FootJoy Flex Golf Shoe Review

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The FootJoy Flex is designed to be your go-to shoe on the course and off.  Lighter and more flexible than your typical FootJoy.


While lifestyle offerings are nothing new to FootJoy, the Flex represents one of their first efforts to design a shoe that can be worn on course and off.  While the lightweight mesh upper and springy cushioning deliver on the all-day comfort side, we wanted to know how well it would stand up to a big swing with the driver.


Mesh and knit shoes are having a moment, and the Flex is part of the movement.  FootJoy puts their own spin on things by incorporating different textures throughout the shoe.  They also nod to performance needs with a cap on the toe to prevent wear.

Overall, the Flex tries to be a shoe that’s accessible to all ages.  The mesh upper skews younger, but the three colorways – navy, black, and white/grey – are classic.


The look of the Flex made me expect a light on-foot feel, and it delivers there.  I could walk in these all day without fatigue.  Coming from FootJoy, I also expected a lot of cushioning.  Despite its light weight, the Flex piles on the underfoot cushioning which eases the stress of walking and standing.

Where the look and the brand compromise is on structure and mobility.  This is the most flexible FootJoy shoes I’ve worn, but I would stop well short of calling it a natural motion shoe.  The Flex delivers ample structure for the player who wants support from their footwear.


First, it should be mentioned that comfort is an essential part of performance.  Especially if you’re a walking golfer, the Flex’s combination of light weight and cushioning makes strolling through the course very pleasant.  You won’t be thinking about sore feet, which will leave more energy for focusing on your game.

With the Versa-Trax sole, FootJoy took into account the dual concerns of traction on the course and off it.  Some spikeless soles provide a lot of grip on the grass but are a hazard on cement.  I found that the Flex provided good stability in all conditions.  It’s not in the upper tier for on-course traction, but smooth swingers will have no problem staying grounded in the Flex.


If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can comfortably wear all day, the FootJoy Flex will fit the bill.  Aggressive swingers and those playing in sloppy conditions will want something with more traction on the course, but the Flex is perfect for those days when you want to slip a range session in between life’s other commitments.

Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt; thanks for continuing to curate the best golf website out there! Any chance you’ll do a review of the Footjoy Fury, or have some impressions about it? I need a new pair of shoes for walking my hilly home course, and those caught my eye. Would also appreciate any other suggestions. All best.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!
      We will have a review of the Fury up later this spring.
      If you’re a walker, I would strongly recommend looking at the TRUE Major:



      • Thanks very much, Matt. I had seen your True Major review and was intrigued. I’ve just ordered a pair.

        P.S. If you’re ever in the Boston area and want to play Brae Burn (hosted the 1919 US Open; course overview at, please give me a shout. Would love to host you.

        – Peter

        • Matt Saternus


          Thank you for the generous offer! I hope to take you up on it one day.

          I do hope you enjoy the Majors.



          • Peter Simshauser

            I saw your review of the FJ Fury, and your comment about your preference for minimal or zero heel drop. I like that aspect of the True shoes. Feel more grounded and better balanced during my backswing. Are there other brands or models with this feature? For some reason one of my feet isn’t working in the True Major; bit of rubbing. And after walking 18 in them I find myself wishing that they had a little more cushioning.
            Many thanks in advance.
            – Peter

  2. Never understood why anyone would want less traction. I still sometimes slip in spiked shoes.

  3. Dear Matt,
    I am a Footjoy loyalist, and looking for a light shoe for hot days to accompany my top leather shoes. It is probably clear that this Flex is not a rainy day shoe. Could you comment how much water resistant it is? Would I survive in it on a nice day, with early morning start and still wet rough for first couple of holes? Likewise, how much the shoe breathes, is it an ideal hot sunny day shoe in your opinion?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Matt Saternus


      Being in Chicago, I can’t comment on the hot weather wearability yet, but the shoe breathes well and should be good for summer. As far as waterproofing, I think the toe cap is helpful and I wouldn’t be too worried about wet rough unless it was really tall or thick.



  4. Matt,
    thanks a lot, based on this review I purchased a pair of white ones and VERY HAPPY with them. Extremely comfortable and enough traction on a dry day for sure.

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