Electric Tech One Sunglasses Review

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The Electric Tech One is an active performance model pair of sunglasses that’s ready for any occasion.


“Needed a new shade for when the lifestyle takes a more active turn and these were perfect.”  This was the first thing I read on Electric‘s product page for the Tech One sunglasses.  It’s a customer review dating back to 2013, and it left me thinking, “This guy nailed it.”  It took me all of two second after trying the Tech One on to realize I found my go-to sunglasses.  Whether for daily use or on the golf course, these glasses with their OHM Polarized lenses are a perfect combination.


Electric doesn’t just toss around the word “OHM” as some fancy marketing lingo.  Their OHM lenses are developed to provide high levels of protection to the eye itself but also to the sensitive skin around the eye.  Small advantages like SPF 140 protection and blocking blue light go a long way to protect your eyes.  To simplify, you spend less time straining your eyes, and they’re better protected making for a more comfortable day in the sun.  (Don’t forget your SKIN Sunscreen though!)

Electric offers a variety of different lenses at different price points.  If you’re a Polarized lens fan, the Tech One has that option to provide that glare-free clarity on the course.  Let’s be honest, it’s also great for the best “slow round” pastime – fishing balls out of the ponds.

Style & Fit

Style and fit generally come down to personal preferences and application.  Off the course, I typically prefer something along the lines of the Knoxville XL S sunglasses.  As someone with two small kids, and often on the go, switching shades depending on activity is not always a priority.

The Electric Tech One is the perfect “all in one,” with good looks and function.  My eye wear preferences on the course have more of a performance bias which is heavily dependent on fit.  Wearing the Tech One is comfortable and keeps your whole eye well covered.  There’s not a lot of room around the frame to allow outside light into your peripheral vision.  While I can’t speak for everyone, that’s a huge deal for me standing over a golf ball.


Since receiving the Electric Tech One sunglasses about a month ago, I have been wearing them almost exclusively.  Simply put, the Tech One fits my lifestyle perfectly.  Lightweight comfort, impressive optics, and sleek style make for a versatile pair of sunglasses that fit any occasion.

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