FootJoy Flex LE2 Golf Shoe Review

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With stylish knit uppers and off-course friendly outsoles, the FootJoy Flex LE2 affords golfers footwear versatility.  Abundant comfort and good stability.


When FootJoy launched the original Flex [full review HERE] at the start of 2019, golfers around the globe applauded the shoe for its on and off course versatility.  Hearing the pleas for a waterproof version, FJ designed the Flex XP [full review HERE].  At the same time, FJ kicked up the style meter by releasing the modern suede wingtip Flex LE1.  Inspired by the demands of warmer weather, Footjoy brings us their latest iteration – the Flex LE2.


On point with its trendy knit upper, the Flex LE2 really look sharps with wingtip detailing.  Weave density adds visual interest to the solid deep blue uppers.  The thick white midsole may be a bit dominating for some, but it completes the modern, upscale, casual athletic look.  The simple brown leather strip down the heel displays FootJoy’s attention to detail and coordinates nicely with the brown sections of the outsole.  And in a first for me – no branding on the uppers, just a small simple “FJ” on the sole.

The Flex LE2 is also available in grey, olive, and black.


Slipping on the Flex LE2, my feet met two luxurious surfaces – a soft liner on the fabric uppers and cork on the insole.  I’m no cork expert, but there’s something about the natural compressive properties that make it very comfortable.  The supportive cushioning continued through the midsole, but interestingly, my feet could detect the firm brown sections of the outsole.  Although it was an odd sensation at first, it quickly faded, and as I would soon discover, the Versa-Trax outsole is a design feature that enhances performance.

As I usually do with a FootJoy shoe, I opted for a half size down from my standard size, and the fit was wonderful.  My heel and midfoot were secure, yet there was wiggle room in the toe box.  All in, the Flex LE2 shoes offer all day comfort.


There isn’t much structure to the uppers, but that only made me focus more on not swaying into my right side.  The wide footprint of the Flex LE2s aids in building a solid base.  Remember the brown material I mentioned above?  That firmness gives the shoes some stiffness in the soles that augments stability and focuses the traction elements.

Traction is good, but a solid notch below the ProSL [full review HERE].  But for on and off course versatility, the Flex LE2 is a winner.  I wouldn’t hesitate to wear the Flex LE2 for a full round of golf, but I find it best suited for those days where I need to slip to the course to hit a bucket of balls or get in some much needed practice on the putting green – and then get back to the office or to the restaurant I’m now a little late for.


The FootJoy Flex LE2 are designed for golf, but offer looks that allow me to wear them anytime and anywhere.  The breathable mesh and comfortable cushioning make the shoes well suited for wearing all day.  The spikeless design is very floor friendly – a plus for folks who hate changing shoes at the car.

Matt Meeker


  1. Another joy for the feet from footjoy

  2. Of the course comfort

  3. Peter R Iacobazzi

    Look good what is the cost?

    • Matt Meeker

      Click on the FJ link in the review for current pricing. At the time of writing they were $129.99.

      – Meeks

  4. Michael Jones

    I purchased Footjoy Flex in both mens and womens styles. Both pairs have exhibited fabric failure on inside and outside edges of shoes. My Disappointment with Footjoy was confirmed on the course the other day when we were paired with another couple and noticed his Flex shoes and guess what! Same fabric failure same areas.

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