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Galvin Green’s golf rain suit is top-of-the-line in every respect.  Durable, high-performance materials, quality fit, and a price tag to match.


Rain gear is an interesting category in the golf apparel space because it’s one of the few items that you would rather not have to use, given the choice [check out their daily gear HERE].  However, if you are a bona fide golf sicko, you need to have a reliable set in your wardrobe.  Galvin Green is a Swedish golf apparel brand that is synonymous with style and quality.  In this review, I examine their rain gear comprised of the Alister jacket and Alpha pant.


While the priority for rain gear is undoubtedly in its performance, it’s nice to have decent style as well.  The Galvin Green Alister jacket and Alpha pant manage to accomplish that.  The pant doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of detail.  It’s mainly just a pair of black rain pants, though you’ll notice small carbon fiber-like details around the zippers.  The jacket has more going on, specifically in a modern/futuristic but clean looking style.

The jacket features a combination of navy and black with varying pattern details on the shoulders and arms (the jacket is also available in a black/gray colorway).  Overall, both pieces offer a versatile style that should go well with virtually any kind of clothing golfers are wearing on the course these days.


Being a European company, I would advise you to expect these pieces to have more of a European-style fit.  To me, that just means being cut a bit slimmer while still being true to size.  I found both pieces to fit very well, allowing ease of movement both walking and in the golf swing.

Both the Alister rain jacket and the Alpha rain pant are available in sizes S-3XL.  There’s a fit calculator tool on the company’s website to help you determine the right fit.  It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right fit in each, if you are in the market for both jacket and pants.  With rain gear there’s a delicate balance because you need each piece to fit comfortably over the clothes you’re already wearing without being too loose or too restrictive.


Here is where the rubber meets the road.  Imagine you’ve just rolled out of bed in your hotel and today is a day you’ve been looking forward to for years.  A bucket list round.  You look at your phone to check the weather and see the forecast calls for rain.  100%, it’s going to dump all day.  You’re not going to cancel the round, so you better have something to keep you dry.

Thankfully, Galvin Green’s rain gear delivers.  It does a great job of keeping water out, but it is also surprisingly breathable.  This is one of the greatest challenges facing designers and manufacturers.  It’s easy to just coat ourselves in waterproof plastic, but the problem is we end up cooking.  These pieces ensure you’ll stay as cool as possible during a summer shower.

Both the Alister jacket and Alpha pant feature GORE-TEX stretch fabric with C-KNIT™ backer.  According to the company, this is a premium ultra-lightweight Japanese-made fabric with a super-smooth hand feel that can easily ‘slide & glide’ over garments underneath.  Ease of movement is a key theme here, both in terms of wearing over existing clothing and also with stretching and flexing to accommodate the natural movements of the golf swing.

A small detail I appreciated about the pants is that they have fleece-lined pockets.  This is very nice when it’s cold out.  A thoughtful feature on the jacket are the adjustable tabs around the chest, which helps tailor the fit to the individual golfer’s body.

Rain gear is going to cost significantly more than normal golf clothing because of the materials and technology involved in producing it.  In this case, you’re looking at the very top-of-the-line offerings in the market.  The Alister jacket retails for $719 while the Alpha pant will set you back $619.


While these pieces are pricey, they absolutely deliver.  Only you can determine what represents good value for your money.  If your budget allows, these Galvin Green rain gear pieces would be at home in your golf wardrobe for years to come, ready and waiting to help salvage your rainy rounds when called upon.

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  1. Thanks for the review. If you’ve got the money, play in rainy temps frequently, or just want to buy once, tough to beat GG.

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