heat.  The shorts were very comfortable to play in, and I never felt like my nether regions were cooking.  In fact, the Ventil8 Plus fabric performed so well, if I hadn’t been concentrating on notes for this review, I never would have given my shorts a second thought the whole round.

Style & Fit

The Mike polo is a great example of the Galvin Green style across the line – solids with simple blocks of color added in.  Some of the colors are bold, especially when utilized in pants or shorts.  The cut of the clothes gives them what we Americans refer to as a Euro style, with tighter fits and shorter sleeves.

The sleeves of this polo are cut to come up to the top of the bicep.  Even if you aren’t a “sun’s out, guns out” guy, this shirt will make you feel ripped.  I went with my standard medium size, and the body of the shirt was a very comfortable, tailored fit, but not tight.  I’m not a fan of the text running down the sleeve, but I love the contrast stitching used throughout the shirt.

The Parker shorts were true to size at the waist.  They also felt tailored, but not tight.  The 12” inseam went all the way to the middle of my knee.  I liked the jean style rear pockets and the depth of the front pockets.  The Wesley belt comes in one length, and I was able to cut it to a good size on my first try.  However, If anyone has a good method for cutting leather belts please post a comment below.  The leather has a premium suppleness, and the GG logo buckle is pretty cool and not as heavy as similar belts I’ve tried – a plus.


When temperatures get above 80, I want fabrics and clothes that will help keep me cool and dry, and the new Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus collection fulfills those needs.  I usually wouldn’t use the term ‘well engineered’ for apparel, but that’s a perfect definition for this collection.

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  1. Good looking belt!!

  2. Thanks for the review. I have 4 Ventil8 shirts and they do wick evenly – I typically play in 90-100F temps with humidity, and while these will get sopping wet, the shirt still is light and provides a good SPF factor. I’ve worn other high end shirts and they don’t wick as well and are heavy at the end of the round. The GG Ventil8 is excellent – can’t wait to order a few of the Plus…

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