Electric Swingarm S Sunglasses Review

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The Electric Swingarm S sunglasses maintain a classic look while adding some key performance characteristics.


Electric identified a need in the performance market for sunglasses with style.  By introducing the S-Line products, Electric implemented key performance features to classic styles to fill that void.  One of those models is the Electric Swingarm S which has a classic look and design features making them perfect for your golf bag.


There are a lot of performance characteristics to consider with the Electric Swingarm S sunglasses.  First are the OHM Polarized lenses.  OHM lenses are designed to keep your eyes comfortable and safe with SPF 140 protection.  These lenses also specifically block out 98% of blue light to prevent retinal damage.  Electric’s Polarized OHM lenses reduce glare to make your sight line more vivid and easier to see different features on the golf course.

As mentioned earlier, Electric introduced the S-Line products with some key characteristics for performance use.  One of those is the Grylamid frame.  These frames are light weight, flexible, and impact resistant making them great for storing in a golf bag.  Grylamid frames with a lighter and stronger construction make for a durable and comfortable pair of sunglasses.

Style & Fit

The Electric Swingarm S have a traditional style to them that give them a classic look.  If you want to add a little more flair, there are a variety of different frame and lens options.

In terms of fit, the Swingarm S is a smaller version of this frame style.  The Performance Grip nose pads and temple sleeves make the Swingarm S comfortable on your head while golfing.  Similar styles I’ve had from other brands often struggle with this.

The only possible drawback for a golf application is this style of frame will let a little more light in on the sides.  This isn’t a big deal for some, but others may prefer a wraparound frame like the Tech One.


Whether playing 18 holes or hanging out on the beach, the Electric Swingarm S gets the job done.  A simple, clean, classic look with some smart construction make the Swingarm S a great option to consider.  Like I said with the Knoxville XL S, “it’s nice to not look like I could play center field for the Cubs or like I’m doing my best David Duval.”  The Swingarm S looks cool and performs well out on the golf course.

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