Cobra LTDx Driver Review

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The Cobra LTDx driver is powerful and accurate.  Convincing technology and reasonably attractive looks.  Should be in the conversation for best drivers of 2022.

Check out the new Cobra AEROJET driver HERE


It’s interesting to me to think about what a company does by aligning itself with certain tour players.  In the case of Cobra, Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau have become almost synonymous with the brand in the mind of the golfing public.  Two unique and successful players, sure.  But it’s not fair to equate the company’s equipment with their (very strong) identities.  I took the new LTDx driver for a spin to see what it can do for average players.


I’ve found some Cobra products in the past to have an overcooked techno-futurist look to them.  I think the company’s visual identity is maintained in the LTDx, but it’s dialed down enough to be totally approachable.  There’s lots of carbon fiber on both the crown and sole as well as visible tech on the sole in the form of PWR-COR Technology near the face and a fixed 10g weight at the back.

I agree with Matt (in his review of the LTDx Max HERE) that Cobra drivers often appear to have an exaggerated triangular shape.  With the LTDx, I don’t find it to be as dramatic.  In fact, at address the slight triangular shape gives me the sense of all the power of the club being focused and directed through the ball and toward the target.  In terms of size, the face is not as tall as some drivers on the market and is on the longer side from heel to toe.

Other visual elements include two raised lines on the crown that serve nicely as alignment aids and a small Cobra “C” as a central alignment aid.  The matte finish on the crown eliminates all glare.  This will be nice when the sun eventually decides to come out in the upper Midwest.

The Cobra LTDx driver is available in two colorways: Matte Black/Gold Fusion (shown here) and Gloss Peacoat/Red.  While both colorways are nice, there aren’t many companies that offer a choice of colorways on a stock club, and I can understand why.  It’s nice to have a choice but I think it also introduces some unnecessary confusion/indecision on the part of the consumer.

Sound & Feel

Most modern drivers sounds good but to my ear the LTDx sounds exceptional.  In terms of tone it sounds more round than flat.  In terms of pitch (high vs. low) it sounds right in the middle.  Balls struck anywhere near the infinity symbol sound explosive.  Volume is medium, not overwhelming or head-turning.

Stray from the center and things get progressively more dull, both in sound and feel.  I could easily feel the location of misses in my hands.  I think this head offers enough feedback to satisfy low handicap/high swing speed golfers.


As with most drivers today, Cobra made sure to save weight in the crown so they can position as much weight low and forward as possible.  They call this PWR-COR Technology, and it helps achieve faster ball speeds and reduced spin.  In terms of launch monitor numbers, I was impressed with what I was able to produce with this driver.

As happy as I was with the numbers, on the course is really where this driver earned my admiration.  We got off to a great start together, hitting one long, straight drive after another.  Cobra’s H.O.T. Face design has 15 different zones of variable thickness, based on data collected from thousands of impact simulations.  The goal here is to keep ball speeds up across a larger portion of the face.

The LTDx saved my blushes more than once, most notably with a strike that was millimeters away from leaving an idiot mark on the crown and ended up carrying a fairway bunker about 220 yards out.  The LTDx also rewarded good swings with great results.  This driver flat out performs.

The LTDx occupies the middle ground, in terms of which head is best for which type of player.  While the LTDx LS [review HERE] is typically going to be a fit for players with high swing speeds and the LTDx Max is the draw-biased, larger footprint version for higher handicappers, the LTDx will fit those of us who fall somewhere between.


The driver does not suck right now.  In fact, I am very impressed with the LTDx on all fronts.  It is right up there with the longest, straightest, and most forgiving drivers I have hit.  I also think the stock HZRDUS Smoke iM10 shaft is a comfortable fit for my swing.  It’s making a strong case to go into the bag for 2022.  If you’re looking for a new driver this year, don’t automatically look past Cobra in favor of the more popular brands.  Schedule a fitting and give it a chance.

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Cobra LTDx Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Eric Hutchens

    I really like what they have done this year. Great review.

  2. No offense but your analysis on looks is bogus. The speedzone is to this day the best looking club ever to be made. With the matte black is doesn’t have any resemblance of the future in it. I’m a huge fan of cobra I do not like this driver I switched from the speedzone and went immediately back. No matter how I hit the club I cannot get it go straight but with the speedzone dead center down the fairways. The sound the feel the looks are garbage not cobra at all and it feels super heavy clunky just heavy

    • Jonathan Compton

      You may not agree but no need for the “bogus” label. He has his opinion and you have yours.

    • How can a subjective opinion be “bogus”? YOUR opinion is right but someone else’s opinion is NOT right? No offense, but you should probably spend a little more time on the links and a little less time online.

  3. I’ve owned the SpeedZone Extreme and Radspeed XB drivers in the past and just got a LTDx. The LTDx certainly provides a bit more consistency across more of the face that those drivers. Most notably, slightly low shots didn’t get overly spinny and lose too much ball speed. They’re all great performers.

  4. Jay you should do the reviewing… Better yet you should do the R&D for Cobra.

  5. I have been using the Cobra LTDx driver for several weeks and agree with the assessment of this review. Very nice club, great looks at address, and flat out performs. What else. Do you want?

  6. Jonathan Compton

    Thanks Dylan; a solid review. Does the hosel have adjustable loft settings?

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you. Yep, it goes +/- 1.5 degrees and +/- 1 degree in the draw setting.


  7. After my extensive testing, Cobra King LTDx is the best driver of 2022. And it’s not even close, it’s the most complete package in all aspects.

    IMO they should have just had the courage to call it LTDx Unicorn. :D

  8. Have the LTD x. Put on a Ventus TR. Absolutely astonishing. Hitting perfect drives as long and straight as ten years ago. My new best friend.

  9. Just today played my first round with my new LTDx and I love it! I am amazed at how consistently straight I am able to hit, even with slight misses. It does seem to work just a slight draw, which is quite nice. I have been playing with an F7 which I tended to slice if my swing was not perfect. I absolutely love this new LTDx.

  10. Just bought the LTDx (limited Blacked-Out version). After hitting a couple hundred balls with multiple head/shaft combinations (Ping TaylorM, Callaway, Titleist…….the Ping & Cobra were far & away the most forgiving, with the Cobra edging out the Ping in distance (by about 15 yards). Coming from a 2016 Taylormade M1 in the bag, so…..we’ll see if the improvement seen in the simulator translates to the course. BW: The blacked-out version looks are top-notch (from the headcover, to the upgraded shaft).

  11. My son was looking to possibly upgrade his cobra F-9 camo version driver, it came with evenflow camo shaft. He loves the driver but just wanted to get your opinion on possibly getting this driver with the same shaft you tested and how it compares. Also this club comes in tour length version, any thoughts on that the verses the standard, he is a pretty good player shoots mid 80s . Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      As always, our best advice is getting fit. The shorter “Tour” length is good for some, not as good for others. The same is true for any given shaft.



  12. Richard Gula

    As a chronic try the older model and buy 2 for price of 1, I am hunting down LTDx as folks chase Paradigms etc. Have you experimented with shorter shafts with this head? At 74 (age!) I find 44 inch shaft longer than 46?!

  13. Donn Rutkoff

    Hi Dylan. This is one of those pain in the rear questions. I am bargain hunting and found someone here in March 2024 with some new old stock of the Cobras, at least one left with the UST Mamiya Helium in my F2 / A flex. It is now a very very ancient (joke joke) club. Is the new generation of Callaway, TM, Cobra much different?

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