Electric Knoxville XL S Sunglasses Review


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The Knoxville XL S is the large-framed sport version of the stylish Electric sunglasses.



Electric took their most popular styles of glasses and added “performance enhancing features” to make them more functional for various activities.  The Electric Knoxville XL S is designed to provide fuller coverage while keeping clean lines for a classic look.  I haven’t found many good “stylish” glasses that work well for golf, so I was pumped to test the Knoxville XL S on the course.



The 6 base OHM Polycarbonate lens of the Knoxville XL S has a bronze tint to create more contrast.  Electric uses this lens to be perform in low and high solar light as well as to create vibrancy.  With all of the different colors in the landscape of a golf course, this contrast is really nice to have.  Some sunglasses will create a level of contrast that messes with your depth perception over the ball, but these balance it well.  In a sport where eye-hand coordination is crucial, having good depth perception is fairly important.

The Electric Knoxville XL S is going to thrive in lower to medium brightness levels.  If you value high brightness management over contrast, you may want a darker lens than these.  It’s important to note that everyone’s eyes are unique and will respond to a lens differently.


Style & Fit

The Electric Knoxville XL S has a timeless “wayfarer” sunglasses silhouette.  Electric offers the Knoxville XL S in matte black frames with grey lenses and matte tortoise with bronze lenses.  For those that are looking for a smaller frame, they offer the regular Knoxville S with the same options.

For more “athletic” use, Electric implemented the Performance Grip nose pads and temple sleeves.  These help keep the glasses in place while performing a physical activity.  I’ve had issues with similar sunglasses staying on my head while golfing, but the Knoxville XL S held up to the task.



Classic style and good quality on and off the course best describes the Electric Knoxville XL S glasses.  I really enjoy being able to wear a more stylish pair of glasses and maintain some performance functionality.  Sometimes it’s nice to not look like I could play center field for the Cubs or like I’m doing my best David Duval (remember those tan lines?!).  These sunglasses start at $120 which is a solid deal for a pair of shades handcrafted in Italy.

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    do the wrap around glasses come in prescription lenses also

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