2022 Galvin Green Golf Apparel Review

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The latest golf apparel from Galvin Green is among the best in the game.  Huge range of style choices.  Tailored fit.  The highest quality performance materials.


Galvin Green has a simple, two word motto: “Never compromise.”  As I tested their most recent apparel line, I found that this applies to every facet of their line.  From style to fit to performance, they leave nothing on the table.  Whether you’re looking for high performance GORE-TEX rainwear [review HERE] or a few new polos, Galvin Green should be at the top of your list.

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While performance is at the fore with Galvin Green, they don’t slack on style.  In fact, one of the things that pushed their founder to create the brand was the “uninspiring colors” of rainwear.  A quick look at their website shows you that from jackets to shirts, they’re determined to give golfers a lot of choices.

The outerwear that I tested for this review is the Lyle jacket.  It’s offered in three colorways: navy, white/navy, and Sharkskin (shown here).  The Lyle doesn’t scream for attention, but the contrasting patches at the elbows, shoulders, and wrists gives it a little something more than your average jacket.

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When it comes to golf shirts, Galvin Green has the entire spectrum of style covered.  If you like simple, solid colored polos, they’ve got that.  If you want to get really bold, they’ve got that, too.  I chose two options – the Mayson (left) and Mercer (right) – that fall somewhere in the middle, which is perfect for me.

There are two things I particularly like about Galvin Green’s golf shirts.  First, they offer each style in a variety of colors.  If you find a shirt you love, you can get it in every color and wear it Monday through Friday.  Second, I love the way they do their branding.  They eschew the typical chest logo for one on the neck and “Galvin Green” on the sleeve.  The lack of stark contrast colors gives the branding an “if you know, you know” quality.

One area where Galvin Green does keep things pretty basic is their pants.  Looking through their bottoms, they’re almost exclusively staple colors like black and khaki.  I tested the Noah trousers, and they’re very straightforward.  With the exception of the “Galvin Green” on the back pocket and the double G logo at the left hip, they’re solid black.


Galvin Green is well aware of the fact that the best materials mean nothing is the apparel does not fit well.  As such, they gave the Lyle jacket a tailored fit that’s roomy without being sloppy or baggy.  It fits perfectly across the shoulders and chest, and the sleeves are just the right length.  Order your jacket in the same size as your shirts.

While Galvin Green is a European company, they have clearly taken on some American influence in the fit of their pants.  I found the Noah trousers to fit true to size in the waist with ample room in the thighs.  The material has a touch of stretch, but I wasn’t reliant on that to fit my big legs.  These may be the best fitting golf pants I’ve worn lately.

As much as I like the fit of the jacket and pants, I’m even more impressed with the golf shirts.  I’ll again lean on the word “tailored.”  They have room to move, but they look neat and trim.  There’s room around the midsection, but the shirts don’t billow or bunch.  The shoulder seam sits exactly where it belongs.  My only word of warning is that the sleeve length can vary quite a bit.  As you can see in the two pictures above, the Mayson’s sleeve hits mid-bicep; the Mercer falls just short of the elbow.  Check the pictures of the models on the Galvin Green website to make sure you get the length you prefer.

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The pants and polos from Galvin Green are all strong performers.  They are designed around the golf swing, never restricting your movement.  The fabrics are also top notch – light, breathable, and quick drying.

Given the late fall weather in Chicago, the piece that really shined was the Lyle jacket.  It’s made from Galvin Green’s INTERFACE-1 fabric which is meant to offer “optimum protection and ultimate comfort when playing golf in windy conditions.”  It is both windproof and water repellent.

In conditions ranging from single-digit wind chills to forty degrees with a sharp breeze, the Lyle takes the sting out of the cold.  It can turn borderline playable days into comfortable rounds.  This jacket also has a lot of golf-smart features like elastic cuffs to keep the sleeves in place and plenty of stretch.  There’s also a thick elastic band around the waist to keep out the wind, even as you move around the course.  This is an excellent addition to your wardrobe if you want to get the most golf out of the spring and fall.

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Galvin Green may be best known for their extensive line of rain gear, but they carry their “Never compromise” philosophy to every piece that they make.  From the fit to the look to the way it performs on the course, I could not be more impressed with their gear.  If you want the wear the best, you need to check out Galvin Green.

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